You Rang Madam?

"You rang madam?" "Yes Hudson, I rang." "What is it madam?" She stood, hands resting on the back of the sofa, her back to the window. "Come over here and lift my dress up at the back." "Madam!" his voice registered his shock. "Well?" her voice registered mild...

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Things Better Left Unsaid

He has that look, you know, that perfect everything-in-the-right place look: the suit, the steel-rimmed glasses, the conservative tie, the neatly trimmed moustache, the gray, receding hairline and the slight paunch. Sitting next to him at the dentist's office, unable...

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Wilmer was torn. He loved him some good pussy — and if the pussy he gravitated toward ended up beating his heart to death, splintering his soul, sucking the sanity out of his mind? It wasn't his fault. But the price tags kept gnawing him slowly like trained rats in a...

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Torn In Two

I should've been relaxing in front of a roaring fire. Instead I was standing in a cold house staring at the corpse of a nude woman whose nipples had been sliced off. Just above where her left nipple should've been, the murderer had left his signature — a tattoo of a...

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What are Friends For?

I'm fucking my best friend's wife. I know I'm going to hell. We both are. Tammy loves Brad, and I think he's the best guy in the world. But we can't help ourselves. Whenever I get within ten feet of her, my cock gets hard, and Tammy says I'm the only man who fucks her...

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When the Angels Fall

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned." On the other end of the vid line I heard a small sigh. The view screen showed nothing but the grille pattern signifying the confidentiality of the confessional call-in line. Even so, I knew who waited on the other end. Father...

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The Changeling

One day, quite suddenly, you realize you are changing. For me, it began in the middle of a cappuccino, sitting at my regular cafe, in the morning, just before the day became too hot. I sat silently, peaceably at the same table as a stranger. He was staring out over...

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Although it was thrilling to be a stranger in a strange land, there was a hollow disassociative feeling that accompanied it and grew as time went by. As much as I have loved Saigon, my first year there was not wholly a positive experience. I was horribly...

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He was at the edge of slumber, his mind reeling off a loop of jumbled images too inchoate yet to qualify as a dream. Her voice — her cry — echoed through the white noise in his brain once, and then again. He broke the surface of wakefulness doubting he had actually...

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Spirit Guides

"Bernard? Are you there?" Marguerite whispered. There was no answer. The dusk was filled with crickets chirping. She looked out into the shadowed garden and clutched her shawl more tightly about her shoulders. She crossed the wide porch, walking around one of the tall...

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