The Vacation

"I can't believe you got us into this." "I'm sorry. You know I'd never do something like this on purpose." His eyes were pleading with her. She saw fear in them, a fear that approached terror. They sat on beach lounges, side by side. Jennifer put her head in her...

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The Temp

The place I have been temping at for the last few months has started to take me for granted. At least the bitch that makes the assignments has. She didn't call me yesterday because I refused to go back to the office of Mr. Supercreep and asked to work for someone...

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At Rest

Date: 2036, Denver/Wichita Econodential Zone Jim stabbed at the bubble controls of the paypod at the fueling station, trying to enter his access code. It was like one of those nightmares where he was trying to make a call and was required to enter string after string...

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Shadows of De La Rosa

I called him de la Rosa, though I wasn't sure that was his name. He told me it was what he preferred to be called. So be it. I was in the business of pleasure—in particular, the pleasure of men. Bless their strange, unknowable hearts. If there is one thing I have...

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Port Said

Like a turtle on its back, flailing, trapped, and slightly dazed, the underbelly of the city of Port Said looked harmless and amusing to Thomas Digit. Down in the rank exotic atmosphere, just below the hanging orange-dust haze, cleaving his way through the riotous...

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Like the grating glissando of a sharp steel blade sliding out of its binding sheath with every step, the woman with the orange-red tousle of hair and the dark kohl-rimmed eyes walked toward me. The pale blue stare abstracted me from the crowd, focused, and targeted. I...

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The Lady-killer

It was so easy. Almost too easy, really. Part of me sat back and chuckled as the little worm dangled on the end of my hook. Carefully, I began to reel him in, giving all the required answers and ticking all the right boxes. Yes, I was single, and no, I wasn't looking...

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Laying Down the Law

I hate some sex toys. Plastic ones that smell funny and have stupid battery compartments. Those irritating slide things always stick, so I end up breaking a nail. And all those cutesy poo animal shapes in hideous colours. Why on earth would anyone want to be fucked by...

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Living With It: Up In The Morning

I'm fifty years old and my erection still greets me most mornings like a faithful dog. True, it's not the puppy it used to be, bouncing around and leaking everywhere when it gets excited; these days it stands patiently and waits for me to do something. If time is...

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They were the keepers of standards, emblems of the well-mannered life and divas of deportment. They were the wives, mothers and daughters of the scions of old money — the oldest money. They arrived individually at the polo club, driven to the front door, and then...

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