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Links lead to adult forums focusing on a variety of sexual issues, activities, and relationships. Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment form at the bottom of every page in this section.

Butt Plugs: Are They Up Your Alley?

Okay...I've only ever tried a butt plug once in my life, and it sure as hell was troublesome! Damn thing wouldn't stay put! I suspect that's because it was a rather slender one (a beginner butt plug, so to speak). But did it ever feel good! I liked it! Wanna try it...

Sex Toys For Men

Curious About Men's Toys Tell Us About Yours... Does anyone besides me ever notice that when the subject of men's sex toys is roused that none of the men share their secrets on what kind of sex toys they like to use on themselves? Is it because they wanna be the only...

Ben Wa Balls

I have received a lovely set of gold Ben Wa balls, and naturally are expected to use them. Does anyone have any experience with them? Do you worry about them "wandering" or disappearing? How long can you safely have them inserted? And any other indelicate questions...


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