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Links lead to adult forums focusing on a variety of sexual issues, activities, and relationships. Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment form at the bottom of every page in this section.

The Scent of a Woman

Are you aroused by the smell of pussy? When you first meet pussies, they tend to have a soft, buttery smell. When you really get them to the point of drooling and smirking as pussies like to do, they can develop everything from a deep earthy smell to a lively sour...

Large Labia

Designa Vagina lips to die for...? Watched a programme about women who have plastic surgery on their labia: "labiaplasty" (nipping women's genital lips), "vaginal rejuvenation" (tightening the vaginal muscles) and "vaginal reconstruction" (tightening, shaping,...

Female Ejaculation: Penis envy or truth?

Well, I've heard about female ejaculation. I've read about it. Hell, I've even written about female ejaculation. And now, thanks to video rentals, I've seen it. But I don't believe it. It just looks like peeing to me. I also find it hard to believe that this...

Clit Notes

Playing It Her Way Women, how do you like your clit played with? How do you tell a lover, without making him/her feel uncomfortable, that the technique being used isn't working and to try other things? Some of my lovers jingle my clit like it's a bell. It doesn't work...

Big Clits vs. Small Clits

Does clit size determine pleasure? I have not done a thorough survey of every sex partner I've ever made love with, but I have noticed that woman with the most intense and frequent orgasms, had a large clitoris. Another, who tells me she has had only two or three...


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