Shanna Germain

What A Sticky Mess: Managing Contracts, Money and More

Out of all of the erotic columns I've ever written โ€” including the ones where I give advice on what your characters should call their hoo-has or what they probably shouldn't say during fucking โ€” this is probably the scariest column of all. Because it has to do with...

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Ooh, Baby, Yes! Enticing An Erotic Editor: Part 2

When I first started submitting pieces, I was completely ignorant about the process. Sure, I'd read the books, I'd looked at the markets, and I thought I understood what happened after a piece got accepted. But, in reality, I didn't know a damn thing. As ashamed as I...

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Ooh, Baby, Yes! Enticing An Erotic Editor: Part 1

First things first: An editor is not your enemy. Nor is she your friend. Over time, she may become either or both of these things, it's true, but first and foremost, your editor is a potential current customer. And while the customer is not always right, they are...

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Becoming a Market Master: Part 2

I recently had the opportunity to perform one of my favorite actions as an erotic editor. I got to send an email to an author letting him know that I was accepting his story for one of my upcoming anthologies. A few minutes later, I got this email in reply: "That's...

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Becoming a Market Master: Part 1

Did you ever get the feeling that you're watching market deadlines whiz by as you're trying to finish up your stories? Or that you're always a step behind when it comes to sending stuff off? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could just hire someone to take care of all the...

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Nailing the Query Letter

Welcome to The Fine Art of Submission: How to Properly & Professionally Prepare, Package and Present Your Work To Markets. Okay, so what the hell does that long-ass subtitle really mean? It means that we're going to look at all the steps you need to take in order...

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