Kate Dominic

Have I Got A Deal For You! Part 1: The Agent Issues

This is the first of several columns about contracts. Caveat, disclaimer, LISTEN TO THIS: I am NOT a lawyer! I am not giving you legal advice; you can only get that from a qualified contract attorney! The only thing I am doing is sharing the questions I've learned to...

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What’s Sex?

Do these guidelines look familiar? "Explicit content necessary. We want hot, steamy sex scenes. Tell us "what really happened"/"your hottest fantasies" - GIVE US THE DETAILS! No porn! In our genre, writing erotic stories can often be like playing Goldilocks visiting...

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Receipt for Success

Yes, I do mean "receipt." My spellchecker is working. My Quicken personal finance program is working. I'm working. I hope you're working! I also hope you followed my advice rather than my example about keeping current with your financial record keeping. Because if...

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How to Make Your Bio Do Double Duty

The author bios that accompany our published works can provide a very effective way to communicate personally with our readers. Unlike resumes or curricula vitae, bios tend to shy away from dry lists of titles, dates, and publishers. Instead, they do double duty as...

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Effective Cover Letters

Have you ever read the entire four-page letter explaining why your dollars are desperately needed for a charitable cause? What about the single-spaced, printed-on-both-sides, drowning-in-facts welcome to you, the new user of the latest and greatest piece of...

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How to Lose Contracts and Annoy Editors

I'm compiling my Fall "To Do" list. For me, that means creating a spreadsheet showing the deadlines and submission requirements for the various calls for stories of publications to which I plan to send erotic stories over the next three months. There are a lot of sexy...

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