Top Deck by Ian D Smith

“Can’t beat the top deck of a bus,” Claire said. “You can look into windows when you go past.”

Sarah looked at her. “You’d only get a glimpse at best.”

“Unless the bus stops or the traffic’s slow. But even glimpses are cool, moments from other peoples’ lives.”

Sarah thought for a second. “I get it. You’re nosey.”

Claire grinned. “And you’re not?”

The bus set off and the two women watched the world go past.

At the next bus stop, Claire pointed down. “Check out that couple arguing outside the shop. From her body language, he’s really in the shit.”

Sarah nudged her. “Quick, over there, that office window.”

A woman was leaning forwards, eyes closed, dress rucked up around her waist, and hands braced on the window frame. Her expression was clearly one of approaching orgasm. Behind her, a man thrust fast against her hips. Then the bus set off again.

“She was really excited,” Sarah murmured. “Weren’t they bothered they might be seen?”

“Might be a turn-on.”

“Really?” Sarah was quiet for a second. “I’d probably be too self-conscious.”

“I love the idea,” Claire whispered. “I’ll leave my bedroom door ajar next time you’re staying over.”

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