Awesome Authors Presents Sage Marlowe

Fantasy for Sale by Sage Marlowe

Me and the Muse Publishing, 2015
Previously published by Totally Bound, 2013

Chapter 1

Fantasy for Sale“Good morning, sweetie-pie!” Cynthia stood in the doorway with a beaming smile, glowing cheeks and the hint of a stubble rash on her chin.

I clutched my coffee mug. “Seems someone got lucky last night,” I grumbled and took a sip. It tasted burnt.

“You wouldn’t believe!” She grinned and approached me, obviously intent on hugging me, so I leaned away from her. I frowned and pointedly sniffed the air around her.

“I really hope you’re not going to touch me before you’ve had a very thorough shower and got rid of that eau de fuck you’ve still got on you.”

Cynthia shot me a wink and flashed a quick smile. “Oh come on, don’t be such a prude. No need to be Mr Grumpy-Pants just because you spent last night alone.”

“I’m not grumpy,” I told her grumpily. “I just don’t fancy having your fingers on me after they were sod-knows-where last night.” I drained my mug and added, “And I’m not a prude.”

“Oooh.” Cynthia rolled her eyes, mocking me openly now. “I can assure you, my fingers were only in the best places. All places on the most gorgeous male body this house has ever seen, to be precise.” Still grinning, she raised her hands and waggled her fingers. I stared at her and raised my eyebrows in fake annoyance.

She laughed. “Don’t give me that look, Nate. You know I’m just saying that because you’re beyond competition, darling. But seriously, you should see the guy. Yum-my. Believe me. Perfectly edible. And that’s just his body.”

“Lovely. Sounds like he really got under your skin.”

Cynthia poured a cup of coffee for herself and casually leaned her bony hip against the kitchen counter. “Well, I guess he did. Quite literally.” She batted her eyelids and peered into her cup. A naughty smile curved her lips. “Several times, in fact.”

Sighing, I combed my hair back with my fingers. It had been such a pure, quiet morning—so far. “Go on then, tell me.” I got a refill then cocked my head, ready to listen to what was doubtlessly going to be a lengthy and detailed description of last night. Cynthia could be shockingly blunt when it came to sharing her sex life with me, something I liked to think I’d long since got used to.

“Four times. He knows how to handle that beautiful body of his.” I squirmed. No, I still wasn’t used to her bluntness.

Trying to hide my envy, I glared at her. “He made you come four times in one night? And you’ve only just met this guy?”

Cynthia shook her head, chuckling. “No. He came four times. I lost count after the seventh.”

I just barely managed to stop myself from spluttering into my coffee—or maybe spitting it across the room. “Seems he really knows what he’s doing.”

“Yeah, but then you’d expect him to, wouldn’t you?” Cynthia took a sip from her cup and met my eyes in wordless challenge.

Soft-hearted fool that I was, I took the bait. “Why’s that?”

“Ah well… His job is to keep the customer satisfied.”

“You bonked the hooker? Shit, Cyn, I thought you’d only booked the guy to go to that opening with you.”

She giggled and I was fairly certain I detected a slightly hysterical note in it. Uh-oh, woman on hormonal overload. I raised my eyebrows and Cynthia had the decency to look at least a little sheepish, probably remembering my response to her idea of hiring an escort as her companion for the occasion.

“Well, that was the plan.” She sighed and, cradling the mug in her hand, ran her fingertip along its rim as she continued talking. “But when he turned up, he was just so…charming. He got it all right, you know. He was polite. He knew exactly how to behave and he was so attentive. Made sure I always got a fresh drink before I even realised I’d finished, talked to people without trying to steal my fire, that sort of thing. Seriously, he was just a perfect gentleman.”

“Until he tried to get into your knickers,” I said, letting sarcasm bleed into my voice. It wasn’t like Cyn at all to let herself be lulled into fascination by a smooth talker—a professional, at that.

“He didn’t, in fact,” Cyn admitted. “I asked him to stay.”

Well, great. “And he did, of course?”

She nodded, not quite meeting my eyes.

I groaned. “Oh come on, you’ve got to be kidding me. You paid him to go to bed with you?”

Cynthia was a gorgeous, bright and successful woman who could take her pick among the men queuing up. She was the kind of girl that every man would be proud to be taken home by. She definitely didn’t need to spend money to get laid—or have someone fetch her a drink.

She shrugged. “That’s the way it works in his line of business.”

“Did he tell you that?”

“Yes, sure. Aw, don’t look at me like that, Nate. There’s nothing wrong with it. Honestly, it made me feel downright good to know that he considered it a job.” She tilted her head to the side and looked at me thoughtfully. “You know what it’s like to take someone home on the first night, Nate, don’t you? Especially when it’s supposed to be only that one night. It always makes me feel so self-conscious and on edge. I have to make sure not to tell him too much or say anything that would make him get the wrong impression, that kind of thing. If I make it too easy for him, he’ll think I’m a slut, if I’m too eager, he’s scared I’ll want to tie him down.” She bit her lip and let out a sad little chuckle.

“And it’s bloody difficult to change your mind when you’re a woman, too. I’m not saying I do that a lot, but sometimes I just realise the guy and I don’t…fit the way I thought we would. Most guys are not too happy with that, so if it happens, I have to be really careful not to piss him off and make him think he could get it if only he tried a bit harder. Besides, an awful lot of guys think a one night stand is just so they get what they want and they expect a girl to deliver and not all of them take the time to return the favour, you know.”

“Wow. It’s that good to have sex with a guy, huh?”

She rolled her eyes. “Last night, I didn’t have to worry about any of that. He was so easy about everything and focused on doing what I liked. I knew he’d do what I’d ask him to do. And boy, he did.” This time I did the eye rolling thing.

“It made me feel safe with him, you know?” she continued. “Knowing he’d make it good for me without any strings attached. He wouldn’t even have stayed the night if I hadn’t asked him to.”

I tried to understand. I really did. I could get the trouble with the dating part, but— “Doesn’t it bother you that he did what he did only because you paid him for it?”

Cynthia gave a shrug. “No. That’s the point. I could enjoy all his attentions without having to return any of it and didn’t have to feel bad about that.”

“Huh. Didn’t you say he came four times? Sounds like he got his share of fun out of it, too.” I was well aware of the cynical undertone in my voice, as was Cynthia.

“I didn’t expect him not to enjoy fucking me,” she grumbled and wrinkled her nose. “No, I think it would have been pretty disturbing if that hadn’t brought him off. But he didn’t ask for it, it was more of a side effect of what he did to me. I guess if I’d asked him to just use his mouth and fingers on me, he would have settled just as well on not coming at all.”

She made a face, then she added, “I know I sound horribly selfish, but for me, sex with a stranger usually is like that—only that this time the roles were reversed and I was the one who got what she wanted. I don’t know what it’s like for you to fuck another guy. Maybe it’s different when it’s easy for both of you to get off on just a bit of rubbing the right parts. For me it’s not, and it’s frustrating when you make the effort to please your partner and he doesn’t do you the same favour just because it’s a bit more complicated.”

I raised my hands. So much information I really could have lived without. Especially at seven a.m. and before breakfast. “It’s okay, Cyn. If it makes you happy, and it obviously did, or rather he did, thenI’m certainly not going to get in your way. I just don’t understand why you think you have to pay a guy to give you satisfaction. I’m sure there are loads of men who would love nothing more than to make you squeal and squirm with pleasure.”

She did squirm, but it didn’t look like pleasure. “Unfortunately I don’t seem to meet any of those guys. But it’s good that you’re okay with it. Hold that thought because I’m planning on booking that boy again.”

“Really? For another event or just to bonk you again?”

She glared at me with her eyes narrowed. “I’m sick of having unsatisfying one night stands, and I haven’t got the time to keep going on dates just to find someone who might be interested in more, and put a bit of effort into the matter. Besides, I don’t even want a steady partner. I haven’t got the time for that either. And yes, I fully intend to book him just to bonk me again, as you so nicely put it. If another event comes up, I’d be happy to take him there as well, seeing as my best friend doesn’t give a toss about what I do!”

There was a giveaway moist sheen in her eyes. I went to her and hugged her gently, last night’s sweat and eau de fuck and all. She melted against me and snuggled deeper into the embrace. She really smelt of sex. Her familiar, sweet, female scent mingled with something sharper, more alluring and distinctly male. Sweat, semen. Sex. It wasn’t a bad scent. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded sniffing it right from the source and having it mingled with my own. I pushed the thought of sex with a partner away, tempting though it was.

“Cyn, don’t be mad at me,” I whispered into her hair. “You know I’m interested in your job. I’m your biggest fan, if museum curators have fans. I’m just not good at hanging around with those society people. Especially not when I’ve only just returned from a trans-Atlantic flight. But if that new toy of yours really makes you so happy then you can play with him all you want as far as I’m concerned. I love you, precious. I just don’t want you to get hurt. Give me a little time to get used to the thought, okay?”

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little fun, is there?” Cynthia’s voice was muffled against my chest.

“No, there isn’t. Just remember that the guy’s a whore. He does it for the money, not because he genuinely likes you.”

“I know. Funnily enough, that’s why I want him. If I pay him, then I don’t have to feel bad about making him spoil me.”

“Is it really that bad for a woman?”

She sighed. “Sometimes. Often.”

“Maybe I’ll buy you a token for your birthday then.”

Cynthia chuckled in my embrace and I knew I was forgiven. After a moment, she wriggled away from me. “I think I’ll do the womanish part now anyway and bring him a cup of coffee.”

She fetched a fresh mug and filled it then she grabbed the milk and stared at the coffee. While she was still debating whether or not to add some, I left for the bathroom to get ready for the day. I never even thought about knocking—not until the door was open and I found myself face to face with a wet dream. Literally. The man standing before me was naked, dripping wet and had a body that would have made Michelangelo weep. Every inch of him was silky, lightly tanned skin stretched over toned muscles.

I realised that the way I was staring to take in each and every one of the perfect curves could be considered downright obscene, so I dragged my mesmerised eyes to above the man’s shoulder level. Mmm. I liked what I saw. Those cheekbones probably meant that he had sold his soul at some point to get them. In combination with the firm jaw line that was split by a slightly chiselled chin and the full, sensuous mouth that was curved into an amused smirk, the man was so beautiful he should be declared indecent.

The thoughts he inspired in me certainly were. I licked my lips. I couldn’t help it. It was either that or letting the drool slide out. Boy, the guy was tall. At just over six feet, I wasn’t used to having to look up, but meeting the man’s eyes actually required some tilting of my head. The unfamiliar angle only added to the sense of excitement sizzling in my groin. Those deep sea-green eyes would be even more stunning if darkened by arousal, I thought, but right now, there was a good-humoured glitter in them.

“You done looking?” He had a voice like velvet and didn’t sound annoyed, just mildly curious. Damn, I wanted him.

“Sorry, um…” I cleared my throat and tried to keep my hands under control. They seemed to have developed a sudden urge to flail. “I, uh, didn’t expect anyone to be in here. Sorry, my mistake.”

“It’s quite all right. I don’t mind sharing a bathroom, I was just wondering if you’ve seen all there is so I can towel myself off.”

“Yes, sure. I mean, yes, of course you can towel yourself off, not that I…uh, you know.”

“Oh, I know,” he said, still sounding amused. He seemed to have read every single one of my thoughts. Heat rose in my cheeks, but he just let out a deep, throaty chuckle and turned to reach for a towel. Intentional or not, he treated me to a good view of his peach-like buttocks.

He didn’t seem at all self-conscious as he started drying himself, not even when he got to his privates. The idea that I had really better leave didn’t occur to me as I watched the man’s cock twitch and grow under the friction of the towelling. It was a pretty one, all smooth skin and already quite impressive in size even though it was barely half-hard. A drop of clear liquid seeped from the slit. I longed to lick it off and take that warm, smooth shaft into my mouth. I could almost feel the slide of damp skin across my lips, the feel of the blunt head dragging over my tongue and spreading my jaws as I took him deeper.

Oh shit.

My cheeks cranked up the temperature. I’d just ogled this man’s—a complete stranger’s—dick. Not just ogled. Fantasised about sucking it.

“Sorry. Again,” I croaked and gave a squeaky chuckle. “I’m not usually like this, you know. I guess I’m just a little surprised. I don’t have a naked guy in my bathroom every day.”

He gave his package a last squeeze with the towel, then continued down his legs. Long, lean-muscled legs. They’d feel amazing wrapped around my hips. “I didn’t realise there was someone else living here,” my bathroom guest said. “I thought it was just Cynthia.” Looking up at me as he dried his feet, he quirked a smile. I noticed nice, straight teeth between the pink of his lips and a distinctly cute set of dimples.

Dimples, for crying out loud! I groaned inwardly.

He straightened up. “I’m Cam, by the way.”

“Nathan,” I replied, and told my eyes once again to quit staring at his cock so my brain could come up with a decent line of conversation. My eyes refused and all I could come up with was a brilliant, “Cam? Short for Cameron?”

“It’s fine by me, you know.” Ignoring my clever question, Cam put the towel back on the rack, turned and stood in front of me. His semi-erect shaft bobbed just along the line of my peripheral vision. “The price is gonna get up, though.”

“Huh?” Another brilliant question.

Cam’s smile stayed in place. “The deal was the night with her. If you want to play, too, that’s fine. But it’s extra.”

“Uh… Extra?” And a third.

The smile became a little strained around those green eyes. “Yes. Tell me what you want and I’ll charge you just that or you can have a wild card and have me any way you want for a specified time.”

I took a breath to speak, but my brain wasn’t ready to give an answer just yet. ‘Wild card’. ‘Any way you want’. My heart pounded so hard I thought it would hop right out of my chest any moment. And talking of hard, yes, I was sporting a raging hard-on. I wanted this man, badly. And he wanted to charge me.

I could see the scene from Cam’s point of view and understood what he must have been thinking. Just as I was about to open my mouth to explain to him and apologise, the door opened and in walked Cynthia with a grin on her face. She was already fully dressed, so she must have used the second bathroom. It was a small indication of just how much time I had spent ogling the naked hooker in the first bathroom.

“Hello boys,” she purred. “I would have introduced you, but apparently you’ve already met.” She glanced at Cam’s naked body in open admiration. She even licked her lips as she trailed her gaze along his perfectly lickable abs. “Good morning, beautiful. I thought you were still in bed. I wanted to bring you coffee—well, I brought you coffee. It’s in the bedroom.”

“Thank you.” Cam smiled. “I needed a shower. Ended up in a wet patch after all.” He winked and Cynthia grinned sweetly.

“Well you know, the one who causes it has to sleep in it.”

“I know, I know.” Cam let out a sigh, but the smile stayed on his face and he turned to me. “So anyway, how do you want to play? Just you or both of you?”

“What?” Cynthia looked from me to Cam and back at me.

“He, uh, seems to think I chased him down here deliberately to, um, you know,” I explained awkwardly. “I didn’t. Sorry, Cam, I really just came in here to do what people do in their bathrooms in the morning. I didn’t expect you to be here at all and I didn’t think about, um, playing with you, either.” “Oh.” Cam stared at me for a moment. His green

gaze flicked to Cynthia, then back to me as he obviously tried to figure out where we each fit in the picture. Shrugging, he said, “Sorry, Nathan. My mistake.”

Cynthia grinned. “I guess it’s my mistake, really. I should have warned you both. Cam, this is Nathan’s flat. He lets me crash here when I’m out late and can’t be bothered to face the trip home.”

“Ah, I see. Again, sorry, Nathan. I thought you wanted… Well, never mind. I guess that means I can get dressed now—unless you want seconds, Cyn?” The expression in his eyes as he met hers was calm, neither overly inviting nor unwilling and I couldn’t help thinking that it was just business as usual for him. But oh my, what an offer.

Cynthia blushed and batted her eyelids. “Gosh, Cam, I’d like to, but I’m running late for work as it is.” She blushed some more and, after a quick sideways glance at me, she added, “Besides, I think I’m too sore.”

Cam didn’t bat an eyelid. “Sorry ’bout that.”

She giggled, ignoring my wince. “Don’t be. It’s nice. I might call you again if that’s all right with you.” Knowing the tone of her voice, I could tell she was nervous about asking him.

Cam seemed to sense it, too. He treated her to a devastating smile as he slipped into his suit trousers. “By all means, please do. You’ve got my number, right?”

“Uh-huh.” She nodded, and the tension dropped from her shoulders. Instead, she cocked her head and a very naughty grin appeared on her face. It was the kind of grin I knew only too well. Usually it meant that whatever she had in mind was trouble. Of the bad kind.

“You know what?” she told Cam slowly, tauntingly. “How about you stay a little longer and take care of Nathan?” Cam raised an eyebrow but didn’t answer.

I didn’t possess such control. “Cyn, no!” I cut in. “Seriously, I—”

“Shut up, Nate! It’s my treat.” She hadn’t taken her eyes off Cam. “Would you, hon? I feel kind of bad, you know? I had so much fun last night and the poor darling hasn’t got laid in weeks. Would you make him happy for me?”

Cam did another of those looking-from-one-to-the-other-and-back routines, then he shrugged and smiled. “Sure. What do you want me to do?”

“Anything he wants.” She fumbled briefly in her purse and slipped a bundle of notes into Cam’s hand. “That should cover it.” Winking at me, she turned to leave but stopped at the door. “Oh, and Cam? Make him scream.” Vixen grin firmly in place, she spun around and left us alone.

Me. Him. Alone. Me alone with him.

I developed a very serious interest in the layout of the bathroom tiles. Had that light grey pattern really been in them all along? And why had no one realised that the pattern on one of them was facing the wrong way and… I became aware of Cam coming closer, but I just couldn’t make myself look up from the floor. Cam chuckled softly and tucked a finger under my chin, gently forcing my face up to make me meet his eyes.

“You okay?” His voice was low and intimate, teasing my ears just like the sight of his smiling mouth teased my libido.

“Yeah, I just, uh, I guess I’m just more than a bit surprised.” I gave a shaky laugh. “Trust Cynthia to come up with stupid ideas.”

“I don’t think it’s a stupid idea.” Cam sounded perfectly calm, which only served to make me even more nervous. I shuddered under his inquisitive look.

“But…you just spent the night with her and now you…you would…with me. And she… Oh, fuck,” I groaned. “This is weird.”

Cam’s gaze locked with mine. “There’s nothing weird about it, Nathan. It’s only sex, no strings attached. She wants you to enjoy it, so don’t spoil it by thinking too much.”

“But I-I’ve never…” I stammered, helpless under Cam’s stare and increasingly incoherent.

“There’s a first time for everything,” Cam rasped, leaning in a little closer. “Don’t think. Feel.”

He lowered his head and brushed his lips over my mouth in a first tender touch. Thoughts ran havoc in my mind, not all of them logical. He was a whore. Whores didn’t kiss—did they? This one definitely did. He hesitated for a few heartbeats then came back for more, the caress longer and more intense this time. I moaned as his wet tongue parted my lips ever so gently and the pressure of his mouth against mine increased. What was I doing? I couldn’t…shouldn’t… But why did it feel so natural to open up to Cam, and why did I have this need to lean into him when he put his arms around me and pulled me close?

He was half-naked, and his skin was still moist from the shower. He smelled so fucking good, clean, just a bit musky and the feel of his solid body where it touched mine made my nerve endings tingle with pleasure. Our kiss, his kiss, deepened, a slow, tentative tangling of tongues, as he licked and explored my mouth. He was in control and I liked it. I liked how he played and rambled like an eager puppy and yet unerringly discovered all the caresses I enjoyed. Cam was a good kisser and his height forced me to tilt my head up, causing an unfamiliar angle that only added to my growing arousal. And he wasn’t left unaffected either. He pushed his groin against mine, pressed the hard ridge there to my own throbbing erection. I thought the friction alone would bring me off, but then he started nibbling and licking from my ear, along my neck to my collarbone and I was busy shuddering and jolting under his talented tongue.

“What do you want, baby?” His voice was low and breathy. I trembled.

“I—oh yes—I’m not sure,” I panted and groaned when Cam darted the tip of his tongue out and dipped into the little hollow dent between my collarbones.

I felt a frightening lot like a teenager, all turned on and ready to blow from nothing more than kisses and the hard length of another man’s body rubbing along mine. Cupping the side of my head with one hand, Cam stroked my bottom lip with his thumb. The gesture was unexpected, sweet and heartbreakingly intimate. I melted against him.

“Want me to take the edge off first? Don’t worry, we can play later,” he offered in a seductive tone and the last of my resistance slipped away. The idea of Cam on his knees in front of me, those perfect, luscious lips wrapped around my swollen cock made my head spin. I gasped and bit my lip, struggling not to embarrass myself. I didn’t trust my voice, so I just gave a tight nod and planted my hands on Cam’s hips, tugging him down. Cam understood and gracefully dropped to his knees, already working my fly open with nimble fingers. He let out an appreciative hum as my rock-hard shaft popped out and bobbed right in front of his mouth.

I was close to pushing my hands down there to protect my dignity, but Cam beat me to it. Pushing my trousers lower, he freed my balls too, and treated them to a tantalising finger play with one hand while he wrapped the other around my erection and stroked it. His touch was light, more tease than friction and I groaned with frustration and the desire for more, so much more. I gripped Cam’s head with both hands, tangling my fingers in his still wet, black hair as I tried to guide him to where I wanted him, needed him. But Cam didn’t follow directions. Instead there was the confusing sound of foil being torn open. I couldn’t make sense of it until the condom was on me.

I glanced down at him. “For a blow job?” Of course I knew it wasn’t entirely without risk, but it was practically safe. Unless… About to tell him to stop, I clenched my fingers in his hair and held him back.

“I’m clean,” he answered my unspoken question. “But there’s no point in developing bad habits. I don’t do it without.” A soft smile tugged at his eyes as he followed my lead willingly and opened his mouth. He more than made up for the interruption when he took me in to the root. My hips bucked. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to lose myself in his heat and I wanted the tightness he’d denied me. But I needn’t have worried. He seemed to know what he was doing.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I shouted. Cam worked the head of my cock with rhythmic contractions of his throat in a way that was both confusing and more arousing than anything I’d ever experienced. I would have come right then, spilling my load like a teenager, if it weren’t for the tight grip he had around the base of my shaft. It was a mean trick, but it was effective. He repeated the motion a few times, until I’d almost reached the point where not even his iron grip would have held me in check any longer. My balls were about to burst and I needed to come or I would just explode. Cam backed off. The burning, almost painful pressure subsided, but I was still dangerously close.

He licked me devotedly from prickling root to over-sensitive head before he tilted his head to give my balls the same attention. He lapped at them, bathed them and even sucked them into his mouth before flicking the length of my shaft with light beats of his tongue. I groaned, both in excitement and in frustration. I would have given an arm to feel Cam on my bare skin instead of experiencing his flawless technique dulled by the latex, but he was right.

The man was a professional. And he was good at his job. I tried to take in the whole picture, watching from a strange out-of-body perspective. Cam was on his knees in front of me, eyes half-closed in concentration as he licked and caressed me over and over. His lips glistened with moisture and they were pink and swollen. It was a highly stimulating picture. All that was missing was… It took a few tries, but eventually I managed to choke out, “What about you?”

Cam didn’t back off. He just hummed a questioning sound.

“Don’t you wanna come?”

“Want me to?” He’d pulled back just long enough to get the words out and was already on me again.

“Yeah,” I gasped. “Wanna watch you come first.” I didn’t know what idiocy made me want it to be like this. I could barely hold back as it was, and he wasn’t even naked.

But he obliged again. He gave a barely visible nod and sucked my dick into his mouth once more. A low sound reverberated deep in his throat and it did wonderful things to my glans.

Keeping the hum up, Cam fumbled to undo his own fly. I’d misjudged him. He was hard, the magnificent rod swollen to full, impressive size. I longed to touch it, feel its solid weight in my palm, but it was him who wrapped his hand around it. His strokes were long and measured. Teasing. He must have known that I was watching him and he shifted to let me see. He tormented me with the sight of his dark pink flesh moving in the channel of his pale hand. There was an easy but sensual rhythm to his motion and he increased suction on me, caressing my cock with his mouth at the same pace he rubbed his own shaft. His other hand was on my stomach, a firm pressure that kept me steady. And I needed it. Moaning and shuddering, I forced my eyes to remain open. No way was I going to miss that view. I had long since stopped trying to guide Cam in this and the grip of my fingers in Cam’s hair had gone from directing to merely holding on for the ride.

“Please…oh yes, please, I need more,” I begged, and my hips seemed to flex of their own accord. The friction Cam gave me kept me so deliciously, painfully close to the edge, but it still wasn’t quite enough to let me topple over. A full body shiver rocked me and soon not even Cam with his enormous skill would be able to keep my orgasm from taking over, enough stimulation or not.

“Come for me, Cam, now!” If the sudden harshness of my order surprised him, he didn’t show it. He shifted the hand on his dick and his breathing changed to fast, shallow gasps. A few seconds later, he covered his hand and the bathroom floor with thin ropes of white cream. He didn’t miss a beat. As soon as the spasms of his own body had stopped, he shifted his full attention to me.

His mouth had gone slack during his climax, but now he sucked my shaft in with determination. He pulled back until only his lips held it in place then slid it back inside all the way and swallowed. I lost it on the third repetition. I screamed and jerked as I shot deep down Cam’s throat, filling the bloody condom with what felt like buckets. I came so hard I saw stars explode behind my eyes and my knees gave out. I was faintly aware of strong arms catching and supporting me, easing me down on the floor and holding me until I was back inside myself. I didn’t know how long it took, was oblivious to the time that had passed until I could finally muster the strength to open my eyes. My head rested on Cam’s bare chest and he had his arm wrapped around my back. He stroked my hair in a random pattern. Cam smelled very nice, I noticed. The clean scent of the shower was still there, but now it was buried under the warmer smell of musk, the hot spice of male sweat, arousal and cum.

“That was… rather mind-blowing,” I told him.

“Hmm,” Cam purred and kissed the top of my head. “Glad you liked it.”

“Oh, ‘like’ is an understatement. This was the best blowjob I’ve ever got.” I reached down and gingerly peeled the condom off. I flung it in the general direction of the bin. Not exactly the best manners, but it would have to do.

“Was it?” Cam sounded mildly surprised. “Well, if that’s the case then maybe I should give you another one like that.”

I shifted to look up at Cam’s face. The same expression of mild amusement I had seen before was playing on Cam’s features. It reminded me of how we had ended up in this situation in the first place. “Another? I thought we, uh, I thought this was it?”

Smiling, Cam shook his head. “This was just to take the edge off, remember? Your friend was pretty generous, so you can keep me to play all day.”


“Uh-huh. If you want. She gave me the same for you as she paid me for last night, so I guess it’s only fair if you get the same.” I found I couldn’t look at him any longer. I averted my gaze and sat up. The perfect calm of his voice only made his words all the more revolting. It really was just business for him and I didn’t want to be reminded of that. It was stupid and illogical, but I felt used to the point where I was ashamed of myself. My affections and feelings had been his for the taking, but he hadn’t even wanted them. All he’d wanted was the money my BF had given him.

“Sure you’re up to that?” I didn’t bother to keep the acid out of my voice. “After all, you just spent the entire night with Cynthia, so you’re probably rather exhausted by now.”

“I’m okay. I might need a little longer to get off again, but everything’s in working order.” Smirking, Cam looked down to where his cock rested against his thigh. It was still half-hard or maybe it had already recovered. Despite myself, I swallowed. Cam had a bloody amazing body. “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am. As I said, it’s just about sex. No strings attached and nothing to regret. I’m here to make you happy, baby, and you don’t need to feel bad about it. Just tell me what you want and let me take care of you.” His voice was soft and seductive, and it was beginning to lure me back into a state of semi-arousal. ‘Just tell me what you want’. Could it be so easy? Was the fulfilment of my dreams, the satisfaction of my deepest yearnings, really just an order away?

I gulped. “You’d really do anything I ask you to?”

“Well, there are some things I don’t do, but I don’t think you’re that kind of guy, so, yes. Anything.”

I perked up. “What things?”

“Don’t worry. I don’t think you’d want to go there.”

“Oh. Does that mean you think I’m not versatile sexually?”

Cam gave me a dimply grin. “No. I just think you’re not into that kind of stuff.”

“Makes me sound a bit boring.” Not just a bit boring, no. It was plainly frustrating that Cam seemed to think I didn’t have any devious desires.

“I don’t think you’re boring, Nathan,” he said softly. “I’m just saying that I don’t see you asking for any of the things I don’t do, so I don’t see the need to discuss them.”

“Okay. So what would you say if I asked you to, say, come to my bedroom and let me fuck you?”

Cam sighed but didn’t bat an eyelid. “I’d say I should clean this up first.” Holding up his hand, he presented me the cum that had begun to dry on it. “Then I’d ask you what position you want me in.”

“Let me.” I didn’t know what possessed me, but I circled Cam’s wrist with my fingers and brought his hand to my lips. I stuck out my tongue and nipped at the gooey white blobs. It tasted quite nice, far better than I’d expected—a little salty but not too bitter. I could definitely stand the taste of Cam and before I knew it, I had licked off all that I could find. Cam’s hand was moist but clean. Realising what I had just done and feeling more than just a little self-conscious, I looked up. The expression on Cam’s face would have knocked me off my feet if I hadn’t already been sitting. He watched me with narrowed eyes. The tip of his tongue rested on his bottom lip and a faint moan escaped him. “That was sexy as hell. You really shouldn’t do it, though.” There was a distinct tightness in his voice and his breathing was irregular, I noticed with no small satisfaction. That would teach the guy to label me as an innocent little flower.”Guess that means bedroom now, huh?” Cam asked hoarsely.

I laughed, ignoring the curious twitch my cock gave. “Oh dear. Admittedly, that sounds tempting, but you wore me out. Besides, I’m afraid I’m running out of time. I’ve got a meeting with my editor at eleven and if I stand him up, he’s going after my balls.”

“Ooh, can’t risk that happening, now can we?” Cam crooned.

He rose gracefully to his feet and pulled his trousers back up. He looked gloriously dishevelled with his air-dried hair and lips still swollen from his exertions. He smiled when he caught me ogling him and shot me a wink. He was so bloody gorgeous it made my heart ache along with my groin.

“Listen, uh I was thinking… I know you said I could have the day, so technically it’s probably just tough on me if I have other plans, but, well, I was wondering if maybe you’d agree to see me again tonight instead. I wouldn’t ask you for the entire night of course seeing as I’ve already taken up quite a bit of your time, but maybe just the evening would work for you.” Babbling when nervous and trying to make a good impression. Yes, that was me.

Cam’s eyebrows had climbed up and his left cheek dimpled in a cute half-smile while he listened, but when I had finished, his transition from hot-blooded sex toy to cool business man was so smooth and immediate it made my head spin. The smile froze to the impersonal friendliness of an insurance agent. “We never actually negotiated exact terms and making it today was just my suggestion, so technically I couldn’t hold you to that anyway. Tonight is a bit short notice, but I don’t think I’ve any other plans so it should be okay. Want me to come here?”

“Is that how this works?”

Cam laughed quietly. “It works any way you want, baby.”

“Hmm, well actually… There is an art exhibition I’m supposed to go to. Not my usual hunting grounds, but I’m covering for a colleague, so I’ll have a look at some point this week. I meant to take Cynthia, but she’s pretty busy. Would you go with me?”

“Sure. What time?”

“Uh, let me think, um, say eightish?” I suggested.

Cam washed his hands, then combed his hair with wet fingers, trying to get it in shape. “Okay.” He turned his head and met my gaze. “Where is it?”

“Milo’s Gallery in Knightsbridge. Know where that is?”

“I’ll find it. Anything in particular you want me to wear?”

“Wear? I think they’d appreciate it if you turned up in a suit as it’s a posh place, but as far as I’m concerned you can wear whatever you’re comfortable with. I suppose you’ll look ravishing in anything.”

“Thank you.” Cam smiled, then he turned away from me and left the bathroom, heading in the direction of the spare room—Cyn’s room, the room she’d shared with him last night. And the bed. I refused to acknowledge it and instead watched Cam put on his shirt and do up the buttons with calm efficiency and well-practised motions. I just didn’t know what to say so I waited while he retrieved and shrugged into his suit jacket.

Finally he plucked a card from his pocket and handed it to me. “My mobile number. I’m available at all times unless I’m working in which case it goes to voice mail. If you leave a message, I’ll call back as soon as I can. If you don’t mind, I’d like to have your number as well so we can let each other know if anything comes up.”

“Sure.” I scribbled my number on a piece of paper and gave it to Cam. He pocketed it, then surprised me by leaning in and kissing me full on the mouth. “Eight o’clock at Milo’s Gallery. I’ll do my best to look ravishing.” He turned and left without another word, leaving me confused and horny. My lips tingled where he’d kissed them.

About Sage Marlowe

Sage MarloweSage is a multi-published, international bestselling author of gay erotic romance novels and novellas and loves exploring the flavours of gay erotic fiction.

A willing slave to all the fascinating guys who keep queuing up and want their stories told, Sage can almost always be found cooking up the next hot story or daydreaming about new ways of rubbing sexy male bodies together to make the sparks fly.

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What’s the price of reality when a fantasy is for sale?

Cam is young, sinfully sexy and willing to play without limits, a combination which makes him a fantasy turned to flesh for men and women alike – and he’s for sale.

Nate is curious when it comes to carnal delights but hasn’t found the right man to explore his desires with.

When a friend buys Nate a few hours of pleasure with Cam, it’s not much of a surprise that Nate ends up intrigued. He keeps coming back for more and the attraction between them appears to be mutual but while Nate finds himself falling for the sexy hooker, Cam makes no secret of the fact that for him, sex is just a job.

Determined to win him over, Nathan tries to show him that sex is about more than physical satisfaction but Cam’s walls seem impenetrable until a dramatic event forces him to reveal some of his secrets and Nate begins to understand that Cam pays more than just the price for the reality behind the fantasy.

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Roses & ThornsRoses & Thorns (Gay erotic romance / contemporary)

When bestselling author Chester Banning requires inside information on the life of a forensic pathologist, he comes across an enticing, yet unwilling study subject in the shape of sinfully attractive Dr Nicolas Sheridan.

After a hot and slightly unsettling one-night stand, Sheridan turns out to be as inapproachable as he is intriguing and clearly not interested in intensifying their liaison. Chester, however, is already falling head over heels in love and doesn’t rest until he’s succeeded in cracking Sheridan’s icy shell. What he discovers underneath is a man well capable of love and affection but caught up in a web of lies and domestic abuse that makes him seek punishment in self-harm.

Refusing to watch Sheridan go farther down the road to self-destruction, Chester gives him all the love and support he is capable of—but then he discovers the horrifying truth about Sheridan’s past.

Reader advisory: Suitable for adult readers only. Contains scenes of and references to domestic violence/abuse, self-harm and dubious consentinanon – erotic context.
This book wa spreviously published with the title Knives & Feathers. This edition has been re-edited and extended.

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Sub-MissionSub-Mission(Gay erotic romance / BDSM / contemporary)

How far would you go to save the one you love?

Pierce Hollister is a down-to-earth businessman. Most of the time. His romantic side has him secretly dreaming of Mr Right, a family and a happy ever after.

Noah Conway is a single father who doesn’t believe in happy families any more. When his daughter’s life is at stake, he would sell his soul to save her but as a sadistic Dom takes an interest in him, he sells his body instead.

A shared session at a BDSM club leaves Pierce intrigued and soon he finds himself willing to do anything in his power to heal the wounds that life has left on Noah’s soul. When he realises that the very thing Noah dreads the most might just be what he needs, Pierce sets out on a mission—but maybe it’s just not in his power to save Noah.

Will Noah be able to battle the demons that haunt him and find the happy ever after Pierce has dreamed up for them?

Reader advisory: This edition is a revised re-release. Contains a scene of dubious consent and references to violence in one MC’ spast.

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Strawberries & CreamStrawberries & Cream (Gay erotic romance / paranormal)

“The gift of love is not always an easy one to accept, but it is a gift, and it should be accepted with appreciation.”

When efficient, self-controlled business man Ross bumps into a stranger on a crowded platform one morning, he doesn’t know that Cupid has been pulling the strings. And yet, he follows the leads to flamboyant Sebastian who, for all his outward flippancy, hides a shy and sensitive soul. Despite their opposing personalities and lifestyles, they become lovers, but Ross never quite manages to overcome the one thing that keeps him from fully accepting Sebastian—and his own past.

One day, a trip leads them to a secluded hotel on the coast of Scotland. With a little help from Aengus, the hotel’s kind but mysterious owner and his liquid happiness, Ross and Sebastian make another attempt at building a bridge—a bridge they will hopefully be able to cross together, hand in hand.

Reader advisory: This book is a gay erotic romance novella with paranormal elements. Itcontains sexually explicit content and is suitable for adult readers only. This is the first book in the series.

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