Lessons by Iris Perkins

I need the mist to roll in upon my vertical smile.

I need the gates to open upon that green mile.

I need to take a trip to the Bermuda Triangle

And dip into the abyss or the chasm…

So let’s make that trip happen.

When you wake up at the crack of dawn,

I hope you see that hippo’s yawn.

But if you’re still groggy,

Don’t wake too soon because you can still see the dark side of the moon.

Waking up to horizons and fragrant smelling flowers

As the grass that grows around my honey pot

Is a path to the cave of  wonders.

Let’s go on a treasure hunt.

We find an oyster filled with a pearl in that cave of wonder

I know we are pearl hunting in that land down under,

But a wave overflows and a breath must be taken

So you do not drown on this short vacation.

Swam back to land and still you stand

With a view of this grand canyon.

To touch a mere wall will make me crawl

And you want to sink into the cavern.

Come out and eat these sugar cookies and dip them in sweet cream.

And lickety split, this strawberry, peach bit has a juicebox with an everlasting stream.

So come have a taste & fill your cup.

This is super.cali.vag.U.lick.me.I.spit.a.la.dope.juice.

Expand your knowledge of these dynamic fissures.

Go figure, hmmmmm.

Who would have thought all of this could be about pussy, without using the word cunt.

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