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Red is for Fire by Clair de Lune

Self Published 2015

Chapter Four

Red Is For FireFiona had left for Edinburgh on the Tuesday evening, sure in the knowledge that the temporary secretary would look after Mr Dalguise, but not become a rival.

She shook her head at herself and set her mind to the next couple of days. The course sounded interesting and certainly they’d had some inquiries from Japan. As Mr Dalguise’s secretary and personal assistant she would have direct dealings with any foreign visitors, so it would be prudent to learn what they expected. Then why couldn’t she rid herself of the feeling that something else was going on?

Mr Jamieson had visited several times over the past few weeks. He’d not done that since the first days after Mr Dalguise had taken over the distillery. Could it be that the firm was in trouble? She couldn’t believe that. Mr Dalguise had been in a restless mood for the past couple of months. She was certain he was plotting something.

Her nephew was just the same. If he was bored, he’d be in mischief. Mr Dalguise thrived on hard work. Now that the distillery was back on its feet, he had no challenge. So what was he up to? He’d been watching her closely in the last few weeks. She’d tried not to let his physical presence affect her, but had lost that battle. She could barely meet his eye. That hadn’t mattered until recently. Lately she knew he’d been testing her. Why, she didn’t know. Could he be thinking of replacing her? Was he watching to see if she was doing her job correctly? She dismissed that doubt. She spent all her energy making sure his life ran like clock-work. This was getting her nowhere.

She opened her laptop and typed in one of the websites he’d given her. She began to read and make notes as he’d asked. She was so absorbed in her research that the train was arriving in Edinburgh Waverley station before she realised it. Quickly she collected her belongings and got off the train.

She took a taxi to the hotel where the conference was taking place. Her room was a double, but she didn’t have to share with anyone. She unpacked her small case, and after a shower, she went downstairs to the dining-room, where she ate a delicious meal and enjoyed a glass of Chardonnay. Electing to go without dessert, she ordered coffee to be served in her room and went back to her research. She used the sites he’d given her but followed links to others, all the time making notes. Then she sat back and thought about what she’d read. Looking at the clock she saw it was very late and she had an early start, so she arranged an alarm call and went to bed. Just as she was drifting off to sleep, she wondered why he wanted this report, but she was too sleepy to follow up the thought.

Her dreams were full of Doms and subs. The Dom almost always had the face of Calum, but sometimes it was Ruari’s face. She seemed to be floating on the ceiling and watching scenes. The woman in the scene was always facing away from her. She was being tied up, spanked, ordered to sit in a cage for being rebellious and dressed in the most indelicate costume she’d ever seen. She had a huge butt plug inserted in her rear and she moaned and screamed as she was given orgasm after orgasm. Suddenly she turned around and Fiona awoke sweating and tangled in the sheet and duvet. The face of the woman had been hers!

She lay in the half-dark. The street lights reflected on the ceiling of her room. Slowly her mind cleared.

What an odd dream. I never dream, or if I do I never remember it. So why was this so vivid and why was I submitting to Calum and Ruari, too? It must have been something I ate at dinner that hasn’t agreed with me, in combination with the research Calum wanted me to do for him. I should put it out of my mind and go back to sleep.

Half an hour later she got up to use the bathroom and make a cup of tea. She turned on the TV to see if anything had the power to distract her.

All was in vain. The scenes went round and round in her head. In the end, the small voice she’d tried to ignore won. She had to admit she liked the idea. That wasn’t possible. She was no door-mat. She had a good job with a lot of responsibility. She was her own woman. She ran her own life like she ran the office. She was no wimp to be ordered about. Yet the moisture that flooded her pussy as she pursued this train of thought told another story.

I’m far too old for him. He’ll want a young woman. What am I thinking? He won’t be going to such a club. If it got out it would ruin him and all the work he’s done to restore the family business. He’s far too conscientious and he knows how many people depend on him. Why then do I want him to take me in hand and dominate me? What is wrong with me? I’m just a silly middle-aged woman. I’d best get up and get myself in the right frame of mind for this course.

As she showered and dressed, her thoughts were still in turmoil.

Why did he give me this research to do? He does nothing without good reason. If I can figure that out I shall be easier in my mind. There are several possibilities. He’s interested in the topic and this is to stave off the boredom that’s been affecting him for weeks. That won’t do entirely. He’s not one for wasting time on things. If he is investigating this, it’s because it’s important to him. If that’s so, then why is he getting me to do it? It’s not because he lacks the time, so it must be that he wants me to know about it. Has he seen something in me that’s betrayed my feelings towards him? Surely if he had and he was interested, he’d have taken it further. If he wasn’t interested, he would just carry on as normal. This research isn’t normal, so it must be something along those lines. Damnation, I’m stuck here and I need to know the answers to all those questions. Why did he send me on this course, just after giving me that research to do? Maybe I’m reading too much into all this. I’d better have breakfast and concentrate on the day ahead.

Later that evening she called her sister.

“Hello, Eleanor. The hotel is superb and the food’s wonderful. I shall be putting on the pounds if I stay here for long.”

“I told you that boss of yours was a sweetie. He treats you so well. Are you sure he doesn’t have the hots for you?” Eleanor asked.

“I told you, he’s way too young for me.”

“Well, cougars are all the rage now. Look at some of the famous ones in the news. Why shouldn’t you have a fling with him? It would do you good and bring you out of your shell,” Eleanor suggested.

“Well, it’s odd that you should say that. I am doing some odd research for him and I don’t understand why he asked me. You must say nothing to anyone about this, ok?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die, I’m true blue and will never stain,” Eleanor said, and then she giggled.

“It’s a good many years since I heard you say that.”

“Come on, get to the juicy bit. What’s this research?” Eleanor asked eagerly.

“He wants me to look into Domination and submission.”

“Oh wow! As in BDSM? Yippee, that must be really interesting. Do tell all.”

“It is interesting and I’ll send you the websites, but I need your opinion. I can’t see why he’s asking me to do this.” Fiona said.

“If you want my candid opinion, he could do it himself. If he’s asking you, it’s because he’s interested in your reaction. Are you inclined to that sort of thing? Does it make your knickers wet? Do you see him as the Dom?”

“Wait a minute. How come you know so much about all this? Have you tried it? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Fiona asked.

“Yes, I have tried it. Two boyfriends ago. He said he was a Dom, but I didn’t really enjoy it, as he just wanted to share me around his mates and get his kicks watching. I didn’t tell you because little Miss Prim and Proper didn’t need to know.”

“I would hate that. I don’t know if I’m a sub or not.”

“Pffffft. You are a sub, my sweet.”

“Why do you say that? I have a responsible job. I’m in charge of the office and all his appointments etc. I’m not a bloody doormat,” Fiona stated angrily.

“Submissive doesn’t mean doormat. It means handing over control to someone you trust to look after you. It lets you unwind and take a break from all that responsibility.”

“Yes… I see what you mean. That would make sense. I still don’t think he can be interested in me. He’s way too young.”

“Don’t do yourself down. You are attractive, intelligent and you don’t look your age. He could do a lot worse. If he’s made a pass at you, he’s gone up in my estimation,” her sister said.

“He hasn’t. He’s a cautious man. He can’t afford a scandal. He’s just got the firm back into the black and he’ll do nothing to jeopardise that.”

“In my experience, when a man’s cock is involved he doesn’t see beyond it. If he wants you he will find a way. I envy you. He’s some handsome man. Anyhow, stop havering and wondering if and weighing it all up. Go with your heart and you won’t regret it. I have to go now. I have a date of my own tonight and he’ll be here in ten minutes. You let me know how things go. Love you, speak soon.”

“Love you, too. Yes, I’ll ‘phone when this is all cleared up.”

The course was interesting and revealing. She would never have imagined that the two cultures were so different but now she was in a position to be able to advise her boss and the rest of the employees, if the projected contracts came to anything. She struggled to put the research Calum had asked her to do to the back of her mind. It was easy when she was concentrating on the lectures, but during coffee and meal breaks her mind returned to it.

Even though she socialised with the rest of those on the course, the topic surfaced when she least expected it. The afternoon session was an introduction to the culture of Japan and the importance of tying. There were some beautiful examples of gifts that had been presented by Japanese clients and it was explained that gifts would be exchanged and on no account must the wrapping and presentation of such gifts be neglected. Then they were given a short talk on Kinbaku, and she was fascinated. She decided that she’d like to know more, so when she’d had dinner she went on-line and opened up a whole new world. She spent a happy couple of hours immersing herself in this strange new world. It was the one topic that had succeeded in banishing her dilemma from her mind.

The ‘phone was ringing when she opened her door, so she rushed over and picked it up.


“Mrs Macleod, you sound out of breath, are you well?”

“Mr Dalguise. I was just opening my door when I heard the ‘phone ringing.” She realised her voice was breathy and hoped he’d put it down to rushing for the ‘phone.

“It’s late, my dear. I didn’t know the course had evening elements to it.”

“It has a couple. I was particularly interested in the art of tying,” she said. Gracious, what’s he going to say to that?

“Kinbaku? It’s fascinated me for years. Maybe we could go and do some research on that together,” he suggested.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

“There are some very good courses, but you have to go with a partner. If this Japanese deal comes off, I may have to go over there. I’d very much like to take you with me. We could take a course together, that’s if you’d like to, my dear?” Calum suggested.

He wants me to go to Japan with him? Learn Kinbaku with him. It must mean he’s interested. I need to think.

“What do you say? Would you like to go away with me?”

“Go away with you? Where… what…” She stumbled over her words.

“Why, to Japan, my dear. I can just see you standing waiting while I learn to tie you. I do think that red rope would go well with your skin tone, Fiona. Can I call you Fiona when we aren’t in the office?”

“Yes, Sir,” Fiona managed to say. She knew that the word had changed its meaning for her now. She’d read enough over the past couple of days to know that. Her mind was awhirl with images of what he’d suggested. Most of the tied subs she’d seen on-line were naked. Would he want her naked?

“Thank you, Fiona. I have a beautiful picture in my mind. You are bound with red rope, which compliments your hair and fair skin. Tied and at my disposition. I can go to sleep a happy man, Fiona. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams, too. I’ll see you soon, my dear,” he said and rang off.

She was quivering like a jelly. He did want her. He’d just offered her the trip of a life-time, and he’d said he wanted her tied up and at his mercy. She shivered and the images he’d planted in her mind unsettled and aroused her. This is what I want. He seems to want it too. Why hasn’t he spoken when I was in his office? Maybe he’s done it like this to make the anticipation sweeter. I can’t even think straight, so I’d best go to bed.

That night her dreams were even more vivid than before. This time Calum was again present and in his hands he held rope as he beckoned her to him. She awoke gradually in a haze of arousal. She was hot, wet and needy. Her fingers, coated in her own slick juices, found her clit and she began to rub slowly and sensuously. Her whole body came alive with the sensation of pleasure as she used her other hand to tweak and pluck at her breasts. It was so long since she’d had a man. She had to be content with the pleasure she could bestow upon herself. She had a drawer full of toys at home but had neglected to bring any with her.

She found that as she arched her back, pressing her head into the pillow, her thoughts of Calum, her dreams of Kinbaku bondage aroused her much more than usual. Her fingers stroked with ever increasing pace and pressure over her needy clit as she felt her climax approaching. Then it rolled over her. Her limbs were no longer under her control. Her fingers kept up the stroking and wave after wave of exquisite pleasure flowed along bones and veins. Never had a self-induced orgasm been so prolonged, or so enjoyable. Her fingers fell from her clit and her breasts and she lay back, panting, in a haze of delight for a long while. Calum’s voice was in her head and his face was before her when she closed her eyes. This was dangerous madness, but such delicious madness, she wanted more.

The second day of the conference dealt with tea and food. Then there were workshops on all of the topics. Fiona chose the one on tying and was disappointed to find that Kinbaku was mentioned, but there were no demonstrations. Thinking about it, she laughed at herself. No general course was going to go to the expense of bringing over a Kinbaku Master to demonstrate. There were books available and the very polite and cultured Japanese lady who showed them how to tie a gift in an attractive way, was ready to answer their questions. Fiona found out that there were clubs and other venues where such demonstrations were held, and she decided she’d like to visit one. When that would be she had no idea, but she hoped it would be sooner rather than later.

About Clair de Lune

Clair de LuneI live in Dumfries and Galloway in Southern Scotland, although I was born in South Yorkshire. I sent many happy years teaching, and when I retired I became bored with just the domestic routine.

My youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own, and I wrote “Initiation”, book one in the Prometheus in Chains series. Since then writing has become an important part of my life. It’s been like a roller-coaster ride, and a very pleasurable one at that. When I sent off my first book to Siren I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I joined Facebook, something I never dreamed I’d do, but I have made many good friends on there, some readers and some fellow authors. Writing has certainly changed my life.

I believe the world has enough sadness in it and my characters will always get their HEA even if the road is rocky; many of them are offered a second chance of happiness and I love to explore their journey to achieving it. I write BDSM with a heart. There is no cruelty for cruelty’s sake. I have a particular interest in Kinbaku as practised by Master “K,” who very kindly checks over the finished scenes for me. I do a lot of research both for the backgrounds I use and the names of the characters.

I love to hear from my readers and I answer all messages and emails.

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