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Fantasy Swingers: Chapter 2

Fantasy Swingers by Larry ArcherAfter we had started role-playing, we decided that I needed sexier clothes as my husband liked me to be the center of attention when we went to a bar or dance place. I finally realized that my husband loved me to look sexy and have other guys pay attention to me.

If I was out picking up guys and girls, then I needed to dress like a slut. When I told my husband that I wanted to be a slut, I thought he was going to fuck me on the spot!

I had heard of this store that had a lot of really sexy clothes. Not cheap looking but expensive slut as my husband called me. One Saturday afternoon, we drove to the shopping center and went into the store.

I couldn’t believe the outfits they sold; most didn’t have a back or front or both. The store had so many sexy outfits. My husband had a hard on the instant we walked into the store thinking about me in those slutty outfits with my tits hanging out.

This was the first-time hubby had ever shown any interest in helping me pick out clothes. He kept telling me that this dress was sexy and to put that one back as it didn’t show off my boobs or legs enough!

We finally picked out several hot dresses to try on. My husband said he would sit in the chair outside the dressing room with this other guy, obviously waiting for his wife or girlfriend.

I went in and tried on the first dress, which was almost knee length but was slit all the way up to the waist. The top was a halter style but with virtually no back or sides. I never realized this dress would show so much skin and was going to put it back but then I thought the whole reason to come here was to look sexy and I ought to let my husband decide if it’s too much or not.

The way the dress was designed, I could not wear a bra or panties under it, but what the hell, I’m a slut and that’s what sluts do, right?

So removing my bra and panties, I slipped this dress on and looked at myself in the mirror. God, I was gorgeous and looked like one of those movie stars you see in Hollywood or maybe a porn actress. I spun around and just as I suspected, the dress slit opened all the way to my waist, and you could see my bush when I moved. Well, my husband wanted a sexy wife, and he was fixing to get one, whether he wanted me this hot or not.

I couldn’t believe the difference this dress made in me and how aroused I was. I slipped on a pair of heels that I had grabbed on the way into the dressing room and strutted out to see if hubby would give me a thumbs up or down. I knew my fantasy fucker, Lynn, would love the outfit but it might be too much for hubby. If Lynn had taken me shopping, he would probably be fucking me in the dressing room right now, but hopefully, I didn’t push hubby over the edge.

As I came out of the dressing room, I could feel my dress separating every time I took a step and letting my leg show all the way to my hips. I felt so hot knowing that my pussy was continuously on display, as the dress would open all the way to my waist with my leg out.

Hopefully, my wet pussy didn’t mess up my dress. I knew that I was going to be seriously fucked tonight and hoped that Lynn brought some of his big dick friends along to take over when he finished with me. Or maybe they could all take me at the same time. I felt the electricity shoot straight down to my pussy as I tried to imagine what it would be like to be gangbanged.

“Wham, bam, thank, you ma’am,” had a whole different meaning now!

I wondered if they would wait their turn or all want to fuck me at the same time. I’m thinking to myself, how many guys could I satisfy at the same time? Would they just take turns with my holes and one guy would pull his dick out of my wet pussy and shove it into my mouth and make me clean it off?

Soon as I was finishing one guy off, another would take his place and start reaming out my cunt. Or maybe I would have three guys fucking me at the same time in every hole. I could feel pussy juice runnng down my legs as I thought about the possibilities.

I’m starting to have all these fantasies as I walked out of the dressing room while deciding which guy would get which hole. I wanted Lynn to be the first in my ass for sure!

When I walked into the waiting area, there was Francis sitting there with a guy who looked a lot like my fantasy fucker, Lynn. Tall with dark hair and eyes, he looked just like the guy I’ve been fucking in my fantasies. He looked like the young Elvis, with that sexy bedroom look. God, I was in love again!

My husband looked up and saw me with pretty much everything hanging out, his mouth dropped open, and he just stared at me. I looked at him and gave a little spin around so he could get the full effect. I could feel both sets of eyes caressing my body as I spun around, knowing full well that both my husband and the stranger next to him were getting a full shot of my dripping pussy as I was wearing absolutely nothing under my dress!

I was a little embarrassed about the guy next to my husband seeing me in this dress. I glanced at him and couldn’t believe that he looked so much like the guy I had been fucking in my dreams. I quickly pushed the hesitation away as I felt my cunt getting wetter.

This handsome guy was looking at me with those bedroom eyes of his, and I knew he was checking me out completely. It was funny as he didn’t seem like a weirdo or anything, and I could tell that he was enjoying the show I was putting on.

Hubby was still sitting there with his mouth open, as he had never seen me in such an outfit. With the slit open to my waist there was no doubt that I didn’t have anything on underneath. My tits were threatening to spill out of the little halter top, or possibly, my rock hard nipples might poke holes in the top.

I leaned over and gave Francis a little kiss as I knew that it would make my top gap open so the guy next to him could get a good look at my boobs. I could feel my nipples pop to attention as the stranger’s eyes caressed my jugs. I sucked my stomach in and pushed those puppies out for inspection.

I was such a slut, but I didn’t care. This guy had no idea who we were, and it made me feel so good for him to appreciate how hot I looked. My fantasies were already in high gear, and now I could completely picture this guy fucking my brains out.

He finally spoke up and said, “Sorry, but your husband seems to be at a loss for words, so I’ll tell you for both of us that you are one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in that dress. I vote for you to take it home.”

I countered with, “I know, I love the way it looks and feels, but it’s a lot of money for a dress that I can’t wear out as it is so skimpy. I’m not sure everyone is going to like looking at my pussy or tits.”

Did I just say that to a total stranger?

“Nonsense,” he said, “I’ll take you both to places where you can show off that beautiful body of yours in style. There will be other women there who are wearing the same type of clothes, so you will not be uncomfortable. Plus, if it is too much money for you, it would be my pleasure to buy it for you.”

“I don’t know if my husband would approve of you buying me clothes, but that makes me feel good to have you say that.” The whole time, I could feel how wet I was becoming, and I hoped he didn’t notice or at least didn’t mind. “Do you think I look good in this dress?”

“Sweet thing you are good enough to eat, and I would love to take you out on the town and show you off if your husband is too crazy not to.”

About that time, I looked over, and a tall kinky haired brunette strutted out of the dressing room in a little outfit that kind of looked like a stripper’s schoolgirl outfit with a short miniskirt and almost see through top.

I could see her nipples plainly through the top and boy they looked good!

I looked again at her nipples and could see that she had nipple rings with a woven gold chain between her nipple rings. I had never seen a girl in real life with nipple rings and wondered to myself what it would be like to suck a girl’s tits and play with her nipple rings, with my tongue.

Her tits were perfectly shaped, not super big but nice size and very firm. They stuck straight out from her chest and looked real and not store bought. They had just a slight ski slope curve on the top and perfectly rounded from the bottom up to her nipples. I had read that the ski slope is one of the clues to natural tits.

Her areolas were light brown, perfectly round, and probably stuck out a quarter inch from her breast with prominent nipples. I think her nipples were what they called ‘Puffies.’ But the rings through her nipples made me weak in the knees to look at them. I must be turning into a lezzy as all I could think about was sucking her tits and running my tongue through her nipple rings.

She had black spike heels with little white socks and obviously no nylons on, just tanned skin on those long sexy legs. Her legs looked like she was an athlete with really toned skin and muscular thighs. She had curly hair about shoulder length and wore it all bushed out and reminded me of a porn star. I know if you had a hundred guys guess her profession, most would say porn star.

I thought to myself; we are in trouble now because I’m sure she heard her husband talking about how beautiful and sexy I was. But to my surprise, she said, “Baby, you are so right, this one is a hottie for sure. The biggest problem you’re going to have is fighting me for her because I want first dibs.”

I couldn’t believe it, her husband was trying to pick me up, and she seemed all for it. From what she was saying, I think she was interested in me also. Maybe she was, in fact, a porn star?

My husband was now staring at this guy’s wife, and I think if he’s not careful, we’ll have to hospitalize him. He seemed positively catatonic.

The guy’s wife strolls over to my husband and stops directly in front of him. She picks one long lanky leg up and plants her foot right on my husband’s leg with her heel on the bulge in his pants. She was pressing her heel into his dick with those fuck me shoes.

I realized that from his perspective, he is looking right up her short dress and as I start to kick him, she says, “Would you please buckle the strap on my shoe for me?” Then gives him such a sweet sexy smile as if she didn’t know that her pussy was on display.

In an instant, hubby is fumbling with her buckle, while she has her crotch right in his face. “Do you need some help?” she asks and puts her hand on the back of his head and pulls him closer. “Let me make it easier for you to see,” and lifts up the front of her skirt a little to make sure that he can get a good look at her pussy.

Why am I not shocked that she doesn’t have any panties on and her pussy is as bald as a baby’s butt? By this time, my husband’s nose is in her cunt, and she is starting to rub her pussy lips all over his face. She is holding his mouth against her pussy lips and running her fingers through his hair. Like he would try to get away from her!

I’m watching my husband, and it’s obvious that he is licking and sucking her pussy right here in the store. Luckily there is no one close to the dressing room to see us, but this could change in an instant.

I am so glad that we have been playing pretend swap games when we have sex. I think that prepared me for seeing my husband suck a strange girl’s pussy and I didn’t create a scene. In fact, it turned me on to watch hubby suck another girl’s cunt. I could see that his nose was actually inside her pussy as her lips were on either side of his nose.

I could feel my juice running down my leg. I should be mad but instead, I was so hot and so close to coming. It was all I could do to keep my fingers out of my wet pussy.

I look at the girl, and she is starting to tremble, and I can see her legs start to twitch as she begins to hump my husband’s face. I have never seen my husband eat pussy like that and his face is almost completely wet with her juices as he wildly continues to lick and suck her cunt, while she humps his mouth.

Her husband breaks into my fantasy thoughts and tells me that I need to hold her because sometimes she kind of passes out if she has a really strong climax. I step behind her and wrap my arms around her and without thinking, grab both of her breasts to hold her up.

Her tits are so firm, and the nipples feel so good as I start twisting her nipples with my fingers. I can feel more pussy juice running down my leg. I’ve never felt a girl’s tits before, and now I see why my husband loves to play with them. It was so erotic as I teased her nipples until they were hard and poking way out.

Then I started slowly twisting them, and she began to moan and rub her pussy harder against my husband’s face. I put a finger in each nipple ring and carefully tugged them out to stretch her nipples out away from her tits. When I did that, I felt her gasp and let out a deep moan.

Then to my surprise, she twisted around and planted her full lips against mine. Her mouth was so soft and felt like warm butter against mine. I automatically opened my mouth, and her tongue quickly darted inside. As I sucked on her tongue and kissed her, I could feel her coming as she spasmed all over.

I opened my eyes and looked at her, and the only thing I could see was the whites of her eyes as they had completely rolled up in her head. I’m glad her husband warned me because I would have thought she was having a seizure.

I looked down, and she had both hands wrapped around my husband’s head as she came in his mouth and ground her pussy against his face. Her fingers were inner twined in his hair, and he couldn’t have gotten away if he tried. Well not that he would try anyway!

As she slowly stopped bucking against hubby’s face and calmed down, I looked over at her husband to see how he had reacted. He was just sitting there with his cute little smile on his face and didn’t seem to be the least bit upset that my husband had just sucked his wife off in a dress store.

I wasn’t sure if it was okay to keep on playing with her tits, but they felt so good, that I just couldn’t stop. I guess if my husband can suck her off then I should be able to play with her tits. Now I could see why girls like other girls; they are so soft and feel so good.

I’m starting to think about getting my nipples pierced and wearing a chain between them like this girl had. I could just imagine the looks you got when you had a low cut blouse on, and there was a chain running from tit to tit.

I hoped that I would get a chance to ask her where she had her nipples pierced. I didn’t think you could just go to one of those little booths at the mall. The thought of asking a little high school girl if she could pierce my nipples, made me giggle. I think I’m starting to lose it!

My husband sat back a little bit, and I could see pussy juice all over his face. His face was flushed, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he hadn’t cum in his pants during this little love-in at the dress store. He looked cute sitting there and absent-mindedly licking the pussy off his lips.

Then the guy’s wife leaned over and kissed my husband. I could see her tongue working his wet mouth and licking the pussy off his face. He opened his mouth, and I could see her tongue going deep as she looked for more pussy juice. Amazingly, I wasn’t jealous, as I knew she was just turned on by the playing and didn’t have any feelings for my husband. After all, we had only known them for about five minutes or so.

After cleaning up my husband, she turned and put her arms around my neck with her tits against mine. Her nipples were like two hot marbles burning their way into my breasts. Her lips were all shiny, and I knew it wasn’t lip-gloss unless they had started bottling pussy juice.

She looked me in the eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss me. When our lips met, I could taste pussy juice on her lips. Her tongue slid into my mouth, and I thought this tastes a lot like my husband’s dick when I suck him after we fuck. Anybody could have walked in, or the building could have collapsed, and I would have never known it. As I stood there sucking her tongue and playing with her tits, I was so close to climaxing, and my pussy felt like a river with all of my juice running out.

She ran her hand inside the slit of my dress and started rubbing me. I automatically spread my legs so she could have anything she wanted. I could feel her fingers working their way past the lips of my cunt and went deep in my pussy. I squeezed her fingers with my pussy muscles and said thank heaven for Kegel exercises.

“What am I doing,” I thought. “I’m a nice girl, and nice girls don’t let strange women come on their husband’s face, and finger fuck their wives? No, I said to myself, I’m a slut, and I love it.” Right then I would have fucked every guy and girl in the store without a minute’s hesitation.

She kept kissing me and jamming more fingers into my hole. I was quickly going over the top, and I realized that her tongue was in sync with her fingers. When she shoved her tongue in my mouth, she would also jam her fingers deep in my cunt. I could hear my pussy making squishy noises and hoped that it didn’t turn her off.

She stopped kissing me and looked me right in the eyes, then she said, “Come for me, I want to watch you climax and feel you come on my fingers just like I came in your husband’s mouth!”

That’s all it took, and I tried to keep eye contact, while I had the biggest climax I had ever had. I must be getting like her as I think I lost it for a minute and when I came to, she was continuing to slowly finger fuck my wet hole and look me in the eye. She gave me a nice soft kiss and slowly slid her fingers out of my cunt.

She held her fingers up between us, and we both looked at all the pussy juice on her hand. From how high her hand was wet, I figured I had come close to being fist fucked. She smelled her fingers and then started sucking the pussy off her fingers. It looked so good that I quickly joined her and we cleaned up her hand and fingers together.

When we had gotten all the pussy off, I took the initiative and gave her a deep soul kiss. I drove my tongue as deep as I could get it and listened to her moan as I kissed her and fucked her with my tongue. She put her hands inside my top and started playing with my tits. It felt so good; I could see why she liked me to play with her jugs. I just wished I had nipple rings for her to pull.

After a few minutes, we stopped pretty much everything and just held each other tit-to-tit. My husband was starting to come back to earth about this time. Just then a sales girl came through and looked at us funny. I think she could smell the sex and said that she was sorry to interrupt, but the store was closing.

Her husband insisted on buying my dress on the condition that I wear it tonight. So I packed my original outfit in a bag, and he paid for my dress and his wife’s little schoolgirl outfit.

His wife and I made two drop dead gorgeous sluts, “Look out world!”

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About Larry Archer

Larry ArcherLarry Archer is an author of hardcore action filled adult erotica stories primarily in several genres: swinging, group sex (menage), cuckold/Hotwife, bi-sexual, lesbian, and BDSM. Larry been writing adult oriented smut since 2012 and describes his works as “Adult erotica with a plot.”

Larry and his wife are swingers and use the experiences and situations that they have been in as a basis for a lot of his stories. Larry’s erotica is written from the standpoint of “been there and done that.”

Writing adult-themed (erotica) stories using situations they’ve experienced as a base was a natural for Archer. He has a vivid imagination and finds it easy to start with a scenario and develop that into a story. They travel a lot and have met numerous couples across the country, which provides them with ideas for his tales.

Larry’s stories are always full of sexually explicit scenes, which are well written and detailed, which allows the reader to immerse him/herself in the action and would normally be called stroke material except for the plot woven around the story line.

Most of his stories are HEA (happily ever after), even those with a cuckold/Hotwife, BDSM or Mistress/slave plot line and written with a light hearted humorous theme. Stories are written to make you feel good and not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Larry Archer’s stories are typically novella length or longer (20,000 – 60,000 words), which ensures that the reader gets their money’s worth.

“Erotica from the dirty mind of Larry Archer!”

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Books by Larry Archer


Cuckolding: My Wife Is A Porn Star by Larry ArcherCuckolding: My Wife Is A Porn Star (24,000 Words)

My Wife is a Porn Star is a kinky story about a guy, who comes home to an empty house as his wife is out partying with the girls. Figuring that this would be a good time to watch some porn on his computer, he grabs a beer and picks out a new video to watch that looks pretty hot.

Mesmerized, he watches some of the most exciting pornography he’s ever seen. The two girls in the movie don’t seem to be acting but instead are having the time of their lives. In the last scene, he finally gets a good look at the girl’s faces and realizes that he’s just jerked off to his wife and his best friend’s wife making a pornographic movie.

His revulsion quickly turns to excitement as he realizes that this is not their first movie. Follow Ralph as he and his best friend track down the studio and get to watch their wives make another movie, while they watch from a hidden room.

Warning: This story involves acts of cuckolding (hotwife) action, voyeurism, girl-on-girl, group (menage) sex, oral, anal, FFM, MMF, MFM, A2M, and facial scenes told in a light hearted manner with graphic descriptions of the sex scenes portrayed as only Larry Archer can spin the tale.

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Driving the Stripper Mobile by Larry ArcherDriving the Stripper Mobile (53,000 Words)

Driving the Stripper Mobile is a story about Don, an ordinary guy who is down on his luck. In fact, while he was down, Lady Luck even gave him a couple of hard shots to the stomach.

Dumped by his wife and fired from his job, Don is befriended by a stripper and the club owner, who feel sorry for him. The strip club builds a truck with a clear plastic box on the back, complete with a stripper pole.

The plan is for the Stripper Mobile to drive up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, while girls dance in the plastic box. Hopefully, people will be intrigued by the beautiful girls dancing and visit the club. The club owner decides to give Don a shot and hires him to drive the Stripper Mobile.

Don ends up with one of the strippers as his girlfriend and is thrown into a world of swingers, group sex, erotic dancers, cuckolding, lesbian, and perverted sexual acts that he had only previously dreamed of. This story involves graphic sexual scenes and is told in a well-developed story line as only Larry Archer can weave it.

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Another Day in Paradise by Larry ArcherAnother Day in Paradise (40,000 Words)

Monica is a mid-western girl, who moves to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams of being a chorus girl. Like many others, who came before her, she finds fame and fortune a difficult goal to achieve. By accident, she meets a fellow dancer who gets her a job serving as eye candy escorting the mayor around town, to help keep her afloat.

Her girlfriend, Porsche, turns out to have a wild side and quickly Monica is thrown into the clutches of two swingers, and their girlfriends for a sex filled romp that will keep you titillated page after page. This is a hard-core story with a plot that leads you down the road of Monica’s seduction in exquisite detail. You’ll be amazed as to how quickly, she comes over to the Dark Side.

Another Day in Paradise is another in Larry Archer’s humorous looks at the life of swingers and the misadventures they lead. This 40,000-word novella is chock full of explicit descriptions of hot-hot action, with an HEA ending as only Larry can portray.

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Alyson Discovers the Glory Hole by Larry ArcherAlyson Discovers the Glory Hole (30,000 Words)

Alyson Discovers the Glory Hole is a  hardcore erotic adult story about two swingers, Foxy and Larry, who take an oral obsessed girlfriend to a Las Vegas adult theater with glory holes to satisfy her cravings for servicing strangers.

While in the toy section, they pick up a straight couple when the wife becomes infatuated with Foxy’s braless jugs, micro-mini, and thigh high boots. Foxy makes Alyson take care of the husband to help get her warmed up. Foxy’s dominate side quickly comes out as she punishes the cashier for hitting on her husband and gives her ten lashes with her riding crop in front of the other customers. The young Goth cashier begs Foxy to become her Mistress and take her as a slave.

In the booth, Alyson stays on her knees, taking care of every guy who pokes his rod through the hole in the wall and is quickly covered from her face to her chest with one facial after another. The other girls take turns helping Alyson service the anonymous appendages.

When the cashier’s shift ends, she joins them and is immediately on her knees between her Mistress’ legs to show her new Master what a good girl she really is. This story involves taboo erotica, romantic erotica, BDSM, erotica breeding, erotica for men, glory hole, oral sex, facials, cum swallowing, bareback, and sharing, anonymous sex, group sex, lesbian or bisexual sex, anal, and Mistress/slave action that is non-stop from the beginning to the end.

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