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A Mother’s Day Spark: Chapter 2

(Excessica 2017)

I nodded. His eyes held a strange glow. Excitement and nervousness flooded my body.

He licked his lips. “Shut your eyes and turn over.”

My arms felt like pins and needles and my body ached from being stationary for so long. I stretched and took my time, enjoying the sensation of turning over. My skin felt like a heightened erogenous zone. Each touch held a gentle reminder of him.

A soft warm cloth heated my back and shoulders. He moved it up and down like he was giving me a towel bath. My skin raised as soon as the cool air charged in. I jumped. The cloth ran down below my ass cheeks and slid across my lips. The material pushed against my clit. Pleasure rolled through me. I moved closer, aching for his touch—for any touch. A slow murmur escaped my lips as I shifted my hips against him.

“Not so soon.” His hand wedged my legs apart.

I moved down the massage table.

With quick efficient strokes, he wiped my legs down. A soft chuckle rumbled in his chest.

The hair on my arms stood. I’d never heard him sound so devious. My heart raced. I caught myself holding my breath. The room grew quiet. It felt different, an almost peaceful quiet descended around me. I heard him move but in a pattern that I couldn’t place. He shuffled and the air moved, yet I knew he stood near me. An odd sensation percussed against my back, like a drum beat. Then I felt the beginnings of a searing pain. His cool hand washed it away. The sensations issued in such quick succession that each new experience had me doubting the previous one. The heat reached deep into my achy back. His touch reached just as equally into my desire. I melted into the experience- the heat and then the coolness of his fingers. The steady rhythm carried me almost to the point of sleep.

Cool air seemed to chill against my skin.

I heard clanking. He must have walked away. My eyelids peeked open and I shifted my gaze.

“I told you not to look.” He seemed almost pleased with himself.

All too eager to fall back into that sensational roller coaster, I complied, letting my eyelids drop. A rumbling tap progressed down my back. I felt a searing thrill of heat; his skin against mine.  I relaxed as the pain and pleasure mingled. A warmth breezed over my lower back. Tendrils of flame licked my ass and tickled my thighs. This moist heat traveled down my legs to my calves. My feet pulsed with waves of warmth. “Ah, please.” The heat shot right up to my pussy. “Fuck me.” I reached for him.

“Stand up and spread your legs.”

My head seemed to spin as I opened my eyes and got my bearings. Pain, pleasure, and warmth intoxicated me. I stood. Steadying myself, I reached for the wall. 

“Perfect. Keep yourself steady. Don’t move.” His voice was lower but softer, sweeter. “I don’t want to have to handcuff you again.”

He stood naked by our dresser. His head bent over, hair almost in his eyes. He made my heart skip a beat. As I watched my own eyes widened. He dipped what looked like a wand or stick in a cup. What he retrieved looked like an oversized Q-tip. He tapped it against the cup and ran the large tip over a towel. He caught my look and winked.

I shivered.

He waved the tip over a candle and waited for it to catch. Fire in hand, he walked over. The light from the flame reflected off his body.

I wanted to reach for him but knew better.

His muscles tightened as he kneeled in front of me. The flame illuminated his skin with a red hue. His cock appeared more hard than soft.  

I took a gulp of air and closed my eyes. I felt my body tremor, a full shiver all the way to my toes. Hot air swept over my skin beginning with my calves. The heat moved quickly between my legs.  I grasped the wall, my knees shaking.

The heat seared at my lips and I shifted, my mouth open yet no words would come. I felt on the edge. The warmth licked at me like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I followed the heat, wanting more. The balance, the game exciting and dangerous. I wanted it, and when I got it, it burned.

Desire and heat mingled. “Ahhh.” The subtle flicker of the fire, just out of reach. 

He remained kneeling, following my body as I moved. I wanted desperately to get the sensation that would take me over the edge. But he was good. He barely let the flame get close enough. 

It soon sputtered out.

He dropped it back in the cup and grasped his hands on my ass, pulling me into him. His tongue caressed where the flames had warmed my lips. I pulled on his hair, my body aching for release. 

His tongue slowly opened my lips. His mouth softly kissed my clit.

“More.” I pleaded. The sensation overload swayed my control of my body. He held on tighter, using the entire flat of his tongue to tease and tempt me.

I felt my knees begin to buckle and he held me. Carefully, he lowered me on top of his thighs. I arched back, stroking myself against his cock. Lubricating him with my juices, I enjoyed the feel of his cock against my clit.

“Ahh, ahh,” I grasped my breast and placed a hand on his shoulder. Rocking against him felt so good. So much teasing, I was almost there.

His mouth met mine and his hands nestled around my ass. We settled into a deep kiss. His guided my movement.

“Fuck.” I whispered. He felt so fucking good. I rocked my hips, feeling him push into me.  Pleasure shot through me. An urgency swept over me. My tongue sought his, my hands needing to know him, to feel him, to be with him.

Our bodies vibrated against each other, small micro-movements that tapped my clit. I couldn’t stop. My moans escalated. The sensation of his cock focused me. Back and forward, I rode. My clit thrust against his body.

I clenched my hands into his shoulders. My body lengthened and grew rigid.  I felt tension pit in my face. My teeth almost grated. The urge to growl a fight I wasn’t used to. I burrowed into his chest. The pleasure mounted in my body as I let myself go. My voice a triumphant testimony to release, sounded surreal to me. Satisfaction and excitement rippled through me, wave after wave. 

He held me and shook, his body jerking against mine, his low sexy voice mumbling incoherently, “Fuck, yeah.”

He gently picked me up and I enclosed my legs around his waist. He stood and placed me delicately on the bed. He brushed his hands against my cheek. Leaning toward me, he whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

He laid down behind me and pulled the covers over us both. I snuggled into his embrace, sated and warm.

* * * * *

 “About last night—” I turned over and snuggled closer to him. “Hmm.” I felt the nakedness under the covers. Images and sensations flooded my memories. I ran my legs together.

He turned toward me. His head laid casually on the pillow. His eyes filled with love. “You sure you don’t want to go out for Mother’s Day?”

I raised an eyebrow at him and began kissing his chest. My heart beat just a bit faster. “Wasn’t last night—”

“A tease.” He stroked my hair. “Purely a tease. So you’d know what you were missing.”

I slid my body along his, rocking my pelvis against his cock. “Wait.” It sunk in. “You want to do—”

“No.” His arms wrapped around me and pulled me up, so that we were eye to eye. “Blaze. The fire massage.”

“You’re shitting me, right?” I moved my knees and half stood, shifting my pelvis back down against his cock. He may be avoiding me, but his cock seemed very interested.

“It’s a thing.” He grabbed my ass, more a show of power than a playful grab.

This could be a really nice start to the day. I reached down and palmed his cock. He felt almost ready.

“I heard about it on that new sex toy shop you’ve been talking about, I ordered one and found a class. It was going to be a surprise but you were giving me such a hard time. I figured—”

His fingernails dug into my ass. He shifted his weight and we tumbled over. I stared into his beautiful eyes. I could get lost in his gaze.

He leaned over and our lips met. The kiss pulled at my heart strings and rekindled the full ardor of the night before.

Breathing jaggedly, he pulled away. “So you’re in?”

That stare again. His gaze demanding, yet loving and everything in between. How could I say no? “For you.” Nervousness and excitement filled my belly. I nodded my head. “For you, anything.”



About Ginger Segreti


Ginger SegretiI’ve always enjoyed breaking the rules; pushing people’s limits; toying with them. I have a way with words and a way with people.

When I write, I’m not restricted to a cis-gendered woman. I can be whomever and go wherever my imagination takes me. My stories run the gauntlet from vanilla to kink, hetero to lesbian, threesomes to foursomes and moresomes. I’m personally interested in sex positive, women positive erotica and tend to showcase dominant women. 

I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with men who weren’t comfortable with assertive women. Before writing, I did everything a good girl was supposed to: college, marriage, white picket fence…and I was miserable, unappreciated and unfulfilled.

Never AGAIN.   

Now, I’m a tech geek by day with a naughty secret. I write erotica, explore fantasy and curate an online ecommerce sex toy and sexual aid store, I want you to achieve orgasmic results! Whether I’m writing a story, finding the next best vibrator or cock ring, checking out a new swingers club, researching statistics or trying to understand why society frowns upon certain activities, I’m here for you.  

Join my oasis for the senses. Indulge in my adult playground and have fun. Try something new. Read a story that takes you out of your comfort zone. Imagine yourself trying a new position, a new toy, a new story. Then do it.

Life’s an experiment. In my playground, you’re free to express yourself. Embrace you.

Find Ginger Segreti Here:



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It wasn’t the failed threesome nor the looking, Catalina’s first taste of what Ginger’s been dishing comes innocently enough. One of their playdates yearns to be dominated. Catalina’s caught holding the leash just when Ginger sets her sights on a new couple, Jake and Julia. With the stakes set higher and a new goalpost laid, will their relationship take the strain as Catalina explores domination and Ginger tries to score a foursome?

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When Pandora’s Box is opened and someone gets a fresh dose of discipline, Helen dreams of kissing Mistress’ boots. Her boyfriend, Theseus’s sinewy muscles and commanding presence should be sufficient distraction. So, why is Helen questioning her place as submissive?

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