A Serious Complaint by Avery Weston

Six o’clock. Rhona strode along the corridor towards the headmaster’s study. The head girl stopped outside and, folding over the waistband of her skirt, drew up its hem to mid-thigh. Then she knocked on the door.

A shrill voice summoned her in.

‘Thanks for staying,’ Mr Hendrick muttered as he continued signing letters. Only when he’d filed them in a folder, did he glance up at her. ‘We’ve had more complaints.’

Rhona frowned. ‘Who from?’


‘Sorry, sir. From whom?’

Hendrick didn’t meet her eyes. ‘One of your classmates.’

‘Not Julia? Did she say–?‘

Hendrick’s raised hand silenced her. ‘You know that’s confidential.’

‘Does that mean …?’

‘I’m afraid so. Be a good girl. Fetch Nemesis.’

In the corner of the study, Rhona bent over to retrieve a slim rattan cane, displaying her bronzed, athletic legs.

Hendrick wondered how far the tan reached.

She placed Nemesis on the desk.

The headmaster rose and stepped around to her side.

‘Surely it needn’t hurt too much?’ she said.

‘Unfortunately, I think it must, my dear,’ he said, taking his position.

‘Have you been very naughty, sir?’

‘It seems so,’ he murmured, pants down, bent across the desk. ‘Best not spare me.’

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