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July & August 2019

Found Love in a Hopeless Place by Mary Ramsey

The first time I met Noah Redflower, I’d assumed he was a volunteer. He sat on the front steps of the memorial prison hospice clinic, wrapped in a blanket despite the South Dakota afternoon heat. He was young, tan, with the typical long hair of a Lakota native.…

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The Importance of Teasing Ernest by Lawrence Westerman

“This pair pinches. Why are your hands shaking? Too much coffee?”

“P-probably, ma’am,” replied Ernest, heart fluttering in his chest. “Would you like to go up a size?”

“Do they come in black?”

“Yes, ma’am. Regular or patent leather?”

“Patent. I like shiny.”

He knelt before her and removed her pumps, certain she could sense his desire to sniff and kiss her toes.…

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Cynthia I by Lara Nickles

Vicki, Judith.

I found the old thing sitting amongst other rusty old things one Saturday morning at a market. It looked lonely. Not only that, having been a writer of stories for my own amusement nearly all my life, it suddenly seemed quite remiss that I’d never owned a typewriter.…

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Loyal Daughter by Ian D Smith

Edward leaned close to Adelin’s ear. “May I be your partner in the next dance, Highness?” His behaviour was perfectly correct: polite, attentive and courteous. But in his eyes, she saw anger and frustration rather than the usual humour and warmth.…

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Secretary by Lisabet Sarai

“You wanted me, Mr. Allen?”

“I did, Gina. Can you order a dozen yellow roses for Mrs. Allen?

“Of course.”

“And this peach lace teddy, from Victoria’s Secret – send one to Melissa.”


“Beth would appreciate one too.”

“I’ll see to it.…

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Cynthia II by Lara Nickles

Laars, Monica, Judith.

At the certain age at which I am now, it is as though suddenly I have crash-landed and found myself on my ass in a field and all around me is smouldering debris. The smouldering remains of an ex-husband, a brief and failed experiment.…

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The Year of Paper (The Best Two Minutes of My Life) by D.A. Wright

It starts with me receiving a “Save The Date” invitation at my office on Monday morning just as I’m drinking my first coffee of the day. The card’s five-and-a-half by seven inches and made from recycled matte paper. The background is a black and white photo taken during our wedding vows when neither one of us could stop giggling.…

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