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March - May 2019

A Broken Heart Just Sounds Better
 by D.A. Wright

It was my last interview, and the stakes were high if I failed to secure a position. The pressure I felt as I sat alone in the sparsely decorated office was enormous, and as much as I wanted to present myself as a level-headed man with a calm demeanor, I couldn’t stop my right leg from making me look like Thumper on speed.…

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Role Reversal by Delores Swallows

Ruth studied Tanya from the chair at the side of the bed. Although that was how the woman had introduced herself, Ruth doubted it was her real name.

Her face was pretty enough not to need all the makeup, but Ruth could tell Michael liked it.…

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I Spy with My Virtual Wife by Belinda LaPage

Two minutes to go in the promo video from hell. Dane sighed, not theatrically, but not far from it, either. He wondered whether the girl had heard—maybe she’d pull the pin early if she knew he’d checked out. If this demo hadn’t been set up entirely for his benefit (add to that the small matter of his aversion to personal confrontation), he’d have walked already.…

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Talking Sense by Ian D Smith

Tom’s phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. “Speak of the devil.”

“Dad’s so bloody predictable,” Andrea muttered.

Tom took the call on speaker. “Evening, JJ.”

“You declined my Friday meeting.”

“Taking my last day’s.”

“Not if I say otherwise.”

“It was agreed with HR when I handed in my notice.”

“I didn’t accept it.”

“Nonetheless, JJ, Friday’s my last day.”

Andrea grinned at him.…

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A Taste For Drama by Ian D Smith

“Dad’s finally cornered the mayor,” Harriet said.

“What about?” James peered across the crowd enjoying the annual civic ball. Her father was with the mayor, who looked resigned.

She shrugged. “He’s usually outraged about something.”

James grinned. “Lax morals?”

Harriet sighed.…

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Lilith by Lisabet Sarai

He’s searching for God. She’s just looking for a fuck. But that’s not quite right. She knows, somehow, that you don’t have to seek God. God’s already there, inside. You just need to figure out how to open yourself and let divinity out.…

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