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Our latest editions for April 2018 can be found below.

The Alpha by Mairead Devereux

I confess an over-riding instinct for primacy. It dictates every aspect of my life. “On your knees.”

Eyes dilated with bliss-producing endorphins, lovely Lena scurries to comply.

“Head down. Ass in the air.” Her legs tremble with effort, but I have rigid expectations.…

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Jacob’s Socks by Avery Weston

Jacob had come to fear his socks. Over a couple of months – that seemed more like years – he had proceeded like a cuckolded husband from suspicion through disbelief, denial and anger until finally reaching his current state of grim resignation.…

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Happy Families by Ian Smith

Sophia leaned close to Hugo’s ear. “Let’s get off this dance floor and find a quiet corner.”

Hugo grinned. “Excellent idea.”

“Follow me.”

She led him along a corridor. He leaned against the wall in an alcove and pulled her to him.…

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First Date – Hollywood-style by Avery Weston

The celebrated actor and award-winning actress had enjoyed their first date at The Ivy.

His fingers brushed her forearm. ‘D’you fancy coming back to my place?’

‘Love to.’ She smiled seductively. ‘I’ll just … ahem … powder my nose.’

He held her arm.…

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A Moment at Madam Maud’s Molly House by Eric Alan Westfall

London, 1816

“Are yer out yer bloody mind?”

Well, bloody ’ell.

I coulda just thought it, but oh no, I hadta go ’n say it. Right to ’is face.

Well, more to ’is chest. Maud’s a big bloke, compared to ’is dear young gen’lemen, as ’e likes t’say, compared to any of the men what calls on us.…

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Awesome Authors

Would you like to be an Awesome Author?

Awesome Authors Archive

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