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“Uuuurrrrgggg… Gurrrglll… Stop!”

“Shelby, you okay?”

“No, you frikkin’ idiot, I’m not!”


“Don’t start, Bobby! I CANNOT BREATHE when you deep throat me that hard! We’ve had this discussion about a hundred times already and I’m plain sick of it!”

“Dammit, sweetheart, sorry.…

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The Holy Extraterrestrial Affair

It was Tuesday when Corrine happened upon Pastor Brent, fucking Jade.

That hadn’t even been the worst part.

No, the worst part was finding out he was an alien. And not the sweaty gardener type of alien. The tentacles-and-shit type of alien!…

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The Basement

How real are your fantasies? Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” Was Picasso suggesting that our fantasy lives can be just as satisfying as our experiences in the physical world? Or did he mean that our imagination can become powerful enough to create tangibility?…

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The Dating Game

The party was crowded and noisy, with a lot of men sniffing around Lucy. She accepted an invitation to dance, and they gyrated to the music together. I chatted, flirted and danced with other guys, but kept a discreet eye on her.…

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The Long Game

Jane’s phone rang. She checked the caller ID and sighed. “Lucy, how are you?”

“Pissed off.”

“You were happy at the party.”

“Missed out on shagging Dave.”


“Your long-game idea, me playing hard to get, bombed. I was just going to give in when he fuckin’ gave up.”


“Decided I’d get him out in the garden for a snog.…

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The Waiting Game

Vicky understood her dad’s nerves about her meeting his new lady-friend for the first time. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’m chuffed he’s happy again.

“Margaret’s son will be there. Your age, seems nice, hopefully you’ll get on.”

“Fingers crossed.” She turned and looked out of the window.…

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Awesome Authors Archive

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