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October, November & December 2019

Peeping Tom by Lisabet Sarai

As I prepared for bed, I noticed him peering in the bathroom window. Ginger sideburns, brazen eyes, cheeky grin.

I flushed the toilet. “Go away!” More annoyed than alarmed, I drew the blinds.

When I emerged from my shower, naked but for a towel turban, he was out on the balcony.…

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Office Party Admissions by Ian D Smith

Angie sat down next to Neil. “Not enjoying the office party?”

He shrugged. “All a bit artificial for me.”

“I love people-watching, especially the ‘can I get off with so-and-so’ stuff.”

Neil nodded towards a nearby table. “Like Jack and Hannah, over there?…

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In Your Dreams by Rose B. Thorny

“Think about it for a moment. What if you lost your last marble years ago and all this is just happening in your mind?”

“Feels pretty real to me. Nice, full breasts. They fit almost perfectly in my hands, though they runneth over just enough.…

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Bootboys Baptism of Fire by Lawrence Westerman

My guard has not spoken to me since she took me from my cell.  She’s swarthy, clad in brown leather armor, and she appears to dislike me intensely.  I watch the proceedings through a rectangular slot in the door behind which I stand, wrists and ankles manacled together.…

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Architecturally Speaking by Rose B. Thorny

“What are you thinking about?”

“Us. Being stuck up here, totally useless in this day and age.”

“What are you on about? You’re not useless, But me? I’m here twenty-four-seven doing absolutely nothing but looking ugly.”

“Think what we could do, if we could move.…

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Hideous by Lisabet Sarai

I left the party early, and alone. I could have glamored myself, won the adoration of some young stud with a cock like my broomstick, but why bother? In the heat of climax, I couldn’t hold the spell. Once again, I’d have to watch lust morph to disgust.…

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So Talk by Ian D Smith

“May I join you?”

Ellie looked up. Ah, the sexy older detective. “Sure.” She knew he found her attractive, but was too polite to hit on her. Stocky, fit, alert. An aura of authority. You’d be fun in bed.

“I’d like to talk.”…

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Going Down by Belinda LaPage

Brent presses down. The elevator slides open and he steps in, choosing the button for the garage.


9.30pm. Another day, another foreclosure. In three months, this tenement will be rubble. Twelve months, condos. Just wait—


The elevator falls, cables scream.…

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Buried Pleasure by Lawrence Westerman

“You awake, Bill?”

“Miriam, is that you? Where am I?”

“Beneath the hydrangeas.”

“What do you mean? Why is it so dark?”

“Did I mention Edgar Allen Poe was my favorite author?”

“I’m in a fucking box!! What have you done??”…

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Just a Simple Black Dress by Lara Nickles

Here’s how it all began. On the walk to my subway stop there’s a strip of boutiques, each with three steps up to a black-and-brass French door. Each of these doors at eight-fifteen in the morning, every morning, wears a tilted sign on a chain that quite rightly says, “Closed.”…

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The Weretwat’s Woman by Delores Swallows

Halfway down their first pint in The Witch’s Nipple, Aiden sipped his beer, smiled and leaned closer to Oliver. “I’ve got something to tell you, Ol, but you’re not allowed to repeat it to anyone.”

“Yeah? What’s that then?”

Aiden allowed himself a smug smile.…

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Cynthia V by Lara Nickles

Vicki, Judith.

I received an old-fashioned card-in-the-mail invitation from Judith, to an afternoon tea on a Sunday. It was for the oldies to celebrate her son Aaron’s eighteenth birthday, coming up soon. And before you start thinking I’m going to be all cynical and snarky about this event, I’m not.…

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