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Castrated Words

Retard ... not the verb, the noun. It's the latest word proscribed by the Society of People Who Choose to be Offended on Behalf of Others. In fact, it's so offensive, it will no longer be uttered out loud, or written out in print, but will instead undergo the...

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Ashley Lister talks with Tresart L. Sioux

Renowned for writing strong stories about tough lesbian women, Tresart L Sioux is a name that has become synonymous with hardcore girl-on-girl erotica. Author of such titles as Bitches!, Harley BitchSlave and Chainsaw Slut, Tresart took time from her busy schedule to...

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Trying To Make It Go Away

Trying to Make It Go Away, that 1928 novel about a female "invert" (either a dyke or a transman in current terms), Stephen is born into a spotlessly "normal" (heterosexual) world. In the backstory of her life, Stephen's father falls in love with Stephen's mother, the...

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All Worked Up about the Closet

I'm glad I'm not gay. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being gay. I've been advocating for gay rights and marriage equality both in my personal life and ever since I started this column back when we were chiseling our email messages onto stone tablets. It's not...

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Coffee Time

— they're getting to be pretty rare. Coffee is so woven into my memory that it can never be just a mere beverage. The simple mug served in the homely roadside diner brings to mind memories of youthful road trips and adventures. Some may extol the mythic allure...

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Ashley Lister talks with Neve Black

Sex and intelligence go together like kink and candle wax. This is particularly true in the world of erotic fiction where a good author can stimulate all six senses from words written on the printed page. And, when it comes to good authors who are adept at their...

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An “Interracial” Epic

I have always been intrigued by the concept of "interracial" as a sexual fetish like, say, a thing for feet and shoes. How does "interracial sex" differ from the more vanilla versions? And how could "interracial sex" be kinkier than an "interracial" social and working...

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Renaming Body Parts

It's time we had an overhaul of the English language. Not a complete overhaul. Most of the words I've used so far in this column are pretty much OK. But I think we need to rename a handful of nouns that refer to parts of the body. Specifically, I think we should...

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All Worked Up about Writing Porn

"Why porn?" I get asked that question a lot. "Why do you spend so much time writing about sex and pornography and watching porn and reading porn and contributing to the ERWA website? You could be applying your talents and energies to so many more worthwhile pursuits."...

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