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Ashley Lister talks with Tracey Shellito

Tracey Shellito is the author of the Crème de la Crime novel Personal Protection as well as e-book titles including Red Skin and The Scantlebury Demon. Aside from appearing in acclaimed anthologies such as Vamps, Locked and Loaded, Periphery and Best Lesbian Erotica...

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I love public transportation. Lately I don't have many opportunities to use it, but I've always had a fondness for subway trains, buses, trolleys and such. I learned early in life how to navigate the oldest subway system in America, back when the subway cars had...

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Virtual Acceptance

"Gay rights" appear to have progressed much further in Canada than in the U.S. Yet the cultures of the two countries are similar. Is Canada now a haven for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered refugees from everywhere else? If so, why? While the public visibility of a...

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All Worked Up about What’s Next

If I had a quarter for every time I got into a discussion about gay marriage over the past ten years or so...I'd have lots and lots of quarters. It's been one of the hottest hot-button issues over the past decade, and I've gotten into it with everyone from the...

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Ashley Lister talks with C. Sanchez-Garcia

Some writers are capable of creating vivid descriptions. Others can forge exotic, erotic sex scenes that bristle beyond the page. There are others who can weave incredibly tight plots which maintain a perfect balance between entanglement and enlightenment. And then...

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Virtual Vs Actual Romance

Bear with me a moment, gentle readers, for it is not my intention to hold forth on things political; there are enough commentators on politics already, actually, more than enough. But allow me to make an observation on a "movement" gathering much media interest in the...

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Get All Worked Up about Monogamy

My Lovely Wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last month.  Nineteen happy years of marriage to each other.  (At this point, if I were a comedian, I’d add that we’ve been married twenty-four years, but that little joke would earn me a sock on the arm and a...

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People against Bad Things

In 1933, Judge William Washington Callahan of the Alabama Supreme Court was appointed to retry a young man, Haywood Patterson, who had already been sentenced to death for participating in an alleged gang rape in a freight train in 1931. Judge Callahan had this to say:...

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