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All Worked Up about Big Brother

It should come as no surprise that the U.S. government is illegally spying on its citizens. As Former President Jimmy Carter so eloquently pointed out last month during Coretta Scott King's funeral, "the civil liberties of both husband and wife (were) violated as they...

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All Worked Up about Profanity

When I was eight years old, my younger brother Scott and I walked home from school every day. Timmy, the little kid across the street, rode the school bus, always getting home before we did. This allowed Timmy the chance to let his dog, an enormous, mean-tempered...

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The Babes and Hunks of Erotica

Before I had my hour of fame on Jewel's Way Radio, I got a list of the interview questions I was going to face, and inevitably, a handful of them were about my first e-book, The Measure of a Man. The Measure of a Man gets a certain amount of attention because the hero...

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Porn and Perfect Shoes

It's time to close all the shoe stores. No, I'm serious. We need to shut them down, now, before they become a more serious problem than they already are. They cause rampant corruption and vice wherever they open, with devastating effects on community standards and...

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Porn’s Passionate Pull

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." — Hunter S. Thompson Over the years, a lot of men have whined in my hearing about how women don't like sex as much as they do, a complaint that generally distills itself down to how women don't like pornography....

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Selling Ourselves Short

From the New York Times: A 68-year-old woman was brought to the hospital with what appeared to be serum sickness, a rare and severe form of allergic reaction. One of the few things that causes it is penicillin, but the patient hadn't been given penicillin. Her allergy...

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Selling Smut in Motown

One of the difficulties of being an erotica writer is that it's a bit hard sometimes to mingle. I'm a bit bolder about it than most, but there are limits to the places where one can say, without fear of repercussions, "I write erotica." People can react badly, even...

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Wrong Reasons to Do SM by Midori

Are you a kinkster? Are you a part of the SM community? Do you identify as a leather person? If you've answered yes so far, do you know why are you a member of this community? Has it fed your needs? Has it made you happier? Has it brought you more peace within...

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