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Ashley Lister talks with Robert Buckley

Regular visitors to ERWA will be familiar with the name of fiction editor Bob Buckley.  Boston-based, wise and witty, Bob Buckley has a background in journalism and a list of respectable publishing credits within the genre of erotic fiction that include The Mammoth...

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Flash of Northern Light

Since Victorian novelist Charles Dickens coined the phrase "The law is an ass," many people have had cause to repeat it. As a remark made by a male character in Oliver Twist, that phrase referred to the nineteenth-century legal concept of "coverture," under which...

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The View From Gallows Hill

It isn't Mardi Gras ... yet. But maybe it's getting there. It's the October-long celebration of everything weird, wild and not-quite-natural that culminates on Halloween in the city of Salem, Massachusetts. And what's the occasion for all this revelry? Well, a bit...

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Ashley Lister talks with Lucy Felthouse

Lucy Felthouse is a UK based author whose steamy short fiction has appeared in anthologies produced by Xcite Books and Ravenous Romance. Aside from writing erotic fiction, Lucy also reviews erotica and wrote her final year dissertation on 'How women's roles in erotic...

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All Worked Up About Nature

“This thing, what is it in itself, in its own constitution? What is its substance and material? And what is its causal nature?”  The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius,  Book VIII, v. 11 George Long Translation. True story. Last month, my Lovely Wife had to have surgery. ...

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His Cold Eyes, His Granite Jaw by Howard Halpern

The title says it all. "Surrender to the feeling" is the message of much erotic literature. At least readers are invited to witness characters surrendering to their feelings, sometimes against their own principles. In noir-flavored erotica, common sense usually fights...

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