Verspanken Masturbator & Verspanken WaterWieners

The Verspanken Masturbator we received from our friends at Good Vibrations is a sleeve type masturbator, but well, not really. Its two halves open up like a clamshell, then close down and snap closed. The removable and changeable inserts come in smooth, wavy, or bumpy textures and are intermixable. Designed to simulate the feel of a vagina, these inserts are soft and when you slip between them they squeeze you tight. Simple to use, you just lube them up, grips the ends (handles) and stroke, twist, or rock your way to bliss. Afterword’s you can clean up easily with soap and water.

Not sold yet? Then try the optional and sold separately WaterWieners. These are a pair of replacement inserts that are liquid filled, which allows you chill them in the fridge, or heat them in the microwave, or even do one in each to mix up your sensations. Be sure to never boil or freeze them however. WaterWieners also come in smooth, bumpy, or wavy textures.

Verspanken WaterWienersAll the plastic is food grade, phthalate free, and recyclable.

Mr. Toy:

We tried the standard inserts first, and I must say they squeezed me good and tight while I easily used the ends of the toy to slide it up and down my shaft, quickly bringing myself to orgasm. I would say these feel as good as most sleeves do, but they are much easier to hold and control, especially since most sleeves seem to get some lube on them and get slippery. Turn the toy sideways, spin it around… it feels great, and washes up easy to which I’m sure every guy likes.

All that said, I highly recommend purchasing the WaterWieners as well. These babies stay hot, or cold, for quite a long time, as in 20 minutes or more. We once got them a bit too hot and it took nearly 15 minutes for them to cool down enough to use! I love the feel of these things cold, something I really haven’t tried before, but heat them up and…. Oh my! I really doubt I’ll be removing the WaterWieners any time soon, 90 seconds in the microwave (depending on your preferences and microwave), add some lube, and you’ve got a good warm pussy in your hands waiting to please!

Mrs. Toy:

If you are looking to give a no mess (at least for you), no sore arm hand job this is for you. The toy squeezes so you don’t have to. Right there is a plus, at least for me. If you get tired of the same up and down motion you can change it to move in circles or do a mix of both. Use one hand or two, which ever you like, or change it up as you go. The hand grips are big enough you don’t have to squeeze to hold on to it and it is light weight enough to make the motion easy. The best part is the lube goes on the inserts and you get to hold on to the outer plastic pieces that stay dry.

Here are some points that will help your significant other enjoy the experience. It is able to give different sensations in texture and temperature that our hands just aren’t capable of as well. The Waterwieners (sold separately) can be left at room temperature, stuck in the refrigerator to cool it down, or placed in the microwave to heat it up. TIP: See Below (for women only).Along with changing the temperature you can even change the texture of the insert. Each insert is different, smooth, wavy, or textured. So there are three options right there but wait there is more. You have the ability to mix and match with all three. Try a smooth and textured one together.

The directions also come with some great stick figure pictures showing many ways for a guy to do it themselves if you are not around to help.

TIP: It takes a very long time to cool down after being in the microwave so if you need to use it right away because you are limited on time, don’t heat it up very long. If your significant other is wanting it now but you really need to finish what you are doing first, put it in for an extra 30 seconds and you will have an extra 15 minutes to finish up your things. Reminder: Not all microwaves are created equal so times and temperature will vary depending on the one you use. 🙂


Our Pro’s: Feel great, easy to use, hot and cold! (WaterWieners)

Our Con’s: Nothing really, just watch yourself and don’t overheat the WaterWieners, they feel hotter on your sensitive bits when squeezed than just to touch.

Go to Good Vibrations and check both Verspanken products!

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