Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator


There are many male masturbators on the market these days, making it difficult to choose which to buy. This month Mrs. Toy and I decided to take a look at one that has something new to offer the field… the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator from our friends at Good Vibrations.

As any regular user of male masturbators knows, once you’ve “finished” it is time for cleanup, the worst part. You have to run water through the toy, sometimes using a finger to help clean it out, and you are never quite sure if you have gotten it clean. With this new toy, you can flip it open, wash it off with soap and water, then hang it on the case, which doubles as a stand, and allow it to airtanga masturbator dry!

While the toy certainly has a plethora of ridges and bumps inside for your stroking pleasure, the real innovation is the plastic case. This case is divided down the length and hinged at the bottom, as is the inner part, so that the entire thing splits into two halves, which are hinged at the bottom. Once closed, there is a second piece that acts either as a cover for storage, or as the holder which binds the two halves together for use. There are also three “buttons” down each of two sides of the toy. These buttons are not really individual buttons, but seem instead to be pressure points by which you can apply pressure to the ends or center of a stiff section that runs along the outside of the toy. Pressing these buttons applies pressure to either the base, center (whole shaft) or tip of the penis, allowing you vary the sensation received.

Along with the toy itself, comes three tubes of lube. These three tubes are fairly small in size however and I’m not sure how many uses you will get out of them, but I would be surprised if it is more than 5 or 6 each. Each tube has a different type of lube, described as “wild, mild, or real ride”.

Mr. Toy:

tanga masturbatorI like this toy. I like how easy it is to clean… how easy it is to apply the lube, and I love the way you can change the pressure using the different buttons. This toy feels great, as good as any of the top tier masturbators I have used, yet it is the easiest to clean up. I would put this toy on par with a Fleshlight for feel, but a notch up for utility (ease of use, cleaning etc.). As to the included lubes… I tried all three, and the only difference I can tell is a slight difference in viscosity…. the black tube was more slippery than the others were. None of them were as good as my normal lube however, and I fail to see how they could be advertised as mild, wild, etc.

Mrs. Toy:

Yet another fun toy that won’t make a mess of the person using it. The way it opens up allows for easy lube access throughout Tanga Masturbatorthe whole toy, which must feel very nice when sliding into it. You will need to talk to Mr. Toy to get confirmation; he did seem to like it though. Clean up is just as easy. Open it up, clean it, and put it on the stand to dry. Not very inconspicuous so you will not want to leave it lying around like other toys. When it is closed up you really can’t tell what it is nor will it fall open easily but is easily opened when you want it to be. It is very easy to hold on to and to move in ways your man will enjoy with many different sensations inside. The outside is a hard plastic so you cannot feel anything going on inside but has some fun buttons to play around with on the outside. You can tell by the noises coming out of his mouth, which buttons he likes to have pushed. He won’t mind you pushing these buttons anytime you feel like it.


Our Pro’s: split case is great, easy to use and clean, buttons to change pressure easily, excellent feel!
Our Con’s: the over hyped lubes that are included are nothing special.
Go to Good Vibrations and check it out the TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator today!

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