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I had a chance to choose a few new toys to review from Good Vibrations and, given it was the cold, wet and grey depths of winter at the time I made my selections, I just HAD to try the Spring Mini Rechargeable Vibrator. The cheerful bright green color on top of the Fun Factory rechargeable system got my attention immediately. A whole different sort of going green, you know.

The Spring Mini’s packaging lived up to what I’ve come to expect from Fun Factory with a form-fitted plastic clamshell inside the outer box. When I unpacked the vibrator, it was clean and well-finished, no burs or ugly mold marks were in evidence and all seams were trimmed. I only notice then that the vibrator was textured with the imprint of several flowers. I did chuckle and then made my partner groan with bad references to “flowers of womanhood”. I couldn’t help it.

After a bath in toy cleaner to get rid of any mold release or chemicals, I set the Spring Mini to charge before the explorations could begin. If you’ve never used the Fun Factory’s Click-N-Charge recharging system, I really like it – there’s a separate charger with a “button” on the end to connect to the toys using this system magnetically. Most of the toys that use this system have a base area with the “Fun” embossed on it and if you place the charger’s button on that area, the charger will light up and the toy will start to charge. Every once in a while it’s not aligned quite right, the button will not light up. All you have to do is nudge it around a bit to fix the recharger’s alignment. I like that I can keep one charger plugged in and it can service multiple toys. This particular system does require most of the toys to lay down to charge but that doesn’t bother me. When the charge is complete, the light on the charger button will go off.

fThe Spring Mini is, as its name might suggest, a smaller vibrator. It’s 5.25″ ling with a circumference of 4.25″. The size definitely implies this is mostly for clitoral or vaginal opening stimulation and not made for deep thrusting or g-spot stimulation. It’s a nice size for travel or for use in couple’s play, though, as well as solo use.

The shaft of the Spring Mini is a bit flexible so it’s not entirely stiff and the skin is a velvety textured silicone with moderate embossing for texture. Two buttons near the base control the vibrator and I pressed and held the “+” button to turn the vibrator on. Once it was on, the “+” button increased the intensity of the vibrations from the initial low throb to a respectable heavy vibration. Despite the indications of the Spring Mini having four vibration intensities, it actually has eight (I confirmed this on Fun Factory’s own specification page).

Once you get to the highest vibration level, you can press and hold the “+” button to move between the three different vibration patterns. The “-” button can be used to decrease vibration intensity and turn the vibrator off. One downside is that you do have to cycle back down through all the intensities to get it to turn off. There’s no instant off feature. Although the cycling down happens pretty quickly, it can be a bit tricky to fumble for the button and hold it when an inquisitive child is knocking on the door. No points for how I know this.

fWhen I was able to have some alone time to try this vibrator out, I gave it a good dose of lube so the velvety texture of the silicone didn’t try to give me a toy burn and played with it for a good while. I had some difficulty getting enough clitoral stimulation, I believe because I like a good amount of pressure and the flexible shaft makes it hard to attain that but I did like it when inserted. Because it’s a small size, I kept a good grip on it and I’d not advise using it anally both because of the smaller size and the fact there is no lip to prevent full insertion. Retrieval might be a problem.

The Spring Mini is actually fairly noisy, compared to some of the other vibrators in my collection. I’d definitely say it’s not a toy you could sneak off into just another room with. On the other hand, it’s waterproof and handy in the shower – the silicon even reduces the chance of catastrophe if you happen to drop it in said shower.

I don’t think the Spring Mini will become a favorite solo toy but I can see it having great potential for couple’s play with its smaller size and quite ample vibrations, though. I’ll be keeping this lovely toy and seeing what my partner thinks of it!

Spring Mini Rechargeable Vibe
Material: Silicone and Hard Plastic
Powered by: Rechargeable
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended Cleaning: Anti-bacterial soap or toy cleaner
Recommended Lube: Water-Based
Care: Clean thoroughly after each use and allow to dry fully before storing.
Good Vibrations Buy Link: www.goodvibes.com

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