Spare Parts Deuce Male Harness


This month we take a look at the SpareParts Deuce Male Harness from The product is intended to prolong your pleasure with an elastic, stretchable O-ring to slip a compatible dildo into, while you slip yourself into a second opening below that. The second one acts as a soft cock ring for you. Additionally, a pouch hangs below to encompass your testicles.

We’ve looked at other harness which allow for a single guy to perform double penetration on his partner and this one is similar in function. What set it apart however are the apparent high quality construction, solid feeling fabrics, and its wide and comfortable straps. The Deuce is also machine washable, a particularly nice feature as the last thing you want to do after a fun session is hand wash your harness.

The harness comes in two sizes with the larger being called the Magnum version which is the one we review here. The standard size has a 1.5 inch lower hole, while the Magnum has a 2 inch hole. The embedded cock ring is soft, but not super stretchy, so bear this in mind when you pick your size.

Please note that this harness does not come with an included dildo, you will need to purchase one separately or use one already in your collection as we did.

Mr. Toy:

This is by far the best harness of its type that I’ve ever tried. The straps are wide and easy to adjust, the materials feel good against the skin and the harness is easy to wear for extended periods. It is difficult to find anything wrong with this harness at all. Mrs. Toy sure enjoyed me using it!

The harness fit all of the dildo’s we have with a base, held them secure and allowed me to thrust away at Mrs. Toy without any worries at all. I especially like being able to throw it in the wash when done, and when it is out of the dryer, it even comes with a nice zip up pouch for storage.

Over all I would say that this Duece is definitely worth the money!

Mrs. Toy:

I won’t go over what I’ve said before about these double penetration toys, except to say that yes, I still LOVE using them! This one was the best one yet though since Mr. Toy was able to very quickly get into it and then into me! No muss, no fuss, just bang, bang, bang!

Any woman would agree that machine wash is a plus, but I also noticed that this harness did not have all the abrasive straps that some did, at times parts of the harness rubbed against me and it didn’t feel bad at all.

Oh, for you girls who like some control, I also tried on the harness, it fit me fine and I was able to use it on Mr. Toy like a normal strap-on, but with a twist… The pouch that his balls were in, was just about perfect for holding the end of one of my vibrators while it was in me! This let me show him who was really the boss while still getting some for myself!


Our Pro’s: easy to use, two sizes, excellent quality, fit, and feel

Our Con’s: We are still thinking on this one… give us a bit and maybe we can come up with something…

Go to and pick up some SpareParts!

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