Liberator BonBon Toy Mount


This month Mrs. Toy and I got the chance to review another Liberator product, the BonBon Toy Mount which was provided by the great people at Good Vibrations. We love Liberator produces in general because they all feel great, and are easy to clean with their removable and machine washable covers. The waterproof lining under the cover keeps everything fresh once you’ve washed the cover.

The BonBon is, simply put, a mount to insert a vibrator or dildo for hands free mounting. It has a fairly deep slit in the top which you can insert just about any toy (longer does work better though as you need a few inches in the mount for stability). The toy is held in place by the foam of the BonBon which squeezes it once inserted.

Mr. Toy:

This is yet another winner from Liberator. First I got to watch as Mrs. Toy rode this thing in bliss, a whole new way for her to masturbate. One of her favorite positions is riding on top of me, so this allows her to simulate that type of sex when I’m not around! After watching her use it alone for a while, we found it was also a lot of fun for me to play with her while she rode it. With her riding the BonBon the way she wanted, I was able to give her some anal pleasure at the same time. Lastly… if you put a liberator wedge up against the headboard or a wall, and set the flat part of the BonBon on the Wedge so it’s pointing out from the wall at a bit of an angle, you can sort of back into it for some fun anal action!

Mrs. Toy:

Ride’em Cowgirl! Only this horse doesn’t do the moving, you get to in the way that works best for you. Move the way that feels good without things slipping out or feeling like you might just roll off it if you move in a certain way. Thanks to the flat bottom design it keeps you feeling steady so you can keep your concentration on what really matters without worrying about your balance or if you are going to slide right off the side of the horse. The width is small enough so you don’t feel like you are pulling muscles when you straddle it so you can think about the important muscles you want to feel contracting and releasing. This is supposed to be a fun workout not a stretching exercise. The cut out in the top makes it easy to place the toy of your choosing just where it suits you best while still allowing access to other parts of your body in case you want some help from someone special as you ride off into the sunset.


Our Pro’s: Feels good, washable, waterproof lining, holds toys well.

Our Con’s: We could not come up with an excuse for what this is when talking to our kids, unlike the Wedge (back rest) for example so it has to remain out of site in the toy closet.

Go to Good Vibrations and check out Liberator’s BonBon Toy Mount today!

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