B Bomb Vibrating Plug

After reviewing vaginal toys the past few months, we thought we’d try something different this month so we now present the B-Bomb from our friends at Babeland. The B-Bomb is a vibrating butt plug made from silicone. At 1-1/3″ wide by 3″ long and it is sized well for the average person. The toy comes with a small single speed bullet with an on/off switch in the end, which inserts into the base of the toy to provide those buzzing sensations for your bum.

The B-bomb is your basic plug shape, small point and nicely tapered. Being silicone, it is nice and soft though you will want to be sure to avoid silicone based lubes as they can damage the toy. The strong bullet vibe included uses three watch batteries for power.

Mr. Toy:
This is a very nice toy. It is not too big for Mrs. Toy and I who are not heavy anal players, yet the shape ensures you will feel full with it inside and it will stay in place fairly well. With patience and some lube, it was fairly easy to insert this toy, and once in it felt great! Turning on the vibe was quite intense and really got me going. I cannot speak for women, but I know that for a guy, ejaculating with a toy like this inside you is a whole different ball game! The toy has a good shape, is nice and soft, and I didn’t have a lot of problems keeping it in place. I will say that being one and a third inches wide, if you are used to bigger toys you may have a problem with this slipping out when you move around or during orgasm. I think I’d like to get another one so we can have sex with one in each of us!

Vibrating butt plugMrs. Toy:
When Mr. Toy showed me what came in the package from Babeland this month, I asked him, “What is that?” I took the box from him and thought “oh, no” but I gave him the benefit of the doubt (he knows what I like) and took a closer look. I was surprised at how soft and flexible it was. From looking at the box it looked like it would be made of hard plastic but it is not. I pushed the button on the bullet and it just about jumped out of my hand and I thought again, “oh, no, too much vibration in that toy” but boy was I wrong. It was just right. You will want to use enough lube to allow it to slide in easily but not too much. (Hint: If you are not used to using this kind of toy, too much lubricant can allow it to slide right out as easily as it slides in.) The shape made it very easy to use and the button on the bullet is easy to get to as well. For some variety, you can also use a bullet with some adjustable capabilities and give the controls to your significant other to play with or do it yourself on your or your significant other. That is up to you to decide.

Our Pro’s: Great shape, smooth, soft, strong vibrations from included vibrator, can use different bullet for variation.

Our Con’s: Can slip out if too much lube is used.

Over all we really liked this B-Bomb Vibrating Plug. We feel this is a great plug for men, women, or couples who like some anal play, so go to Babeland and check it out today!

B-Bomb Vibrating Plug
Available atBabeland

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