Aneros Vice Vibrating Silicone Anal Toy


This month we try out the Aneros Vice Vibrating Silicone Anal Toy from our friends at Good Vibrations. We have used other prostate massagers before, but this one is definitely above par. The Vice is shaped similar to many other prostate massagers with bulges in the appropriate places to put pressure on the prostate, and is made from FDA approved silicone which is both soft to the touch and safe to use.

Other than the obvious quality of the toy itself, the biggest thing most people will notice right away is the included stainless steel vibrator. This vibrator looks to be quite tough and well built, and is long and slim, which allows it to spread the vibrations throughout the entire toy, rather than just at the base or tip as my of these types of toys do. The vibrator has 4 pulsation patterns which you can switch through with a simple tap of the button on the end. The Vice has 4 inches insertable, and is 1 ¼ inches in diameter at its widest points.

The last notable feature is the power source. Unlike many other toys that run off of those annoying to find little flat batteries… this one uses a single AAA. Go go rechargeable!

Mr. Toy:

This is one very nice toy. The size is just right for me big enough to feel, not so big it hurts. The vibrator was easy to insert into the toy itself, and once I lubed up and inserted the toy, it was easy enough to reach down and tap the end of the vibrator to change the pulse.

While I have never achieved the “hands free” orgasm that some men can with these toys, I can tell you that with this guy inside me, my orgasms were far more intense than usual. Tightening my pelvic muscles sent vibrations though me that was both intense and pleasing, heightening any other sensations I was receiving at the time.

As good as these toys are for solo masturbation, I also like to wear them while having sex with Mrs. Toy, or when she is giving me oral or a hand job. The biggest test for one of these toys is will it stay in OK when doing these activities… and I am happy to say that I had no problem with this one popping out at the wrong time. Mrs. Toy noticed and commented on how powerful my orgasms were when I wore this!

Mrs. Toy:

Obviously these toys are meant for the men, but let me tell you, women can have fun with them too! I actually tried this toy out myself, and it felt really good, better than I expected! Using the Vice on Mr. Toy while I gave him a hand job or blowjob really made him sing. I could tell how intense it made everything for him, and that made it more fun for me too! I really like how simple and easy to clean it is… just keep the vibrator cap on tight and wash it up. I don’t think many women would like wearing these themselves during sex though, the top part that is supposed to hit a man’s perineum gets in the way… but wearing for solo masturbation was fun!


Our Pro’s: Very well built, solid, soft, easy to use, great vibrations and sensations, stayed where it was supposed to.

Our Con’s: A bit spendy…. but sometimes you get what you pay for!

If you are looking for a high quality vibrating prostate massager, we have no problem suggesting you go to Good Vibrations and check out the Vice today!

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