Sex Toy Scuttlebutt: September 2018

What’s New in the World of Orgasmic Delights

Sex Toys
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The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt spotlights adult delights plucked from trusted adult shops that feature the very best selection of clit buzzing, butt plugging, dildo pumping, g-spot gushing, penis rubbing, prostate nudging adult toys made of silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, and stainless steel, high tech, look-ma-no-hands, and old-fashion classic elegance. With so many intriguing products on display, selecting the best toy for your romp (or for your rump) can be frustrating. In the interest of your pleasure (and your credit card), we are here to help via the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt.

Adam & Eve 300x250
Sex Toys
Sex and Mischief Silicone Lips

Sex and Mischief Silicone Lips

Brand: Sportsheets

The Silicone Lips mouth gag will help you achieve the sexy lipstick fantasy of your dreams. Wrap your lips around the gag, and secure the faux leather strap around your head. Buckle closure.

Sex and Mischief Sensory Wheel

Sex and Mischief Sensory Wheel

Brand: Sportsheets

Add a little sensory to your sexual perception. Add a blindfold for optimal sensory play while you run the wheels along your partner’s skin. It’s sleek black handle is nicely accessorized with it’s red wheels. The Sensory Wheel has nine, sharp yet non-piercing micro-spiked metal wheels.

Fetish Fantasy Gold Feather Nipple Clamps

Fetish Fantasy Gold Feather Nipple Clamps

Brand: Pipedream

Make your nipples perk with pleasure with these beginner Deluxe Feather Clamps. Made with durable metal clips and covered in soft rubber liners, these clamps are perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike. The amount of pressure you apply to the nipple is adjustable by turning the screw, while the soft feather streamers tease, tickle and titillate!

Fetish Fantasy Gold is an exquisite new collection of premium fetish must-haves developed for fashion-forward couples. This contemporary line of bold new bondage essentials feature distinctive designs, sophisticated styling, and custom concepts created to excite and incite the modern fetish connoisseur. Experience the Fetish Fantasy Gold series today – it’s the new gold standard for all your Fetish Fantasies!

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers

Brand: Pipedream

Any Way You Wear ’em, These Suckers Will Drive Nipples Wild!

Can Be Worn With Or Without Those Tiny, Tingly Vibrators, Too!

Look around and it seems there’s a sex toy for every gal or guy, for any erogenous zone of the human body. But have you considered your nipples? His nipples? Her nipples?

Yes, nipples! Fantasy For Her Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers latch on easily to your perky peaks to offer a gentle sucking sensation that pairs nicely with your other sexual activities. Switch on their tiny vibrators and enjoy even more stimulation!

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  • Vibrating nipple suction cups with removable vibrators
  • Each silicone cup attaches with gentle suction
  • Inside each cup dainty pleasure nubs tickle sensitive skin
  • Each tiny bullet vibe uses 3 LR41 batteries, 6 included
  • Nipple cups measure 1.5 inches by 2 inches
  • Bullet measures 1.5 inches by .4 inch
  • Waterproof

How often do sensitive nipples cry out for stimulation? Take your own survey, then pop on a pair of Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers. Gently press each soft, silicone cup to create a slight suction. Some folks moisten them first with water or lube to make them stay put even more so.

Enjoy the sucking sensation, hands free. Which means your hands are free to do other things – to yourself or to your lover. Bask in the glow of subtle nipple stimulation as pleasure nubs inside tickle you. Then switch on the small vibrators. They sound like little bees on the peak of each breast. You’re sure to feel an arousing warmth where you’ve never felt them before. Looks sexy, too!

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers are recommended for women interested in stimulating nipples, but why can’t a guy wear them, too? That’s your call. Enjoy!

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers

Fantasy For Her Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers

Brand: Pipedream

Bosoms Aching For Attention Will Love These Suck-Hers Breast Cups!

Designed To Stay And Deliver Unique Stimulating Sensations! Hands-Free!

This is why you should always check in from time-to-time with Adam & Eve! You never know what kind of new sex toy will be unleashed for a sensation-hungry public.

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Today it’s never-before-seen vibrating breast cups, ready to give hungry-for-attention breasts the attention they crave:

  • Vibrating breast cups designed to grasp and stay in place
  • Molded from ultra-hygienic elite silicone
  • Removable single speed vibrating bullets can be used elsewhere, too
  • Inside the tip of each cup are little nipple stimulators
  • Breast cups measure 2.75 inches by 3 inches
  • Each vibrating bullet is 3.25 inches long, .75 inches wide
  • Each vibe uses one AAA battery, sold separately
  • Waterproof

Wear these Breast Suck-Hers for a sucking sensation, then, to makes things even more lively, turn on the single speed vibrator with a simple press of a button.

Inside each wearable cup are dainty pleasure nubs ready to tickle sensitive skin. And you can do all this while freeing up your hands for other…things to do!

And these Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers look sexy as hell. Especially if she’s writhing in ecstasy.

Clean up is a breeze with silicone sex toys. Just some warm water, soap and rinse. Or wipe down with a sex toy cleaner.

The Fantasy For Her Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers are recommended for women (and their lovers) seeking to give nipple and breast erogenous zones the attention and stimulation they deserve!

Fantasy For Her Sensual Pump-Her

Fantasy For Her Sensual Pump-Her

Brand: Pipedream

Enjoy Oral-Like Suction & Vibrating Teasers!

You’re only one squeeze away from the Big O with this vibrating vaginal pump!

  • Cup fits around your vagina – delivering stimulating, oral-like suction
  • Interior lined with dozens of teasers for “complete coverage”
  • Bullet adds stimulating vibrations for even more fun
  • Waterproof for naughty fun in the shower or tub
  • Cup measures 1.8 inches wide by 3.75 inches long
  • Made from soft and flexible TPU
  • Powered by 1 AAA battery, sold separately

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The Fantasy For Her Sensual Pump-Her sucks… in the best possible way. Simply slip the soft and flexible cup around your vagina. Then give the medical-style pump a squeeze or two. (A little lube plus some time with a razor gives you an extra-tight fit.) The pump creates a vacuum inside the cup – making it feel like someone sucking on your bits! The vacuum pulls blood inside your clit, lips and other bits to help increase your sensitivity. That’s your ticket to toe-curling thrills because the inner cup is lined with dozens of stimulating teasers to work all of your bits from multiple angles!

The pump comes with a quick-release valve for easy removal when you’re done. You can even create a motorboat-like sensation by quickly and repeatedly squeezing the pump and release valve.

In addition to the oral-like suction, the vaginal pump also features a powerful bullet for stimulating vibrations. The single-speed bullet sends toe-curling vibrations up and down the entire cup – including the dozens of teasers lining the inside.

The vaginal pump is safe to use in and around water – so you can enjoy it while taking a shower or relaxing in the hot tub. The waterproof design makes the sex toy easy to clean and care for – ensuring it will last for many fun nights to come.

The cup measures 1.8 inches wide by 3.75 inches long and comes with a 20-inch long hose that attaches to the pump. The cup is made from TPU, a soft and flexible material similar to TPE or TPR. The bullet vibe uses 1 AAA battery, sold separately.

The pump and bullet are both compatible with water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. Spray each separately with sex toy cleaner and wipe them down with a lint-free cloth after use. Let them dry thoroughly before re-using them.

Screaming O Reach-It! Curved Vibrator

Screaming O Reach-It! Curved Vibrator

Brand: Screaming O

Rumbling Power + Curvy Reach = G-Spot Fireworks!

Rechargeable vibrator rumbles with 20 G-Spot-pleasing functions.

Reach, find, and rumble your G-Spot with ease! This rechargeable 6.5” vibe curves back to better match your body’s natural internal angles. Just add a drop of lube and slide the firm yet smooth shaft inside. You’ll love how its soft ridged tip cozies right up to your G-Spot. Activate 20 intense, rumbling vibration functions and seduce your hot spot with multiple speeds, pulsation, and patterns. Rechargeable and waterproof for fun anytime, anywhere.

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  • Rechargeable ergonomic 20-function G-Spot vibrator
  • Curved shaft is shaped and angled for better fit and stimulation
  • Loaded with 20 powerful rumbling vibration functions
  • Firm shaft is extra smooth for a great glide
  • Soft raised ridges at tip for extra sensation
  • Made from smooth and luxurious True Silicone and ABS
  • Easy two button control makes changing functions quick
  • Rechargeable; includes USB charging cable
  • Runs for 60+ minutes on a single charge
  • Waterproof

Do those explosive G-Spot encounters ever seem just out of reach? Look no further! From the ohh-mazing pleasure experts at Screaming O comes a rechargeable vibe guaranteed to seduce your deepest pleasure point: the Reach-It! Curved Vibrator.

This ergonomic vibe’s curvy design angles backward, so it fits the natural internal curvature of your body more comfortably – and makes it easy to send all those powerful rumbling vibes right where you want them. Add a little water-based lube for best results and hold on.

Activate the vibrations by pressing either of the control buttons for 2 seconds. Your Reach-It! Curved Vibrator will buzz to life. Now tap either button to cycle back and forth through all 20 settings. You’ll feel the shake and shimmy of multiple steady speeds, plus pulsation, escalation, and patterns. Stick with your favorite, or go on a whirlwind tour of every setting until you can’t help going over the edge.

All that rumbling vibration is focused in the tip of the Reach-It! Curved Vibrator, so after you’ve taken it for a deep dive, try it out for targeted outer stimulation, too. Its soft ridged tip makes it extra-fun against all your hottest spots. Press and hold either control button to turn your vibe off.

Wash with liquid soap or toy cleaner. Rinse well. Pat dry. Recharge by plugging the USB charging cable’s pin into the port just to the side of the base of the vibe.

Carmen Realistic Love Doll

Carmen Realistic Love Doll

Meet Carmen: the sexiest, most realistic life-sized love doll ever!

This exotic cutie is so sexy and so insatiable! Run your hands through her ringlets, caress her soft breasts, and even give her curvy bubble butt a spanking – Carmen loves it! She’s always right there at your beck and call, ready, willing, and eager to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Want to start the day with Carmen’s soft lips swallowing you all the way down? Or why not sneak away from work for a lunchtime quickie? Carmen looks so good bent over for some backdoor action. How about spending a hot night deep inside her? Carmen also loves playing dress-up – and stripping down just for you. You can even play bondage games with her, or slip into a steamy shower together. Just don’t be surprised if you’re worn out and she’s still ready to go!

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All About Carmen

She can be on the shy side, but Carmen is a great listener and loves to cuddle up in bed or on the couch. Here are some more fun facts:

  • Carmen is amazingly lifelike with soft ringlets of hair, warm brown eyes, and the body of a bikini model.
  • Her body and joints are fully poseable. Carmen is happy to do everyday couple’s activities like holding your hand or leaning on your shoulder as you watch the sunset. She can also twist and bend into all kinds of wild sexual positions including missionary, doggy, cowgirl (and almost any other you can imagine).
  • Her gorgeous pouty lips and soft mouth feel so good when she’s going down on you.
  • Suck on her pebbled nipples and squeeze her soft breasts. Carmen’s beautiful bust always feels fantastic, especially when you slide between her terrific tatas.
  • Her skin feels so realistic, especially when you’re getting up close and personal with her in bed.
  • Carmen keeps it shaved bare down there, and her pretty pink is everything you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Her booty is breathtaking. Go ahead, give your naughty girl a spanking and you’ll marvel at the real feel and sound – especially when you’re playing with her ultra-tight backdoor.
  • Wrap her long legs around you so she can pull you deeper inside, point her sexy toes toward the ceiling – or even pamper her with a little foot worship.

Carmen’s been waiting for the right guy, and she can’t wait to meet you!

Carmen’s Measurements & Other Details When you look as good as Carmen does, you don’t need to brag. (So we’ll do it for her.)

  • Carmen is 5’2” tall and weighs 66 pounds; she’s a petite yet curvy spitfire
  • She measures 34-22-34 and loves cute sundresses and lingerie
  • Carmen comes with 3 built-in openings for oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Each measures 7.5 inches deep and is lined with stimulating teasers
  • She’s specially made from TPE, a soft material that looks and feels like real skin
  • You’ll also receive Carmen’s favorite lingerie outfit, a cleaning kit, 8 oz lube bottle and a 4.3 oz bottle of toy cleaner – so you can celebrate her arrival right away
  • Carmen comes discreetly packaged with some minor assembly required

Ready to make Carmen yours? If you’re ready to order Carmen, please call customer service anytime, 24/7, at 1-800-765-2326. Tell them you’d like to purchase Item #B617, Carmen The Realistic Love Doll. Before you order, please note that:

  • Carmen is inspected before shipment and verified to be in proper working order.
  • We do not accept any returns on this item.
  • We do not offer any refunds on this item.
  • Our Triple Guarantee does not apply on this item.
  • Signature is required for delivery.
  • Discounts do not apply.
Peacemaker Double Dildo

Peacemaker Double Dildo

Brand: Vixen Creations

This wearable double dildo stands out from the crowd. The dual density silicone covering every inch makes Peacemaker the only double dildo that really allows the wearer to feel like it’s an extension of their body. The internal piece resembles the original Nexus while the penetrating dildos detailed texturing and dual density silicone offers an ultra realistic look and feel that bends and conforms during use, with or without a harness. Peacemaker offers a unique sensation for two people who wish to enjoy internal stimulation together.

The Seduction of Heidi

MOVIE: The Seduction of Heidi

Studio: Adam and Eve

When eager, naive Heidi (Whitney Wright) takes an entry-level job as a production assistant for a large fashion company, it isn’t as glamorous as she was hoping for, but all that changes when she meets the handsome, powerful CEO, Warren Kaiser (Ryan Driller). He offers her the chance to be his personal assistant, but there’s just one catch – she has to be ready for anything, including her sexual surrender as his submissive to play out their erotic fantasies. With Kaiser as her dominant guide, Heidi embarks on a carnal journey exploring their kinkiest desires, from spanking to clit paddling, handcuffs, ball gags, anal and so much more.