Sex Toy Scuttlebutt: October 2018

What’s New in the World of Orgasmic Delights

Sex Toys
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The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt spotlights adult delights plucked from trusted adult shops that feature the very best selection of clit buzzing, butt plugging, dildo pumping, g-spot gushing, penis rubbing, prostate nudging adult toys made of silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, and stainless steel, high tech, look-ma-no-hands, and old-fashion classic elegance. With so many intriguing products on display, selecting the best toy for your romp (or for your rump) can be frustrating. In the interest of your pleasure (and your credit card), we are here to help via the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt.

Adam & Eve 300x250
Sex Toys
Sperm Confetti

Sperm Confetti

Brand: Kheper Games

A whole LOAD of fun! Fling it at someone you love, ?unload? on your friends, ?frost? an adult cake, spooge on someone?s desk, shock your in-laws, use in a two weeks notice, give your roommate a ?wet? dream, or buy several and GO NUTS! Includes: 15 grams of sperm-shaped confetti.

Play with Me - Finger Vibe

Play with Me – Finger Vibe

Brand: Blush Novelties

This takes getting the finger to a new level! Use your fingers in more ways than one with this fabulous Finger Vibe by Blush Novelties. The one-size-fits-all, removable textured sleeve is made of pure silicone and features several soft ticklers located at the tip to provide you with enhanced stimulation. Choose from 7 unique vibrating functions with the push of a button, then tickle and tease your way across your body, while using the raised nubs to produce orgasmic sensations. AND it’s waterproof, so you can take it into the shower, bath or hot tub OR try it with more than one, now that’s a handy, vibrating delight! Requires 3 AG13 batteries [LR44 compatible] (Included).

Bendable PureSkin Bendie

Bendable PureSkin Bendie

Brand: California Exotic

Get a deep, intimate massage with the 10-Function PureSkin Bendie, a sex toy designed to look and feel just like the real thing – but better! Not only does our PureSkin range feature generous shapes and sizes, but this toy comes complete with 10 mind-blowing pleasure functions with a powerful motor placed in the tip plus it features a super bendable shaft to give you maximum flexibility as you play.

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The best in Pure Skin lifelike adult toys just got even better with the Bendie series,and you will love the pliability and flexibility it allows for every movement. And because this vibrating dildo is fully waterproof, you can get wet and wild in any position, in and out of the water. Take your multi-function and vibrating dong into the shower or tub and get the perfect stimulation from every angle. The silent, flexing vertebrae allow bending in any direction and measuring 7 inches long plus 1.5 inches wide; you’ll get the ultimate massage.

This vibrant sex toy requires 3 AAA batteries to operate and is easy to use with a simple on/off button plus a separate button to manage your 10 amazing pleasure settings of vibration, escalation, and pulsation. And complete with a state-of-the-art memory chip that resumes the last function used, you can always start with your favorite pleasure setting every time you play. The 10-Function PureSkin Bendie is compatible with water based lubricants, and we highly recommend you clean your vibrating dong before and after each use.

Silicone Rechargeable Teasing Enhancer

Silicone Rechargeable Teasing Enhancer

Brand: California Fantasies

CalExotics Silicone Rechargeable Teasing Enhancer couples sex toy packs 7 powerful vibration functions into a slim, contoured package. This dual stimulating penis ring is ideal for beginners looking to turn up the heat or erotic experts wanting to add intense pleasure to their arsenal.

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The luxurious body safe silicone cock ring works wonders to maximize stamina and increase girth to make your lover moan for more. Increased blood flow means sensitivity throughout the penis increases as well, letting men enjoy longer, more intense pleasure. This vibration of the penis ring will always leave your lady in a state of breathless bliss.

Ladies, while his pleasure increases, so will yours! The tickling, vibrating cock ring pinpoints sensual vibrations on your most intimate sweet spots and will increase in intensity throughout your next steamy romp with only the touch of a button. Embrace your adventurous side while powerful vibe works its magic on your intimate pleasure points. Take this waterproof sex toy cock ring for a dip and embrace those powerful vibrations in the bath, shower or hot tub.

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather and Suede Paddle

Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather and Suede Paddle

Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey

With two tantalizing textures to choose from, this double-sided spanking paddle offers a heady suite of sensations to send any sub spiraling to ecstasy. On one side, leather promises a hearty slap, while on the other, soft suede soothes stinging skin.

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Triple-layered for deliciously firm spanks, this oversized paddle boasts a large surface area for optimum stimulation and a thick rose gold metal handle – perfect for wielding with enthusiasm and rendering your partner speechless with excitement and arousal.

Slip the sophisticated paddle into its velvet storage bag to keep it safe, or if you’re planning to present it to your playful partner as an erotic gift.

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Wild Boy Intense

Wild Boy Intense

Brand: Rocks Off

Meant to stay in place when worn, Wild Boy Intense is designed for comfort when sitting or rocking; just add water-based lubricant for erotic P-spot sensation and more. The curved design simultaneously simulates the prostate while the textured base nestles against the perineum and offers external vibration while the twisting shape provides additional sensations. Easy to clean design features a removable Ignition 10-speed USB rechargeable bullet––choose your favorite stimulation level from low to high, or escalate as you feel ready for more intensity. (Hold the button for three seconds to turn it off.) Use it separately for external stimulation against balls, frenulum or wherever else you please… it’s two toys instead of one! Runs for 60 minutes on one 50 minute charge. This 100% waterproof, submersible prostate stimulator is designed to please.

KingCock 7 Inch Two In One Dildo

KingCock 7 Inch Two In One Dildo

Brand: Pipedream, KingCock

For That Filled-Up, 3-Way Fantasy Feeling!

Amazing Double-Shaft Dildo Does The Almost Unthinkable — Every Night!

Satisfy your 2-in-1 fantasies with one thick dildo! A pair of realistic erections team up to fill you up — thrust in up to 7 inches of this 8 inch long, nearly 3 inch wide duo!

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  • Dual realistic erect penises in one dildo
  • Crafted from flexible PVC, made in USA
  • Sculpted realistic details like phallus heads and vein texture for more stimulation
  • One penis is slightly longer than the other for more ways to play
  • 8 inches total length, insertable up to 7 inches, 2.9 inches wide
  • Suction cup base sticks to most flat surfaces for hands-free penetration
  • Harness compatible
  • Phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic
  • Use with water based lubes

It’s like a 3-way sex party without the awkward introductions! And with a partner, it’s wait — whoa — it’s a 4-way sex party waiting to for you. Good things happen to people with sex toys!

Crafted from flexible PVC, you’re set to experience both phallic heads and all those vein textures driving you wild — so be sure to lube up! One erection is slightly longer than the other for easier insertion, and more options for playing, positioning, and angling the sex toy.

Your KingCock 2-in-1 Dildo has a powerful suction cup base to stick to nearly any flat surface. Chairs. Tables. Doors. And especially shower walls: once attached, lube it up and back into it, hands-free and carefree for a wet-n-wild experience!

Surprise your sex toy lovin’ partner with a KingCock 2-in-1 Dildo — it’s harness compatible. You can just imagine what comes next, especially for role-reversal play!

Exquisitely handcrafted and flexible, this KingCock provides exciting stimulation and a satisfying feeling of fullness every time. Crafted at a state-of-the-art rubber manufacturing facility in the USA, each KingCock is checked for quality to assure your complete satisfaction.

The KingCock 2-in-1 Dildo is recommended for women, men, and couples who think too much of a good thing is better than not enough!

Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her

Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her

Brand: Pipedream, Fantasy For Her

Feel The Pleasure Of Unrelenting Thrust!

Fully rechargeable thruster also vibrates and heats up to body temperature!

Control the thrusting and vibrating pleasure with the discreet remote!

Backed by Adam & Eve’s Triple Guarantee.

There’s no stopping the intensity when you’re feeling every incredible inch of pure, ohh-mazing THRUST! The Fantasy For Love Thrust-Her treats your deepest pleasure centers to 7 patterns of delicious up-and-down thrusting.

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Want to feel even more love? This Thruster also packs 7 functions of tip-focused vibrations. Feel steady speeds, pulsation, and patterns. Use the vibes with or without the thrust for pleasure that’ll leave you purring. It also has a warming function for that just-like-real fantasy! And you can control every function up close or at a distance with a handy-dandy discreet remote control.

  • Thrusting shaft sex toy with vibration and warming
  • 6” insertable shaft thrusts in and out just over 1” deep
  • 7 function thrusting lets you explore steady speeds and pulsation
  • Shaft made from firm yet flexible ultra-smooth silicone
  • 7 vibration functions include multiple speeds, pulsation, patterns
  • Tip-focused vibrations put sensation right where you want it
  • Warming function heats up shaft to a soothing 104 degrees
  • Control the vibrations or thrusting from a distance with included remote
  • Lock-on suction cup mount fastens securely for hands-free thrusting
  • Thrust-Her’s shaft separates from base for easy cleaning and travel
  • Rechargeable; includes USB charging cable
  • Includes free 1 oz bottles of cleaner & lubricant

Fall in love with the ultimate pleasure toy – the Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her. It not only thrusts just like a real lover, but it vibrates, and warms, too. But the best part? This super-duper sex toy is rechargeable, so it’s ready for endless rounds of pleasure wherever and whenever you are.

Before use, plug the included USB cord into the base of the Thrust-Her and let your toy fully charge. Unplug it and you’re ready to play. The 6” insertable shaft inserts into the top of the base. Twist the shaft to lock it into place. You can either hold the Love Thrust-Her by the base, or screw the base onto the included suction cup mount. Stick the suction cup onto a hard surface and push its lever into the Lock position for hands-free fun.

Turn the thrusting, vibration, and warmth functions on and off by pressing and holding the corresponding buttons on the base for 2 seconds. Press the top button to cycle through all 7 thrusting functions. You’ll love exploring the sensations as you feel steady, quick, and pulsing settings. Press the middle button to try out all 7 vibration functions. Choose from steady speeds, pulsation, and patterns. The warmth feature just needs you to turn it on – if the warming button is lit, your shaft is warming to a soothing 104 degrees.

You can use the thrusting, vibration, and warming functions by themselves or in any combination you desire. Once your Fantasy For Her Love Thrust-Her is turned on, you or your lover can control the thrusting and vibration via the included wireless remote control. This means that if you want to go faster, slower, or deeper, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing – you just have to hit a button on the remote. Please note: the remote control comes pre-loaded with a battery inside.

After use, twist the shaft off of its base and clean with the included sample of toy cleaner or liquid soap and water. Take care not to get any moisture inside the base or remote. Store separately from other silicone sex toys.

Ultra Real Penis Extension

Ultra Real Penis Extension

Brand: XR Brands

Instantly Add An Inch To Your Johnson!

Get bigger and thicker – guaranteed! Slide the Ultra Real Penis Extension on over your erection and its solid tip adds a whole extra inch to your length. Plus it makes you even girthier, too, for the most satisfying up-sized fantasy encounters ever. A stretchy ball strap hugs your boys as it keeps the extension securely in place.

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  • Realistically shaped penis extension sleeve
  • Solid tip instantly adds 1 inch to the end of your rod
  • Realistic head and shaft details feel so lifelike
  • Ball strap stretches to fit around your testicles
  • Inner 6.3” chamber stretches to fit most sizes
  • 8.5” total length, 1.8” width
  • Made from soft and stretchy TPE
  • Very flexible for comfort; not recommended for ED

See if bigger is better – instantly! With the Ultra Real Penis Extension, there’s no waiting. Just slide this soft and stretchy sleeve on over your erection. Its solid tip makes you bigger by a full inch, while the sleeve itself expands your girth. Stretch the extension’s strap around your balls to give your boys a stimulating hug and keep the extension firmly in place. It’s the fastest, easiest, hottest way to fulfill your wildest go-bigger fantasies.

Tip: the Ultra Real Penis Extension feels even better with a few drops of lube inside and out. Wash up with mild soap and water.

Liberator Ramp-Midnight Black

Liberator Ramp-Midnight Black

Hit the spot every time with Liberator’s 24″ Microfiber Ramp. This sex pillow’s high-density foam supports the body through various positions, preventing you from sinking into the bed. The ramp provides a 10 to 14-inch rise, making girl-on-top positions and doggy style more pleasurable. The ramp takes the weight off of the knees and back for a more enjoyable experience.