Sex Toy Scuttlebutt: July 2018

What’s New in the World of Orgasmic Delights

Sex Toys
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The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt spotlights adult delights plucked from trusted adult shops that feature the very best selection of clit buzzing, butt plugging, dildo pumping, g-spot gushing, penis rubbing, prostate nudging adult toys made of silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, and stainless steel, high tech, look-ma-no-hands, and old-fashion classic elegance. With so many intriguing products on display, selecting the best toy for your romp (or for your rump) can be frustrating. In the interest of your pleasure (and your credit card), we are here to help via the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt.

Adam & Eve 300x250
Sex Toys
Bizarre Leather Dildo Flogger

Bizarre Leather Dildo Flogger

Brand: Bizarre Leather

Whether you are deep penetrating her, or whipping her into submission – this dual purpose tool of discipline gets the job done. Feel all the passion this toy can bring to life and more!

  • Handle: 7 inches (17.7 cm) by 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)
  • 14 soft pliable black leather strands 23 inches (58.4 cm) long
  • Overall: 30 inches (76 cm)
  • Dildo handle is made of pliable silicone with a soft but firm feel


Brand: Fun Factory

Fun Factory wins again with the electrifying VOLTA, the latest vibe in Fun Factory’s German-engineered entourage! Its split-tipped design creates unique sensations that range from fluttery tapping to a percussive thump. VOLTA’s compact style is both powerful and versatile – use it to stimulate the nipples, or as a handy BJ helper by positioning the shaft between VOLTA’s tips and using VOLTA as a stroker. Try positioning the tips in different places—on either side of the clit, against the hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, around the labia—and find your favorite way to vibe with the VOLTA. Fully submersible waterproof, with six levels of vibration as well as six vibration patterns, all with Fun Factory’s trademark deep rumbly vibration. The VOLTA’s loop handle makes it easy to hold your toy even when your hands are covered in lube, and the positioning of the raised buttons makes it easy to try a new speed or vibration pattern without interrupting the action. VOLTA charges via a magnetic USB charging cable – a full charge offers 45 minutes of amplified sensations on the highest setting. With endless possibilities for creative stimulation, you’re certain to get a big charge out of VOLTA!

Uprize Remote Vibrating Dildo
Uprize Remote Vibrating Dildo

Uprize Remote Vibrating Dildo

Brand: Lovehoney

If you love to watch the show as an erection manifests, this is the dildo for you! With rippling ridges along the top of its silky-smooth silicone shaft and a realistic-looking head, Uprize is the first auto-erecting vibrating dildo featuring a newly-patented technology that lets you choose when it stands tall (plus a suction base, so you can decide where). With a wireless remote control that offers hands-free fun or varying options for partner play–or operate it without the remote, if you prefer. Enjoy ten modes of vibration, with three levels of intensity and seven unique patterns. Super-smooth silicone curves upwards for rigid G-spot or prostate stimulation, and it’s waterproof for enhancing your aquatic adventures. Harness-compatible, but it’s recommended that the harness be placed around the suction base and not the base of the shaft, which is a moving part of the Uprize. Please note: the toy’s erection function is only to be used outside of the body. Once inserted, that function is not recommended.

USB rechargeable for worldwide use and eco-friendly play; charge fully before initial use and expect an 150 minute charge to yield 60 minutes of use. Equipped with a travel lock – to use, press and hold both buttons for five seconds to turn on/off. Both buttons will flash as an indication the lock has been engaged. Use with water-based lubricant only and clean with mild soap and water. The Uprize is waterproof but the remote is not.

Adam & Eve G-Spot Kiss

Adam & Eve G-Spot Kiss

Naughty Butterfly Flutters Over Your Clit & G-Spot!

Take flight into pure, blissful pleasure with Adam & Eve’s magical stimulating butterfly!

  • Shaft’s rounded tip is the perfect size to please your G-Spot
  • Clitoral butterfly’s wings and antennae tease your hot spot
  • Powerful 3 speed vibrating motor
  • Vibrations reverberate through butterfly and shaft
  • Easy push button operation
  • Made of soft and flexible TPE with firm plastic base
  • Waterproof for fun in the shower
  • 2 AAA batteries (sold separately)

Get ready to fall in love with this Adam & Eve customer favorite! The Adam & Eve G-Spot Kiss knows just how to hit your hot spots inside and out. Its rounded tip is just over an inch wide, and inserts up to 3 inches deep to snuggle right up against your G-Spot.

Meanwhile, the G-Spot Kiss vibrator’s clitoral butterfly hugs your love bud with stimulating ridges, wings, and fluttering antennae. Press the button on the base to fire up a powerful vibrating motor. You’ll feel all that vibration surge up through the butterfly and shaft – so you’ll feel twice the stimulation all at once. Choose low, medium, or high speed settings for maximum satisfaction.

The Adam & Eve G-Spot Kiss is waterproof, so make sure you try it out for wet and wild adventures in the shower. After use, wash with mild soap and water or toy cleaner. Pat dry. For best results, unscrew and remove batteries between uses.

Sex Please! 16 Double Duty Dong

Sex Please! 16 Double Duty Dong

Share The O’s — Or Save Both Ends For Yourself!

When you’re after major penetration pleasure, reach for the dong that gives you twice the excitement! The Sex Please! 16” Double Duty Dong is bendable, flexible, and lets you fill up on two different textures. One side is totally smooth and filling; the other’s ripples will drive you wild. Share the fun with your favorite naughty playmate or indulge in the wildest solo adventures with both ends at once!

  • Flexible 16” double dong with dual textures
  • Bends for total comfort in multiple positions
  • Easily flexes into a U-shape for double the delight
  • One side is stimulating ripples
  • The other is filling and smooth
  • Realistic shaped heads
  • Made from smooth TPE rubber
  • 16” total length, each side is 8” insertable
  • Smooth side is 1.15” wide, ripples just over 1” wide
  • Waterproof

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No matter who you are, the Sex Please! 16” Double Duty Dong is ready to hit your hottest, most elusive spots in just the right way. With so much penetrating might, it lets you reach your deepest desires with ease. Dual textures let you experience the stimulating slide of dozens of tiny ripples massaging your inner muscles. Or turn this double dong around and enjoy a smooth, satisfying fullness.

The Sex Please! 16” Double Duty Dong is also perfect for wild adult parties with your favorite playmate. The extended length lets you both experience simultaneous pleasure – just add plenty of lube for maximum fun.

You can also keep this naughty double dong to yourself. Just bend it into a U-shape to indulge in double the excitement with both ends at the same time.

Waterproof. Wash well with liquid soap and water. Pat dry.

Adammale Prostate Pleaser

Adammale Prostate Pleaser

Designed For A Man’s Perfect Prostate Pleasure!

EZ Bend Shaft Delivers The Right Amount Of Pressure Where You Want It Most!

Enjoy bigger, more intense feelings of out-of-this-world pleasure –– and explosive happy endings! Just lube up, and slowly slide the tapered tip in. The articulated EZ Bend shaft has a poseable “spine” inside it to deliver perfect pressure to the prostate!

  • Prostate stimulator with hand grip
  • EZ Bend shaft design delivers perfect pressure to prostate region
  • 7.5″ long, up to 1.5″ wide, insertable up to 3.75″
  • Made from flexible PVC material
  • Smooth exterior becomes very slick when lubricated
  • For maximum pleasure use water-based lubricant with this product
  • Waterproof

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The rippled shape of the shaft, the smooth and narrow tapered tip, plus a convenient hand grip make the Adammale Prostate Pleaser ideal for exploring and experiencing a whole new world of amazing sensations!

For the most pleasure and carefree fun, always use a generous amount of lubricant with any anal toy. By doing so, you also protect very sensitive areas of your body. For the Adammale Prostate Pleaser get some water-based lubricant, lube up and play!

The male prostate, or “P-Spot” has been compared to the female G-Spot in terms of just how intensely pleasurable it can feel once contacted and massaged. Many men report bigger, better, and more intense satisfaction after adding a product like the Adammale Prostate Pleaser to their sex toy tool box.

And it’s waterproof! Whether you’re new to this or experienced, one of the best places to try out your Adammale Prostate Pleaser is in the shower or tub for the most uninhibited experiences –– and easy clean-up is right there when you’re done.

Keep your Adammale Prostate Pleaser looking and feeling like new by washing this sex toy with soap and water after each use. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel and allow it to air dry completely. Store all your sex toys in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, and make sure the toys do not come into contact with each other as different materials can react to each other.

Here’s another sex toy tip: for easier, quicker clean-up, slip a condom over the tip and entire shaft of your Adammale Prostate Pleaser before lubing it up and playing with it. When your session’s over, just remove the condom for easier cleaning.

The Adammale Prostate Pleaser is recommended for men who already know the pleasures of prostate stimulation, or are curious about it. Couples can add the Adammale Prostate Pleaser to their bedroom play in so many imaginative ways!

If you have a nagging feeling you may be missing out on something amazing, take the bold step of owning your own Adammale Prostate Pleaser.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Clit Vibrator

Jimmyjane Form 2 Clit Vibrator

From JimmyJane, a leading resource of love toys and sensual wellbeing products, comes the Form 2, one of the most powerful, dual-motored clitoral stimulators on the market. The unique design of the Jimmyjane Form 2 allows you to pinch, squeeze and surround your pleasure center with sensual, elating vibrations. It’s 100% waterproof, so either alone or with your partner, you will love this Jimmy Jane vibrator.

Exsens of Paris - Aloe Vera Lubricant

Exsens of Paris – Aloe Vera Lubricant

Introducing Exsens NEWEST all natural lubricant! It is made with Organic Aloe Vera extract for its soothing properties. Great for sensitive skin, colorless and non-greasy, condom compatible. No parabens, no phenoxyethanol.

Bijoux Indiscrets - Za Za Zu - Handcuffs

Bijoux Indiscrets – Za Za Zu – Handcuffs

Trap your lover with the softness of feathers. Za Za Zu invites you into a game of contrasts: roll up handcuffs into a ball in your hand, and caress your lover’s body with the soft feather. You can also alternate between the softness of the feathers and the cold metal chain.