How to Use Anal Beads

from the good folks at Good Vibrations

Anal beads are designed to stimulate the sensitive anus without the size or girth of a butt plug or dildo. Lubricate the beads with one of our anal sex lubricants and gently slip the beads into the anus. Holding onto the ring or base on the end of the string will keep them from getting lost.

Grasp the base and slowly slide the beads out. Some people prefer to do this as they get close to orgasm, while others enjoy doing it during orgasm. You can also experiment with pulling them out slowly or more quickly, although don’t go so fast that you can’t savor the sensations.

Before your first use, run the pads of your fingers over each bead to make sure there are no sharp “tags” or seams left over from the molding process. If there are, use a nail file to file the points smooth. Prior to each use, check the knot below the last bead to make sure that it is tied securely.

To clean anal beads, scrub with a mild soap and hot water, paying special attention to the cord. Plastic anal beads cannot be sterilized, and therefore it is strongly recommended that the beads not be shared, and that they be thrown away after three or four uses.

Anal Sex Timeline by Good VibrationsIf you like anal beads and want to own a longer lasting silicone toy with a beaded sensation, try the Romeo or Cassanova anal toys.

Remember: Anal sex should be pleasurable, not painful. A little knowledge can make a lot of difference.

We have resources in our Anal Sex How-To Articles and lubrication and toys for both beginners and experienced players. Explore our selection and see works best for you.

To celebrate Anal Pleasure Month (August), Tristan Taormino and the staff at Good Vibrations put together Anal Sex Timeline (click image to enlarge), a look at anal sex in our society and popular media in the past few decades. Because we value consent, we included only explicitly consensual depictions of anal sex, so some of the most well-known movie scenes are notably absent.

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