History of Sex Toys

by Adam & Eve

Sex Toys have been used for thousands of years and are as old as human desires. But where did they come from? Ben-wa balls have been in use for over 1000 years and have roots in the Asian culture. These delightful dildo sex toy but we can thank ancient Greeks for its popularity, more specifically Miletus a port city in what is now modern day Turkey. All around the Mediterranean the Miletan traders were selling those horny old Greeks olisbos (doesn’t sound very sexy does it?) or as we know it today dildos. Today couples use dildos together to enhance their sex lives, but back in the day olisbos were the sexual safe haven for lonesome ladies in need of some lovin’. And it’s documented. A third century BC Greek literary fragment contains a story about Metro, a young woman whose husband is away. In need of some sexual gratification Metro visits her friend Coritto to borrow her dildo only to find that Coritto has let another lonesome woman borrow it. Metro leaves greatly disappointed. Isn’t nice to know that we can get sex toys anytime with a few mouse clicks?

It was during the Renaissance era that olsibo became “dildo” from either the Latin “dilatare”, which translates to open wide or the Italian term for delight, diletto. Regardless of where exactly the term originated what could be more sex positive than “open wide with delight”?

Sadly for the renaissancian Italians, the dildos they used were far from delightful. While the Renaissance may have given us wonderful artwork their sex toys were not a part of that. Italian sex toys were made of leather or wood and needed to be generously lubricated with olive oil for comfortable use. Hmm, I wonder if they virgin or extra virgin olive oil.

Thank You Industrial Revolution

Fast forward to 1869, smack dab in the middle of the Industrial Age, and you’ll find American doctor George Taylor. He is a man we should all be thankful for as he is the inventor of the first vibrator sex toy (a massive steam powered thing). Even though his vibrator was way to large for discreet use it was a step in the right direction for the female orgasm. Whatever the case this man should have a national holiday.

By 1882 a rather clever Brit had developed the first electromechanical vibrator which was used to treat “female hysteria” and were used only by doctors as “therapy”. But before too long advertisements offering vibrators for self treatment at home began to appear. In a 1921 advertisement in an issue of Hearst’s magazine encouraged men to buy their wives vibrators for Christmas gifts to keep them “young and pretty” and free from the curse of hysteria.

The vibrator soon became so popular and prevalent that it was the fifth household appliance to be electrified after the sewing machine, toaster, tea kettle and fan. At the time even Sears carried vibrators in their catalog promoted as “Mother’s Little Helper”. I hope Mrs. Sears and Mrs. Roebuck got a discount.

It was during the “Roaring Twenties” that the vibrator’s true identity as a sex toy or sexual stimulant came to light. Early adult movies let the cat out of the bag and vibrators were no were no longer advertised openly.

Fortunately today any consenting adult can buy a sex toy or vibrator when ever they want. Our own founder, Phil Harvey, litigated with the Federal Government for three years to prove that the First Amendment protects a person’s right to sell adult products. Thanks to Phil Adam & Eve is able to offer you a huge array of sex toys, adult movies and novelties for your private enjoyment.

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