Welcome To The New World


It doesn’t seem that long ago. When Adrienne here at ERWA asked me … or did I ask her? … about a writing column when I’d only been a ‘pro’ for five or six years. I loved writing those years of Streetwalkers, because doing it was kind of a strike against all the bad writing books I’d read and the awful classes I’d taken—a way to say what I wish someone had told me when I was just starting out as a writer.

But not having enough time, not having anything left to say, and general this plus nonspecific that, I stepped away from doing my Streetwalker column a few years ago.

But now Confessions of a Literary Streetwalker is back. Not because I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands, or that general this plus nonspecific that went away, but because everything’s changed in the world of publishing and erotica.

Sure, I know: Change Happens, The Only Thing Unchanging Is Change, and all those other bumper stickers, but what’s happened over the past few years is pretty shocking. Disturbing in some ways—okay in a lot of ways—but there are also new and unique opportunities. It’s a totally new world.

And what’s what I’m going to write about. Well, mostly what I’m going to write about; I reserve the right to go on the occasional tangent. That, at least, hasn’t changed.

Why should you listen to me? Well, aside from checking out at my full biography—that Adrienne will, no doubt, put a link to somewhere in this sentence—I can pretty easily say I’ve written quite a few stories, edited some anthologies, have more than a couple collections and novels on the shelves.

I’m going to use whatever space I have left here to give you some idea of what I plan to talk about in future columns:

  • Why a blog or a site is essential (and common mistakes to avoid)
  • The more-important-than-ever need to develop good relationships
  • When you need to write about yourself – and when you need to shut up
  • How the erotica genre has changed over the past few years – and where it might be going
  • To podcast or not to podcast
  • New erotica writing opportunities you might not be thinking of
  • Print is dead, or at least not the only game in town – and why that’s a good thing (including what to look for in an ebook publisher)
  • New publicity techniques for the new world of erotica
  • Believe it or not, sex has actually changed – so erotica has to, as well
  • and much more ….

As with the first incarnation of Confessions of a Literary Streetwalker, please feel free to write me with comments and suggestions, and definitely check out my pro site at www.mchristian.com and my fun sites Meine Kleine Fabrik and Frequently Felt.

Hang on, folks: it’s going to be a wild, weird, and informative ride as we explore how the world of writing and publishing, especially erotic writing and publishing, has evolved over the last few years.

M. Christian
November 2008

“Confessions of a Literary Streetwalker” © 2008 M. Christian. All rights reserved.

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