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What Do Women Want? Hint… it’s not size

Wht do men want?Ladies:What do you want in a man—is it the scruffy jeans look, or do you prefer suit and tie? Do you like aggressive men, or gentle men? What does your ideal man do that is seductive, sexy, arousing? What about men in bed? Do you want them to take charge, or do you want to be the dominant one? Describe your ideal man—in and out of bed.


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    From Mari
    Oh my! I want the man in the image above, a naked chef. Please lord, hear my prayer and send me a man who loves to cook even more than he loves to fuck.

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    From Adorenna
    He’s kind to people that can’t do anything for him. He makes me laugh and we laugh together often. He is intense and envelopes me. His stare is as intimate as his kiss. He’s tactile and loves to touch me. He cares about himself – he’s clean and his scent is subtle. He loves me for me and I can be totally myself with him. He’s creative and expresses himself through art or music. He volunteers his time. He’s athletic but not bulky – looks great in leather and is equally stunning with or without facial hair. He protects me and in his world I feel safe.

    He knows that chivalry is not dead and with him I feel like the most beautiful woman in the universe. He encourages me and challenges me and thinks I’m the best thing since sliced bread. I catch him staring at me from across the room and I know that when we get home he will rock my world. He’s open and only plays games in the bedroom. He sings to me. He’s smart and innovative. He has patience in spades. Does such a man exist? I hope so….

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    From Liszt
    I want a handsome slim gourmet cook, a cute chauffeur, a sexy blond upstairs maid and a charming brunet downstairs maid. I want a hunky professional workout coach, a completely trustworthy, intelligent, and kind babysitter. I want a witty good-natured boss that actually knows what he’s doing, a sharp-eyed detail oriented handyman, and a talented master gardener.

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    From San Francisco Femme
    I want an intelligent, kind, loving, generous, humorous man (50ish) with a strong and adventurous sex drive who’s as committed to me & my orgasm as I am to him & his. I want a man who understands that once a month I need to take a break.

    I want a man who’s into ass play, both ways, and is willing to try every toy on the market because we’re committed to leading a true sensual & sexual lifestyle together even if that includes inviting in another M-F bisexual couple for a committed regular all-out-juicy foursome (and I want him to understand that a 3rd scares me but that including another couple doesn’t). You know how people talk about vision boards? I hope that just by writing this I’m drawing him into my life for a never-ending playdate.

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    From Tray
    The first thing is looks of course. Tall-ish, great head of hair, bright eyes, full mouth, great teeth, nice nose. Then the personality. No aggression. He’s got to be fun and engaging. Younger than me but mature professional. He’s got to be intelligent, great sense of humor, somebody you want to continue talking to at a party and curse when someone butts in and breaks up the conversation.

    I want him to have a big cock, something you want to suck and feel in your mouth, as well as fill out your vagina or ass. You want him to have staying power, maybe last long enough to give you an orgasm or two. I want him to produce lots of cum. Beyond the fucking, I’d like to have a good, fun, creative relationship. Until this fantasy guy comes along I’ll stick with kind, loving hubby who, with the wind behind him, is a great fuck!

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    From Gin
    Give me a man filled with lust for me. I want him to be really really excited about fucking me, kind of desperate in his lust. If he has that than looks don’t matter so much.

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    From T
    He’s dark skinned black man, broad shouldered with a sexy smile. He has brains, character and he takes good care of his family. I’m very attracted to him. Just about everything about him turns me on. And to add to it all, he’s a pro at eating my pussy!

  8. Comment Import

    From Acapella
    What do I want? I want a man who is strong, commanding yet loving and caring. A man who will run his fingers through my hair and grab a hold of it. A man who will tease me, gently thrusting into me slowly, making me beg for more, gently playing with my vagina. A man who will spank me. A man who will lick me to the point of orgasm and then stop, teasing me again. A man who has cool eyes as he guides my head to his crotch. A man who takes my well being into account before doing anything. A man who will think of all kinky ways to punish me and use me and please me.

  9. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    On a non-sexual level, I suppose that I want all of the things any human wants—love, respect, security, fun, happiness, excitement. I like a man who thinks of me as his friend, who trusts and depends upon my earnest advice and wise counsel, as I depend upon his. I want all of the paradoxes of masculinity exposed—strength vs vulnerability—and enjoyed for what they say about his complexity, his intelligence and his heart. I want a spirited conversation, a good laugh and tender comfort when I’m feeling low. And I give the same in return.

    Sexually speaking, I want a man who measures his masculinity by how well he pleases a woman, not how he competes with other men. I want a man who takes as much interest in my pleasure as he does in his own, one who equates his own ego in his ability to make a woman come like no other. I love to watch him come, I want him to love watching me too.

  10. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Let’s see…I want a man who is a man. To every letter of the word. Not that I am weak or incapable, but I love to know that my man can protect me and that he has the power and the attitude to take what he wants in bed. Nothing turns me OFF more then some one who is not confident in bed. Not to say that I always need to be ravaged, or “taken.” But I will say that it gets me off knowing that ultimately he could have full control over me. I guess it must go back to the whole primal, raw, instinct thing. Because outside of the bedroom I would be pissed if a man tried to overbear me.

  11. Comment Import

    From Ebony
    Honestly, I have always been attracted and extremely turned on by Asian men from Korea, China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan or Vietnam. I love the dark sexy mysterious almond shaped eyes, silky jet black hair and smooth skin. Short, average or tall in height. Slim, medium or muscular build. Ones with accents or without accents- Doesn’t matter. Asian men are HOT!

    They make really great lovers and are really soooo good at foreplay, especially with licking the pussy and hitting all the erogenous zones on target! It’s not so much the sex but the passion of their intense, dark eyes. I think that’s so hot. I love being able to have intelligent conversations with men who can truly appreciate women for who we really are. An Asian man with a very ambitious personality is a definite turn on for me.

  12. Comment Import

    From Cat
    In looks I like a man who is clean. That has taken care of his teeth. Curly hair, long or short. A disarming smile. Funny and sees my funny side. I like to see a man dressed to the 9’s but he can’t walk around like that all the time, so, running shorts and a muscle tee shirt. Of course this means a nice body. My favorite thing is arms with muscles. A man that doesn’t drive like a maniac, doesn’t overdrink and NO drugs. Romantic and that has many meanings to me.

    A man (this is a big one) that could spent a week-end with NO electronics! Likes cats. Can cook even if only 1 dish. Can spend a evening on the sofa only kissing. Really knows how to give a massage. Who believes in some of my passions. That doesn’t eat in bed. Make me laugh in or out of bed. Who can like and love me. Will make me feel like the sexist woman ever. And will let me do the same to him because he is. I’ve only had men in my life that have bits and pieces of this list. I would be surprised to find it all. But wouldn’t it be nice? He’d be so happy to have me. I would give the same back to him.

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    From Anonymous
    I prefer dreads and gold teeth because I’m from the south and I’m hood. I love a guy that can lick a pussy real good and then come up and fuck you real good. Besides all that I have to like his personality and have to have a good sense of humor. When I have sex with a guy I want to be able to see how much he is enjoying it.

  14. Comment Import

    From Frances Deadbeat
    I am rather chubby so I suppose the top of my list of what I want in a guy is someone who wants me as me. It’s sometimes rather difficult to find guys who are not superficial and are not gay. He has to be able to make me laugh. He has to be someone that I can have long intelligent conversations with, that can then degenerate into jokes or a wrestling match. Someone who is fun and comfortable. I want someone who can on rare occasions if necessary act mature and the rest of the time just be fun to hang around with. Someone who loves to read books and also to watch movies. Someone who likes to cuddle in bed for a half day without getting out of bed. Someone who has been to university and possibly can display some emotions.

    Physically as a type sort of thing I often seem to go for guys that look plump, with curvy chins instead of bony ones. I don’t think that I am really interested in anyone really bony, I mean you can’t hug them. And not really massively obese either.

    Sexually I want someone who feels comfortable with trying stuff even if they have never done it before. I don’t necessarily care if they are experienced just someone who is willing to try, and share. And also willing to worship my body….. ah my fantasies! Someone who is prepared to reciprocate sexual activities.

  15. Comment Import

    From Katherine
    My ideal man would have to be someone of great character. He MUST be intelligent. He must be someone who is willing to take responsibility in his life – if he has kids, he must own them and is willing to man up. I want a man with a regal presence, although I don’t like the corporate power-house type. He must be secretly sensitive and sweet, but a force to be reckoned with. He must be honest and complete, because this suggests fearlessness to me – a man who has to lie is a coward.

    In bed, he’s a strait up F-R-E-A-K!! He loves to explore sexually, but comfort level comes only with me as his sexual partner. He is willing to try anything I put on the table and will not make me feel ashamed for bringing it up in the first place. He has to be experienced sexually, but rather picky about who he goes to bed with. He has to be able to be the man in the bedroom – I like to be taken – I like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t scared to go for it without being overly aggressive or pushy, because he shouldn’t have to be – just kissing him should be enough to get my panties soaked.


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