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What Do Men Want? Hint… it rhymes with ‘vex’

What do men want?Gentlemen: What do you want in a women—is it the bustin’-out-all-over look, or do you prefer a more sedate attire? Do you like aggressive women or do you want to make the first move? What does your ideal women do that is seductive, sexy, arousing? What about women in bed? Do you want them to take charge, or do you want to be the dominant one? Describe your ideal woman—in and out of bed.


  1. Comment Import

    From Rob
    A very smart woman who is physically active and adventurous in travel and sport etc – I do not mean sex here, we will get to that part. She should be confident and secure in herself, her life and her sexuality. She should be funny and love to laugh.

    She should also be determined to live out her dreams and to help other to do the same. She should be full of life at any age and recognize the age is only a number and we define who we are by what we do not by how long we have been on the planet.

    Sexually she should be adventurous and confident. Physically fit is important, not stereotypical beauty criteria lite large breasts, I do not like them anyhow. Sexually experienced is really important. She should know what she likes and be willing to explore more. Personally I like loose pussy and do not think that a tight one is any thing special. It just means it has never really had any experience.

  2. Comment Import

    From James
    I have been wanting my wife to be more adventursome and daring. She has been very hesitant and mostly will only have sex in the bedroom. Every once in awhile she has shown the adventursome I desire. Once we were at a movie in the park during a summer and she started to run her hand up my thigh, under my shorts and started to rub my cock getting it nice and hard. On the drive home, she was so horny she started to give me a blow job. I stopped at a park and we jumped out and found a spot in the park, got naked, and started to give oral to each other and then started to fuck. We got run out of the park by the sprinklers when they came on and we made a run for the car naked. What an exciting experience to have her so daring.

  3. Comment Import

    From Vinayak
    I love sex with strongly built, fair complexion, smiling face, little fleshy woman. I believe sex will be more pleasurable with fat woman as I can touch bigger area to touch & fondle, more warmth for my body parts. In short, sex will be pleasure with a fat woman. In addition if she is lactating, then I will be in heaven .

  4. Comment Import

    From Charles
    What do I want in a woman? I think what I want most is just love. Good looks go with age and it takes a very special woman to make you look past these things to see her true inner beauty. Everything else about a woman, is just left up to fate, the things she dresses in, brand of cigarette she smokes, her favorite drink, it all comes down to how good she makes you feel and how much you are willing to give up just to be with her.

  5. Comment Import

    From Lonesome Star
    The only thing a women needs is a working brain. But through the years I have find out that a real big clitoris is what excites me more then anything. I simply adore big ones. But it’s so hard to find.

  6. Comment Import

    From Sexman
    The woman of my dreams wears slightly revealing clothes, and have a “so I’m in love with a geek! big whoop! wanna fight bout it?” kind of attitude. (for the record, I’m a geek. big whoop, wanna fight about it?) anyway, she would make the first move because I like surprises in love. As far as dominant or submissive goes, I like it kinda in-between. Looks aren’t the only thing I look for, but they’re a definite plus. I also want someone compatible, that sees me for who I am. Lastly I want someone REALLY horny!

  7. Comment Import

    From Joe
    That answer is a woman with a long tongue who knows how to deep throat a cock and loves the taste of cum. She should have long nipples, but small aureoles and breasts that are just big enough to fully envelope my cock when it is between them. She should have a shaved pussy with a pronounced mons, a clit that gets big enough to protrude from her lips when excited, a very tight pussy that gets slippery enough to squeeze my cock into even though it is very tight.

    She should love being eaten and scream when she comes. She should moan when penetrated because of the pain/pleasure of her stretching. Sometimes, when she’s really excited, she should pull my cock out of her and redirect it to her ass. This should be a very very tight fit, and the head of my cock, after much effort should pop in as she groans. Her anus should be so tight it pinches my cock head. After a long slow effort of insertion she should be very hot and soft inside and she should love the feel of me squirting into her butt. She should enjoy watching me come and love to fuck me with her finger(s) to massage my prostate and make me shoot harder. She should be exploratory and occasionally bring home another man or woman for us to share.

  8. Comment Import

    From nlj
    Ideal woman – Anais Nin. On the outside short, quiet, mousy, prim. On the inside a feverish imagination that never sleeps. Particularly partial to the librarian peeking over their glasses scene you see in movies.

  9. Comment Import

    From Jvstin
    1. Imagination Imagination Imagination. Be creative! Be unexpected! Even be outrageous! Keep me off guard, and my heart will follow you wherever you go.

    2. Passive is bad.Don’t meekly accept or decline my suggestions on what to do, where to go, what to see…from the movies to the bedroom. I hate people who do not think for themselves, who abdicate any desire to make the relationship a two way street.

    3. Don’t be Shy about your body. Sleeping naked together under warm comforters is incredibly erotic…just bare skin and body heat…

    4. Physical Types.I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t prefer certain things in women over others. So, to be blunt, while Gentlemen prefer Blondes, Jvstin jumps for Redheads. My favorite shade being somewhere between fire engine and a auburn…long hair is good…as far as pubic hair, I am undecided. I admit that shaved means I am better able to use my mouth and hands there… A hint of cleavage is good in dress…but having it hang out is just tacky…perhaps because my fantasy woman does NOT have 50″ breasts…long legs though, shown off, do make my mouth water…

  10. Comment Import

    From Phil
    My wife has challenged me to write this and if you run it she’ll read and promise to do her best to meet my wishes.Well, first, as I’m in my fifties when it comes to looks I can’t do better than my wife, I love her heaps. She’s same age as me, is slim, sexy and very attractive, very Jamie Lee Curtis. I wish she would wear nail varnish all the time, not just when we go out. I wish she’d wear a bit more make up during the day, not just when we’re out. I wish she’d wear seamed stockings more often during the day, not just when we’re out in the evenings, she’s worn them a few times during the day and knows how she’s impressed the men she works with. I wish she’d wear her ankle chain, she did for a long time but stopped a few months back. I love the new panties she’s just bought (shorties?) in black and red lace but hopes she get some more like it.

    I hope she continues to suck me off and I’d like to say ‘thanks’ to her for some memorable bj’s over the years and for swallowing every last drop of my cum every time. Last, I’d like her to stop shouting at me every time I suggest we have a MMF threesome, she should calm down and just consider without yelling and screaming what great fun it could be for both of us.

  11. Comment Import

    From Tom
    I’m looking for a girl who’s cute, breast size don’t matter; I do prefer small ones I can cup and gently squeeze with my hands, nipples I can find. Not too overweight, nice firm butt. Likes to kiss. I’ve only been with 2 girls whose kiss caused fireworks and I love to kiss and caress her all over. I want a girl with the confidence to say, “This is what turns me on.” A clit I can find. Have a little confidence girls I’m not the most attractive guy myself but I do like me and who I am.

  12. Comment Import

    From Kelane
    I love a woman who’s nice to others as well as to me. She should be outgoing, not beautiful, I certainly don’t need that, but sure of herself and her sexuality and strong in mind and heart. Now to the matter at hand. She must be very hairy, with the scent of a hot, juicy, and dripping wet edible pussy. Mmmm good! She can’t be afraid to explore with me. And she must not be afraid to react loudly to the best pussy eating she has ever had. I truly love women and if given the chance I would rather be in the company of women for the rest of my life.

  13. Comment Import

    From Kay
    I want a woman with a great, big, well-exercised brain; one who likes to talk and to read; who challenges me and is able, with her education and verbal ability, to put up a good argument if she doesn’t agree with what I say. Hell, I expect *male* friends to be like that, too; why should I expect anything less from my woman? If I say something stupid, I want her to be brave enough to laugh in my face and call me a fool. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a ditz who gives me a pretty smile and says yes, yes, yes, no matter what I say. That’s a crashing bore.

    A streak of sarcasm is very appealing to me, mostly because I have a rather large one myself; also, a sense of the absurd and ridiculous that can allow her to laugh at the bizarreness of life on this planet. A sense of humor goes without saying, and that includes being able to laugh in bed. I want her to be my best friend as well as my lover. Friendship is crucial.

  14. Comment Import

    From David
    Ideally, even if she’s shy, she’s confident, but not cocky, in her sexual attractiveness. Her heels aren’t ridiculous stilettos. Even if she doesn’t think she’ll be the hottest woman in the place, she wants me to feel that I’m with the hottest woman in the place. Physically, she’s not skinny. She’s big-boned, literally — broad shoulders and hips, long legs for her height. That frame is covered with curvaceous flesh with at least some muscle, even if covered by some flab.

    Sexually, she goes with her feel. She can be seductive or forceful, passively receiving pleasure or aggressively demanding it in a certain way. She likes receiving oral sex, but doesn’t care one way or the other about giving it. She’s multi-orgasmic and capable of great intensity during sex. At times, her intensity and depth make me shudder and wonder if I’m man enough for her. But I don’t want to turn any of herself down. I want to become a better man for her.

  15. Comment Import

    From Peter
    The perfect woman…well…assuming I am her perfect man… which makes sense because we would need to meld together in a special way. She would be smart and knowledgeable (not the same thing). She would probably have the same politics and ideas about religion that I have. She would love sex and would suggest things she would like to do that were a bit off the wall. She would have an incredibly sharp sense of humor.

    I like a woman with small breasts and nice curves. A great butt is a plus. But I would forgo that part to get the smarts and humor parts I mentioned. It would be so very nice if she was willing to try new things and situations sexually and otherwise. I would love to be able to talk to a woman who points out other women and compare notes about what she or I would like to do with that other woman. I would like her to look at men and think out loud about what it would be like to get fucked by him. I would want a woman who actively seeks to act out her fantasies and mine as much as can reasonably be attained.

  16. Comment Import

    From Jason
    The things that turn me on about a woman are perhaps the things that are hardest to define. The first thing that attracts me is that sexy, confident quality. I dated an overweight woman a while back who “had a pretty face” and all of that, but was just so sexy because she was so confident and assured of her sexuality. I just stopped seeing a more conventional attractive girl because being with her just didn’t make me feel like I wanted to pursue her physically, even though in other ways, we were quite compatible. So it’s really attitude that matters.

    For the most part, men don’t care about birthmarks, or stretch marks, or the perfectly defined calf. We’re even shallower than you think when it comes to looks, because what matters most to the men I know, and to me, is the right attitude, an eagerness to explore and share your body and the desire to find pleasure. In other words, we want you to come, too. If you figure out how to do that and decide to pursue it with a partner, that’s the sexiest and most attractive thing you can do.

  17. Comment Import

    From Bill Travers
    I want a slut. I want someone who is into porn like me, drinks, has an open mind and is totally open to sex. I’m always finding these “nice” girls, who are great, but my ideal woman is a woman who is willing to go to the mall with me in a mini-skirt and NO panties! A woman who not only hands me a beer when I come home from work, but one who will have one with me. I want to come in all of her holes and her to be open-minded about sex with others. Swallowing my cum and creampies. Her feet hves to be “model perfect”, clean and well manicured.

    Sounds like a whore huh? Well, yea, almost. I’ve had many prostitutes and they are a turn-on. Most men would agree. Any time a fine-looking woman is walking down the street in a ‘mini’ and ‘fuck-me’ shoes, men will break their neck to look at her. If a woman is out of shape – she will not get the nod. Plain and simple. She really needs pretty and slutty.

  18. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Seriously – some of us men want a Stepford wife. Hands down. We want a woman who will do the things we want her to do – and not nag the hell out of us every time we turn around. No – I do NOT mean a slave, don’t get me wrong. As far as sex, I personally want everything. Sex at work, sex in mommy’s house and car, and sex with her sister.

  19. Comment Import

    From Mike
    A woman who is more…like a man! Don’t get me wrong, by this I mean just mentally. She’s strong, feminine, bossy, submissive. Sexy? …and how; she’ll take me as and when and I love it! She’s smart and sexy and above all, as dirty as me…fantastic! Make no mistake, there’s no substitute for a sexually strong and TOTALLY uninhibited woman!


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