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Men: During The Act — What do you think about?

Inside the erotic mindI was reading an article that tried to answer the question of ‘What Do Men Think About When They Make Love?’ The gist of the article is that that men think (worry) about how soon their partner is going to come so that they can let themselves go. And I can’t buy this — can I? So tell us, what are you guys thinking about when the clothes come off, and love making heats up the sheets?


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    From Kevin
    I’m 43, male, Married 10 years, two kids. There are a number of things I think about during the process of making love. I will think of and remember fucking one of the women that I made love to in my younger days before I got married. I think of the feeling I had as a single man with no worries, getting fucked and feeling totally free and happy and getting laid. That gets me focused on coming and the pounding ensues and then as the rhythm gets furious. I watch (it is more like stare at) my wife’s tits bouncing and jiggling and that sends me over the edge.

    With a family, it is hard to find the time for sex. I have noticed my thoughts becoming something like, “Oh, this is sooo much fun to be fucking my beautiful wife in the middle of the afternoon with the door to our nice bedroom locked. I am one lucky bastard. Oh, this feels good. Man, I hope the kids don’t come knocking.” I also think, “Take in everything. Remember this feeling as much as you can because (sadly) it’ll be 2 weeks until you get it back.”

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    From Anonymous
    My wife and I have been married for 41 years and I am still in love with her. I work abroad and when I am at home and we have sex I think of coming home unexpected and catching her in bed with two black men and both have enormous penises. They are really hammering away at her taking turns and they don’t know I am watching of course. My wife is using dirty language and she is in all positions possible and loving every thrust.

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    From TaL
    That’s a funny thing. At first it goes OK and I’m concentrated on the pleasure but after a while it becomes hard to focus. If I don’t make myself think about something I start thinking about the university, the car or whatever… But making myself think about something makes me thinking about it and not thinking of what I’m supposed to think of. And then I’m starting to think about thinking… the harder I try the more my thoughts scatter around the place. The only good thing I get from it all is that I can go on for as much time as I wouldn’t ever believe I could if I was told so. It sounds funny even to me but, well…

  4. Kevin

    At first I’m concentrating on her; I always want her to be pleased, for her to have at least 2 or 3 O’s (sometimes 5, 6 or 7!!!) When it comes time for me I think about her, sometimes old girlfriends that were great in the hay or other women we know that I’d love to fuck given the chance. Here lately I think about my biggest fantasy that I can’t get her to indulge in which is fucking another man while I watch and possibly join in.


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