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Swallow Or Spit?

What’s a person to do…

Semen is not something I would think ‘mmmm, the taste’. Indeed I have found it not nice at all, yet men insist it’s creamy and yummy—mostly because they haven’t tried the drinkie drinkie test themselves. I prefer to spit rather than swallow but I have had one partner get highly offended that I spat. So I swallowed, hated it and resented him. Still a dilemma tho. I guess that it’s like soymilk—an acquired taste. Swallow or spit; you either like it or hate it. Personally I prefer soymilk. —Giulia Cosentino


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    From Mike
    I don’t care if they swallow or spit. I’m just happy to get a BJ. Either way they are going to get a big thank you from me that starts with long slow kiss. Then it’s their turn for some oral manipulation.

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    From Sarah
    This is a very funny web site, I am 34 and work as a floor manager for a bank. When I was younger I would always point the thing away, had a semi bad experience in a guy’s car in my 20’s where my head was held down!! Do not do that guys! Unfortunately went out with that one for another couple months. And in my recent yrs I have dated quite a few younger guys through work circles and have to say the ones below 28 kinda are quite demanding emptying their stalks in my mouth.

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    From Bob
    Swallowing? Never minded if she did or she didn’t. Spitting is kind of cold and perfunctory, though. What makes me (gloriously) crazy is when she lets it all drool out of the corners of her mouth while she flashes a big grin, and makes a nice sticky mess … wherever. Sigh Okay, so I’m a slob … sue me.

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    From Tim
    Ok ladies, I can’t say I don’t appreciate your willingness to swallow, or how much you enjoy it. But, there are plenty of us men who don’t think it’s the be-all-end-all of sexual thrills. So a girl swallows, so big deal. The real big deal is her enthusiams for the deed, and in particular her arousal, meaning her participation in love making. The point is, swallowing is not a big deal ladies, so if you don’t like to, then simply don’t and that’s fine.

  5. Comment Import

    From Linda
    Swallow or spit… Who cares as long as the woman isn’t forced to doing something she doesn’t want to do. If you get offended for her spitting it out it’s really your problem. Would you be happier forcing her to swallow and making her resent you and maybe never give you head ever again? Isn’t she supposed to enjoy it too? The more she enjoys it the better the sex.

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    From Anonymous
    When I first started having oral sex as a teenager I thought that it would be disgusting to have a guy come in my mouth so I always made them tell me when they were about to come. It was all very clumsy and sometimes I would end up getting it my hair or elsewhere. Eventually I tried swallowing with one boyfriend and hated the taste and the consistency. It was very salty and made me feel sick. Years later I wanted to do something special for a man I was very much in love with. I swallowed and it was wonderful. His semen was so sweet and delicious. The look of pure pleasure on his face is something I will never forget.

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    From Anonymous
    I absolutely love going down on a guy and get so turned on knowing that he is getting off on what I am doing to him. However, I am not a big fan of swallowing. If my guy comes in my mouth I usually let it seep out of my mouth in the few seconds right after he comes while I gently continue to suck his cock and bring him down from his high. I think that this is almost just as sensual of an act as swallowing, just in a different way – while I am not ingesting the cum, I am still taking it into my mouth and continuing to enjoy all of him, including the cum. Am I totally wrong? I almost see it as a turn on to “play” in his juices.

  8. Comment Import

    From Miriam
    I began my current relationship about a year ago, after a year or so of no sex. The first time I gave my new man a blow job it was an amazing experience.. But after I had blown my new man, I got the most violent stomach pains, bent over with it. His cum must have been particularly rich in something we couldn’t figure, or it was toxic! He was very considerate and dug out an old hot water bottle and put me to bed for an hour or so. I told myself I had to get used to his cum so went down on him later that evening but this time it wasn’t on an empty tummy and the cramps lasted just a few minutes. Today we have a ’69’ two or three times a week and just enjoy him comming in my mouth, swallowing it all but each time there is still a tingle in my tummy, but no real pain.

  9. Comment Import

    From Marco
    The first time a guy came in my mouth, I got kind of scared. I held his cum in my mouth for a short while not knowing whether to swallow or not. But something came over me. I don’t know what. I just started swallowing. And he was squirming around enjoying it so much that I didn’t want to stop. I just wanted to make his body feel good all over. Then when it was all over, I climbed back up beside him licking my lips to let him know I had swallowed it all. He had a gorgeous body, muscles and all, so as he lay there recovering from his juicy orgasm and trying to go to sleep. He later told me it was the best blow job he’d ever had.

    I don’t wait any more. I have learned that swallowing actually forces your lips to squeeze down harder and causes the suction to build up even more. And if you squeeze the guy’s cock upward between your tongue and the roof of your mouth real hard, you can actually feel the spasms travelling the full length of his cock as he comes in your mouth. Then there’s the thrill of continuing to suck and swallow until he finally goes limp in your mouth. And if he doesn’t, all the better!

  10. Comment Import

    From Honey
    My Portuguese lover is 46, unbelievable as it sounds, but this wonderfully humane, decent, intelligent, vital man has reached greying maturity without ever having his cock sucked. He was a fellatio virgin! Promiscuity is not in his nature. And I’m the second woman he’s ever slept with, so I treat him like treasure, because he’s so rare. He gets all the cock sucking his body can take from me. I take my sweet time, never rush and it gives me such a rush of power-pleasure to taste, feel, hear his inarticulate cries of arousal and excitement, to feel his body quaking as he ejaculates into my happy mouth. I wouldn’t dream of spitting out his semen – to me that’s tantamount to rejecting him.

    He tastes salty-bitter and eating meat seems to make his semen more pungent. Frankly, I’ve had boyfriends who have tasted better and sweeter. But I’ve found my emotions for him can over-ride my taste buds. He’s now switching to a more vegetarian diet so he can taste sweeter for me. The only thing he’s uncomfortable about doing is deep french kissing me after I’ve swallowed his cock milk and he can taste himself on my tongue. What is it about men and this almost instinctive reaction against tasting their own bodily fluids?? Ah well, that’s the final barrier that has yet to be crossed.

  11. Comment Import

    From USA
    I dated a girl once who swallowed every last drop like it came from the fountain of youth. She was the 1st and only girl to do such a precious deed. It was about 16 yrs ago but I remember it like it was last night. She gave a very nice, very nice blowjob. She used both hands and her mouth. One hand gentley massaging my balls, the other stroking and twisting on my cock and her mouth never going over halfway. She did this as if she were making love to it, bringing me to the edge 3 or 4 times, she would then stop and suck my nipples while softly stroking me. I told her once again that I was getting close, not knowing if she would let me release into her mouth. She began to suck on the head,just the head, and stroking the length of my cock very rapidly with a little more pressure than before.

    I think at this point my toes were touching my heels. When I started coming, she took the first couple of burst from my head never stopping with her hands. When I was at the peak of my orgasm she deep throats me and holds it all the way down until I was almost through and then she started throat fucking me, sucking hard on the way up until I started to lose my erection and still she sucked hard on my limp cock as to make sure she didn’t miss a single drop.

    It was complete and total bliss. It was as if she sucked the life out of me. I’m 9 and a half inches and 6 and a half in girth from top to bottom and never had a girls lips down that far, I mean her nose was touching my belly. When she finished, she licked it clean then looks at me and asked,”Was that okay”. I could have asked her to marry me right then and had no regrets. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.

    I have never told my wife about that experience because I don’t want her to feel like she has to try to measure up to girls in my past. Our relationship is not based on sexual performance. We have a great sex life, having sex at least 4 times a week and going down on each other every time. Although she has let me come in her mouth several times, she just can’t take it. She says it’s both texture and taste. We tried pineapple juice to sweeten the flavor, but it must be a mental thing now. I appreciate her trying to please me to the fullest but it’s not worth watching her squirm around like a fish out of water, gaging and spitting. I think we’ll stick to her finishing me with her hand and letting me come on her titties or face.

    So, swallow or spit? For my wife, neither. But I can’t help to fantasize about that girl, that night, that orgasm.


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