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The Scent of a Woman

Are you aroused by the smell of pussy?

scent of a womanWhen you first meet pussies, they tend to have a soft, buttery smell. When you really get them to the point of drooling and smirking as pussies like to do, they can develop everything from a deep earthy smell to a lively sour aroma like sweet fruit.I can think of nothing that men discuss more and in greater detail, and know less about, than pussies. Can anyone tell me why pussies all smell and taste so different? Is it a matter of diet? Is it some other factor? Do you know how your pussy smells and tastes? Does the scent increase as you get more excited? Are you aroused by the reactions of lovers who became fascinated by your scent? —Cervo


  1. Comment Import

    From Louis Vega
    The scent of a woman’s pussy is addicting to me. I was 16 the first time I smelled it and have been trying to smell it anytime I can. I too love to leave the smell of my woman on my face after I have eaten her or she sat on my face. I have also not washed my hands after fingering so I could enjoy the sweet aroma throughout the day. All you women who think it is disgusting for a man to be down on your pussy, think again. We love the smell and the taste.

  2. Comment Import

    From KCW
    I find the aroma of a female very sexy indeed. It can make you go mad with want and taste, lick, and suck until she says stop. As long as the female is clean and let’s the natural aroma come through without using all these feminine products to block the smell, sex can be wonderful. Not to mention, you would rather taste her than a powerful deodorant. I am female, I know how that wonderful part of the body should delight the taste buds and throw you into a tizzy.

  3. Comment Import

    From Carly
    I love the smell and taste of a pussy. I love it when it is really ready, dripping with the woman’s juices. Every one smells and tastes different – but I lap them all. Some are really sweet (tend to be younger ones – like 18-20), some are fairly thick (tend to be older 30+) and the most powerful, I have found, are over 50+. I have smelt and tasted them all – not fussy me! I just love pussy! The youngest I have eaten out is 18 – the oldest was 62! Wow. What a contrast. Of the 100’s I’ve eater – never had two the same though. And, just in case you were wondering, I’m female – very!

    • franky

      love it

  4. Comment Import

    From Yu Ying
    I am a Chinese. I appreciate the open and frank discussion of the scent of women and the pleasure of sex by all the people here on the page. I have only tasted 2 women, including my dear wife, and they love my manhood very much. But I really hope I can know the scent of more flowers, they are the most beautiful kind of the world.

  5. Comment Import

    From John
    Me, too. My wife’s wonderful girl-smell drives me absolutely crazy. And she reaches orgasm easily and with great intensity when I go down on her, so we have great win-win situation. I just pull her hips to the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor to eat her. Afterwards she is really wet, so I can enter her easily to come inside her.

    Women also vary in how long their scent stays on your fingers. My wife’s is gone after only several minutes 🙁 but I had a long term girlfriend many years ago who had a similar scent, but it would still be there the next morning.

  6. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Years ago I was in a dance bar. This one lady was so so nice — her body was so fine. I called her over to me and I told her she was the best looking lady in the bar dancing — she asked if I wanted to go into a fantasy booth with her — I had never done that.

    I went in and there was glass between us. She picked up a phone and pointed to the one on my side. I lifted it — and she asked me what turned me on. I told her the smell of pussy. She pulled her panties off, spread her legs and started rubbing her clitty. I had paper towels on my side. I asked her if I could Jack myself off while I watched her play with her pussy. She told me I love watching a guy come. She was so pretty. She had her fingers deep in her pussy. I was stroking myself very slowly. Then after awhile she said I have a surprise for you she sliped this little window open and her two fingers were out on my side. She said to me on the phone — Smell my pussy honey, I almost put her fingers up my nose. Her pussy scent was so strong on her fingers. I shot my load all over the glass. She could not believe the amount of cum I let go of. I really enjoyed that.

    Her pussy smelled so good. If she was my lady — when she got home, I would let her sit right on my face. What a doll.

  7. Comment Import

    From Hotspot
    I am a woman, doctors told me not to take a bubble bath or that baths are not good for a woman’s vagina, because we could get catch some kind of harmful bacteria in there. But I take baths all the time, In my experience taking baths and soaking my vagina gets me cleaner, then taking showers. After washing up. I could sit and soak in the water. I feel clean all day. And my ex-boyfriends said that my smell drives them crazy.

  8. Comment Import

    From Melonia
    Why isn’t anyone talking about the scent of ovulation? I notice when I am sitting on my desk chair, I know when I am ovulating because there is warm scented air coming up from under and spreads all around me… it usually smells like French fries. It makes me want to go to a fast food place! I find during ovulation the pussy becomes warmer and more liquidly. I could describe it as spicier but its more deep and warm smell to me, almost comforting like a grandmother’s cooking…

  9. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Well, I started out young and have licked many women and (1) they all smell and taste unique and different. That shocks me BUT it is true. (2) One stood out in my mind and I liked her smell best late at night when she was not so fresh and a bit sticky etc. Not nasty smell either. She would even say “I am not fresh” and would be embarrassed as I would go down and sniff her pussy through her panties.

    Frankly, her “not so fresh” smell was my favorite and one night I licked and tasted her and it got me so horny I came in my pants and a really hard come and one of the best ever. The smell of her pussy was different from any I have ever had and I would smell my fingers and not want to wash them. That was 16 years ago and to this day I fantasize about simply smelling her pussy late at night and I jack-off thinking about that totally sexy smell when she was “not so fresh”! God I love some smell to the pussy I am licking!

  10. Comment Import

    From Mme. Georges
    A one-night-stand from days of yore commented that I have “a delicious pussy,” and my current partner seems to emphatically agree with that assessment. He loves giving head, and he says he loves the way I taste. After he’s gone down on me, my lover’s lips taste kind of salty and musky, and very faintly sour (probably urine?) –not something I want to spread on my toast in the morning, but it’s a sexy flavor and not unpleasant.

    Unless I’m sick or have gone several days without washing (like, while backpacking, etc), I don’t recall smelling particularly funky ever. When I masturbate, I’ve noticed that the intensity of my scent varies depending on the time of the month, my level of arousal, and how recently I’ve washed/peed, but the quality of the scent never really changes much. The only way I can describe the smell, from my perspective, is as having kind of a faint iron tang, like very fresh raw meat. Mm, sashimi.

  11. Comment Import

    From A turned on pussy
    At 32 years of age, I’ve jumped to conclusions countless times thinking there must be something wrong “down there” because I caught a whiff of myself while peeing or having sex or some other activity…often resulting in an ill-fated round of antibiotics (which give me yeast infections).

    Also, being bisexual, I’ve noticed a difference between the smell and taste of my vagina and others. Mine almost tastes bitter, while others taste sweet.

    I’ve stopped jumping to conclusions, as I’m convinced the medical community has no clue when it comes to informing women about what is normal for females. They simply do not want to broach the topic of what is/can be normal for a woman to smell like at various points in a menstrual cycle/states of arousal (what the hell is this “fishy smell” they keep asking about?)

  12. Comment Import

    From Zac
    My wife tells me that unless the pussy has been freshly and very thoroughly washed the vagina will have a sweaty, ‘dirty’ odor, especially at the end of the day or an evening out. She says that she knows of no man who gets excited by this smell and quite a few who actually retch at the smell, a promising satisfying cunnilingus completely lost as the provider runs to another part of her anatomy.Sadly pussy odor au naturelle is a no-no and the most attractive and suckable labia will be that which is washed and doused in a half liter of heady perfume.

  13. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    This is a very sensitive subject. As a woman, it’s hard to grow up feeling your vagina is nasty and ugly and smelly. It doesn’t do much for self-esteem and it can hurt a woman’s development sexually. Not good. Unfortunately, I’ve been in bathrooms where women smelled so bad, I could hardly blame men for not wanting to give head.

    Ladies, give the guys a break. Some odors need medical attention. Go to a doctor. After you get whatever ails you straightened out, practice good hygiene. The vagina is actually self-cleaning if you practice good hygiene. Find the right soap for your body chemistry. I tend to stay away from commercial, deodorant soaps. I also stay away from commercial sprays and douches. They alter the natural flora environment of the pussy, which ultimately leads to odor, not to mention infection. I use an herbal powder that is heavenly. Expensive, but it works magic. After washing, sprinkle a little bit in the crotch of your panties. Unless you have a problem, you will not have an odor at the end of the day. I had a lover who use to sniff my panties at the end of the day in amazement. He couldn’t believe that there was no odor. Then, he’d kiss, lick and suck my pussy like nobody’s business. The powder is called Dr. Hauschka Body Silk. Worth every penny.

  14. Forqu

    Your wife is wrong. There are many men, myself included, that love that smell. It is a shame that a lot of women think like your wife and won’t let a man smell it.


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