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Pubic Shaving: Bush or Bare?

Your preference is…

I only shaved my bikini line and only when absolutely necessary. I found shaving my pubic hair unpleasant in so many ways. When I decided to try shaving more I wound up shaving it all off. Once I got use to that I found I preferred it that way. I’ve got a few questions on shaving. Do you shave your pubic hair? If so, how much do you shave off? What about your partner or lover or spouse? Do you prefer them to shave their pubic hair, and again, how much?

It says as much about you as your shoes. —Kim Catrall (Sex and the City on the importance of pubic hair styles.)


  1. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    After some nagging my wife shaved it all off just to please me. That was years ago. She didn’t like it and let it grow back. I didn’t mind I just wanted her to try it once. Years later she started to trim it some and I started to shave my cock and balls. Things progressed for both of us. I started to shave a little more. Then she surprised me and went totally bare again. I love it! Since then I have gone totally bare too and we both love it now. I feel so much more kinkier when it comes to sex. It makes for great oral sex too. I definitely urge you to try it.

    • Andy

      My wife shaves bare in the summer to wear bikinis. She complained that my hair was scratchy during intimacy. One evening as things heated up she asked me if she could shave me. What could I say but yes. She already had the trimmer, razor and supplies ready. The trimmer zipped off the hair in clean sweeps followed by the gel and razor. Quickly I was bare as a 10 year old. I found the process erotic and pleasing. When I get stubble she shaves it off. I’ve been bare for months and it feels clean and cool. I actually like it and hope to stay clean and bare, she like to shave me.

  2. Comment Import

    From Jeff
    I shave my pubic area, except for a little spot above my tool. It’s been this way for years and I love it. It’s so comfortable and I feel much more sexy for my wife and myself. It makes me want to walk around naked at my house all the time. I like it so much when I go out I no longer wear underwear. I just wear the shorts.

    • Fred

      Since my divorce, and then move to Virginia about 10 years ago, I have been naked all the time except when someone is knocking at the door, which from being in a private development on a mountain side and woods surrounding my property, doesn’t happen very often. I am naked always outside as much as possible. Only been “caught” by cars passing by two or three times in 10 years. I’ve been to a nudist resort in NY several years ago. It was nice, but I felt controlled. At home I’m free and I am naked 99.9% of the time. Also, I have totally shaved my pubs for more than 40 years. My present wife is also “bald” and much prefers to be that way of her own thinking.

  3. Comment Import

    From Gregg
    For a long time, my wife had a full bush on her pussy. I also sported a bush. I found it fun when she would shave her bikini line and even started to shave her sometime. I asked her if I could shave more off and she agreed. I enjoyed it so much that the next time I had the chance, I shaved a nice landing strip on her pussy. She joked that I had to do the same thing. I surprised her by shaving all my pubic hair off. Totally smooth on my cock, balls and from my stomach down.

    I enjoyed it so much I have never gone back and remain smooth. My wife has joined me and I love her smooth pussy and love to lick and fuck it that way.

  4. Comment Import

    From Steve
    I just went for my first male brazillian recently and love having all my pubic hair removed. The female beautician did a great job and was very professional with the process. She does a number of men and told me men aren’t harder just different. I just laid on the table totally exposed to her as she worked. She handled my package to get all areas and then I was on all fours for her to get my ass hair free. What a great way to go and the smoothness is just supper nice. My girlfriend couldn’t stop touching me when I showed her and she finally went down on me and took me to completion. I found it interesting that with my girlfriend, I got a huge erection. But while getting the brazillian, even with a very attractive beautician, no erection or even a thought of it.

  5. Comment Import

    From Tim
    My preference is to go bare for myself. My wife enjoys a change up and will sport some trimmed bush and back to bare. She just doesn’t like the upkeep of trying to go bare constantly. I get mine waxed so I have a good couple of weeks bare before it starts to come back in. Even before I get it waxed, it still is very soft and light.

  6. Comment Import

    From scdon
    No question about it. As a man, I absolutely adore a full, out of control, bush! Indeed body hair anywhere on a woman is most erotic. Ladies, there are legions of men who love a naturally hairy woman… we are real men and have no fantasies involving little girl pussies – we want real women. If any of you make it to Southern California, I would love for you to tickle my nose with your full bush.

  7. Comment Import

    From Camber
    I can go either way with this one. For about the last 15-20 years I have been keeping it shaved in the summer and then a strip in the fall and spring and let it grow out in the winter. My hubby has always been pleased with this. Personally for me, I prefer some hair there, but I like how I change it up for the seasons. My hubby keeps his trimmed neat for the most part.

  8. Comment Import

    From Jack
    My lady has had her pubic hair removed by laser so it should never grow back and I love how smooth she is and no more hair in my mouth. She really likes the feel of no hair and no shaving anymore. Oral sex on her is something I crave and has never been better. Her natural hair color is jet black and she had a very large bush so complete removal and quite an adjustment. I could eat her for hours!

  9. Comment Import

    From IntriguedOne
    I’ll never really understand the attraction to bald pussies. I’ve always preferred a full bush. I don’t want a landing strip, I don’t want any special shapes, I don’t want it trimmed. I prefer a completely uncut bush. Period. To me, it screams femininity and womanhood. I’ve never seen a bald pussy as beautiful as a full bush..ever…..and I’ve seen far more than my fair share of pussy. It’s such a turn-on to see hairs sticking out the side of panties, that’s really hot to me. The first time I saw a woman bare, I saw a thick, full, dark triangle and that represented a woman to me. That’s what I want to see.

    I hate a shaved pussy, I can’t even get aroused by that. Shaving a pussy is like stripping the candy-paint off a nice new shiney car, it reduces the value. Also, oral sex is so much better with a hairy pussy. When the bush is wet and the hair is ‘laid-down’, that is extremely hot. I certainly hope this ‘shaved’ trend ends soon, it’s just not appealing.

  10. Neil

    I trim my wife’s pubes once every two weeks or so, to 5~6mm. We did try shaving her completely but a combination of itchiness as it grew back and the less than sexy feel of the short pubes turned us both off. Neatly trimmed to this length eliminates those problems while ensuring that her labia are visible, especially when she is aroused.

    As for me, I shave my groin completely once a week for two reasons. First is that my wife loves my cock like this and second, My gf insists that I wear very sluttish and revealing thongs/g-strings, some no more than strings that leave my cock and balls totally exposed. Clean-shèaven is an absolute for this sort of panties.

    Regularity is paramount if you decide to shave your pubes totally but I reckon it is definitely worth it for the enhanced sensitivity it brings.

  11. David

    I shave mine every day. My wife prefers it that way. My wife shaved hers and just left a soul patch from the time I met her until a couple of years ago. I prefer hers full bush.

  12. Larry archer

    My wife is lasered and has no hair below her eyebrows. She doesn’t have to shave her legs or bush at all. I’m just close trimmed but not bald.

  13. hairless

    I’ve always kept myself hairless, my wife prefers me that way. But, shaving was not a good solution as stubble was extremely irritating for both of us.

    I had my pubic hair waxed off several times. She liked that much better, except that the hair has to regrow for some while to be successfully waxed off again.

    We eventually concluded that the best way for me to remain full time bare was to have it all permanently removed.

    As others have noted, laser is good for about 80% of the task. After that, I had electrolysis done to remove the remainder and deal with the stragglers that kept popping up from time to time. They eventually stopped returning.

    The combination provided an excellent result. I’m completely hairless with no maintenance at all. The entire area is more sensitive too.

    It was totally worth it. My wife is very pleased with the result.


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