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Could You, Would You?

3 Sexual Fantasies to Try On In the book How to Write a Dirty Story by Suzie Bright there is an exercise you could call "Could You Would You?" The exercise is designed to free up your imagination. I invite you to read the following 3 questions, and share your answers...

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What Turns You On… even if You Don’t Want It to?

Sometimes I'm sexually turn on by things I see or read, but I really don't want to do those things, or have them done to me. How does this make any sense? The dichotomy is upsetting. So tell us, what turns you on even if you don't want to do it, and how do you deal...

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Sex Toys For Men

Curious About Men's Toys Tell Us About Yours... Does anyone besides me ever notice that when the subject of men's sex toys is roused that none of the men share their secrets on what kind of sex toys they like to use on themselves? Is it because they wanna be the only...

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Sexual Positions

Let us count the ways... Does anyone have any thoughts on preferred or interesting positions, specifically what people like or don't like about various postions? Do you do it standing up, lying down, on your side, doggie style? With or without cushions? And has...

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Sleeping in Separate Rooms?

Happiness is— Sleeping in separate rooms? One of the best things for a marriage, in my opinion?...separate rooms. Being able to sleep alone can be relaxing, healthy and less stressful than sharing a bed. It shouldn't be taken personally that someone might want to make...

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Your Best Orgasm? Tell us about it…

Do you have a memory of the best orgasm you've ever had? Care to share? I'll go first... "It was on the morning of my 50th birthday — my wife of 30 years opened the shower door while I was washing my hair — through the soap I saw her smile and bend to her...

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Obesity And Sexuality: Can Fat be Sexy?

The Skinny on Sex and Weight I realize I may be getting into some politically incorrect territory here, but I've got a question. How does body image affect sex? Is fat a turn-on or a turn-off? If you're obese, do you think it's affected your sex life? If so, how?...

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Age and Sex: Like fine wine or vinegar?

Has sex changed for you with the changing of years? I'm an older person and I know my own sexual feelings have evolved with age. I'm sure others have experienced changes in their sex life as they get older too. I'd like to hear what men and women have to say about how...

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Anal Sex: So what’s the big deal?

Everybody's curious about anal sex. How does it feel? Can you really get off through the back door? Do books and movies honestly portray the pleasure (or displeasure) of anal sex? We're interested in what you think. Tell us what you think about anal sex, and about...

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