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Links lead to adult forums focusing on a variety of sexual issues, activities, and relationships. Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment form at the bottom of every page in this section.


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Erotic Lactation: Your thoughts?

Last week I started this adventure and would appreciate some feedback, encouragement, suggestions. My husband had always been a 'breast man' and after some rather intense sex eight days ago, I (yes, I) suggested that I start pumping my breast to stimulate milk...

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Erotica for Men: Beer & Tits

While getting dressed this morning I noticed there upon my night-desk a book I'd read during the long cold nights of winter. What struck me as odd was the phrase "Erotica For Women" written above the pleasing image of a man embracing a woman on the cover. All this...

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Horny at Work: What’s a person to do…

"Sitting at my desk at work and very horny right now. Very. This sucks. No way to satisfy my desires." Are you sighing the same lament, or perhaps a desireable opportunity came your way? Share your work-place escapades—the good, the bad, and the frustrating.

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Could You, Would You?

3 Sexual Fantasies to Try On In the book How to Write a Dirty Story by Suzie Bright there is an exercise you could call "Could You Would You?" The exercise is designed to free up your imagination. I invite you to read the following 3 questions, and share your answers...

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BDSM: Is pain your pleasure?

Does pain for pleasure dominate your fantasies? Let's talk about BDSM, the consensual giving of control over yourself to someone else. The idea of pain for pleasure is offensive to some, and for others the ideal relationships are with individuals who use pain and...

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Blasphemous Fantasies: Why are they so titillating?

Sex with a holy person is considered sacrilegious, and yet just the very idea of blasphemous sex is titillating. What is it that makes such profane fantasies so hot, and so uncomfortable?Are you turned on by blasphemous fantasies—sex with a priest, nun, rabbi, imam, a...

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Breasts & Nipples: Do They Drive You Wild?

I have read two stories today that mention being able to orgasm from breast play and nipple stimulation alone. Just out of curiosity, how many of you have that ability? Breasts and nipples do they drive you wild? —JessicaRabbit I could never be a woman. If I were, I...

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Butt Plugs: Are They Up Your Alley?

Okay...I've only ever tried a butt plug once in my life, and it sure as hell was troublesome! Damn thing wouldn't stay put! I suspect that's because it was a rather slender one (a beginner butt plug, so to speak). But did it ever feel good! I liked it! Wanna try it...

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Big Clits vs. Small Clits

Does clit size determine pleasure? I have not done a thorough survey of every sex partner I've ever made love with, but I have noticed that woman with the most intense and frequent orgasms, had a large clitoris. Another, who tells me she has had only two or three...

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