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Sympathy Fuck: Nasty or Noble?

So, you feel sorry for a friend and end up in a sympathy fuck situation. Or perhaps you were on the receiving end of a sympathy fuck. How did it happen? What was it like? Who was it with, an ex-boyfriend, a stranger, a friend's dorky cousin who just couldn't get laid...

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Swallow Or Spit?

What's a person to do... Semen is not something I would think 'mmmm, the taste'. Indeed I have found it not nice at all, yet men insist it's creamy and yummy—mostly because they haven't tried the drinkie drinkie test themselves. I prefer to spit rather than swallow...

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The Scent of a Woman

Are you aroused by the smell of pussy? When you first meet pussies, they tend to have a soft, buttery smell. When you really get them to the point of drooling and smirking as pussies like to do, they can develop everything from a deep earthy smell to a lively sour...

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Men’s Sexual Fantasies: From those who dare to share

I want to talk serious stuff here, guys. Our sexual fantasies. We think about them when we make love. We see women or men, and imagine them doing these wild and wonderful, forbidden acts for our pleasure. The imagined feelings, the scandalous scenarios make us...

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The Scent of a Man: Is it hot…or not?

I was wondering about the scent of men, in particular their semen. Could you tell just by sniffing the air that someone had come, or would you need one of those special detection kits they use in police forensics? In my experience, it does smell, and I've always...

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Bare with Me: Is Nudity Your Thing?

Setting aside all snide remarks about body shape and condition and being afraid that others would run screaming from the scene (and other self-deprecating remarks), I wonder how many people are comfortable being nude in public, or quasi-public, areas, and mostly...

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Pegging Your Partner: Harnesses & Dildos…Oh My!

My girlfriend and I just got a strap-on harness and dildo, and yes, she uses it on me (I'm a guy). I don't have any desire to be with a man, trust me I've worked this through, but that's not precisely what I'm commenting on. We bought a really good strap-on and though...

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Anal Sex for Straight Men: A Penetrating Question

How many men have a craving to be penetrated, but can't bring themselves to ask for it? I'm not thinking of gay men here, but straight men. Penetration is, semiotically, so full of meaning in most cultures. It is seen as an act of domination. There is also a...

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