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Womens Sex Fantasies: From those who dare to share

Women's Sexual Fantasies from those who dare to share What you are about to read is the stuff of women's sexual fantasies. There are some female sex fantasies you will smile knowingly at and some that will stun you. It is interesting to note that the tone of women's...

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Men: During The Act — What do you think about?

I was reading an article that tried to answer the question of 'What Do Men Think About When They Make Love?' The gist of the article is that that men think (worry) about how soon their partner is going to come so that they can let themselves go. And I can't buy this —...

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What Do Women Want? Hint… it’s not size

Ladies:What do you want in a man—is it the scruffy jeans look, or do you prefer suit and tie? Do you like aggressive men, or gentle men? What does your ideal man do that is seductive, sexy, arousing? What about men in bed? Do you want them to take charge, or do you...

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What Do Men Want? Hint… it rhymes with ‘vex’

Gentlemen: What do you want in a women—is it the bustin'-out-all-over look, or do you prefer a more sedate attire? Do you like aggressive women or do you want to make the first move? What does your ideal women do that is seductive, sexy, arousing? What about women in...

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Women: During The Act — What do you think about?

Conventional thought is that women go into a silent litany about their appearance, a slide into self-consciousness, embarrassed that their partner may be critically of how she looks, makes love, sounds she makes, or doesn't make. While this may be true to some extent,...

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Threesome Fantasies

What Is Your Fantasy Threesome Pleasure? MMF or FFM? Okay, just for fun: What is your fantasy threesome sex preference MMF (male male female) or FFM (female female male) and the reason for your preference. The key word here is fantasy, imagining the possibilities, and...

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When Porn is Not Sexy: What are they doing wrong?

I would like others' views on When Porn Isn't Sexy—words of advice to porn makers on what they are doing wrong. I'm personally turned off by the extreme close-ups. I want the camera people to back off so that I can see the limbs and muscles and curves of the...

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Swallow Or Spit?

What's a person to do... Semen is not something I would think 'mmmm, the taste'. Indeed I have found it not nice at all, yet men insist it's creamy and yummy—mostly because they haven't tried the drinkie drinkie test themselves. I prefer to spit rather than swallow...

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Sympathy Fuck: Nasty or Noble?

So, you feel sorry for a friend and end up in a sympathy fuck situation. Or perhaps you were on the receiving end of a sympathy fuck. How did it happen? What was it like? Who was it with, an ex-boyfriend, a stranger, a friend's dorky cousin who just couldn't get laid...

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The Taste of Cum

Yummy or Icky? As for ejaculate, now there's a thread for you: Opinions, boys and girls, about the taste of cum? And don't you boys even try to allege that you've never tasted your own cum, though I'm willing to accept that you haven't sampled anyone else's, if that's...

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