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Kiss and Tell Us: Was it passionate or unpleasant?

When you kiss someone, really kiss someone, it can be glorious, or awful. Tell us about your experiences with kisses—the passionate ones that ignite your libido, and the odious ones that smother desire.

I’ve kissed so many women I can do it with my eyes closed. —Henry Youngman


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    From Veronica
    I find mouth-on-mouth kissing absolutely revolting. I don’t like to watch it and I do not do it. The feeling of lips-against-lips completely creeps me out. Maybe I have some sort of sensory disorder, but this has always been my feeling and no one has been able to change my mind yet!

    It’s awkward to explain this to someone when a physical relationship commences, but I do tell them that I don’t like mouth kissing and that I refuse to do it. There are workarounds–there are lots of other places I like to kiss and be kissed–but it definitely throws people off. I’ve read entire books about the purposes of kissing and I get the everyone else finds it important, but I just don’t want to do it because I find it quite the opposite of pleasurable.

  2. Comment Import

    From Kat
    My fiancée and I have been together about a year. He calls himself a Neanderthal, and he’s not entirely wrong; he isn’t romantic in the faintest. He’s sweet, considerate, and protective and I love him with all my heart, but if a moment begins to get slightly romantic, he somehow ruins it. His version of foreplay is saying “lets f****” or “I’m horny, you wanna do something about it?”

    If I mention, “I’m horny” he’ll just smile and ask me how long I’ve been on this site that day (we always end up messing around after I’m on here). Sometimes he’ll tell me later. But if I’m really serious about wanting sex, I just walk over, bend down and give him a long, passionate kiss. No tongue, and bite on his lower lip. Sometimes I throw in a little moan while I do it…anyway, one kiss and he’s hard. It’s the closest thing to foreplay I get.

  3. Comment Import

    From Roxanne
    I love kissing. It gets me hot faster than anything. It takes me back to a more innocent time when kissing was all I could do, so I had to make the most of it. And, a man whose tongue is good to your mouth is likely to know how to use his tongue in other places. Plus, it takes a real gentle and romantic lover to indulge in kissing and not take a shortcut to intercourse. I like to start with kissing and work up to the other sexual acts.


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