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Forced Fantasies: Right or Wrong?

Forced FantasiesOne of our featured gallery stories sparked the most heated debate about forced fantasies. The story was an explicit description of a rape fantasy.’some felt that the story fell within the prohibited range of what is deemed acceptable within erotic fiction. Others felt that it was a good portrayal of a masturbatory fantasy. We are interested in what you have to say about forced fantasies. — Lybbe


  1. Comment Import

    From Morganna L.
    I think the distinction between fantasy and reality is the main point in this ( and many other) discussions. I am a highly-educated woman, a sociologist as a matter of fact, and while I risk my friendships, career and credibility with this admission, I believe it’s important to make a public statement here. Yes, I am turned on by rape fantasies.I imagine them during sex, and I write about them. There is no moment, though, where I would want to be actually raped. There is no moment in the world where I think it’s “okay” to actually rape, coerce, or otherwise force another person into a sexual act. I could post a whole long lecture here about “guilt” and sex and the “freedom” of non-consent (in a psychological way). Relax, I won’t. But the bottom line is, “stroke material” is whatever you “allow” yourself to be turned on by –particularly stuff that goes against public policy. And as long as no one confuses fantasy for reality there is no problem.

    I know, I know, some feminists argue (quite forcefully) that “fantasy” depictions of violence and rough sex “teach” men (it’s usually me, they say) that it’s “ok” to act this way in the real world. The same argument is used regarding media in general. (“Movies cause violence, rape, anti-social behavior, patriarchy, racism,” etc.) I’m afraid I don’t buy it and never will without irrefutable proof that explains the presence of these acts across cultures and history. So…enjoy your fantasies and I’ll enjoy mine.

  2. Diana

    I too enjoy rape fantasies. My bf arranged one for my 25th birthday, where I was invited to a motel room where a note told me strip, put on a blindfold, and then handcuff myself to the bed headboard and wait. I was very scared and very aroused at the same time. After much debate I did it and was rewarded by being “gang raped” by ten guys, one of whom was my bf. It was unbelievable. I had dozens of orgasms and my face and boobs were covered in cum. I get chills thinking about it and often masturbate while recalling the details. I would never condone an actual forced or coerced sex act, but for me this is my top fantasy. I hope it happens again.

  3. Jamie G.

    Yes I want to be kidnapped and raped is my fantasy by the same gender as me. I’m a male. And I would submit to my captive, “strong” muscled male. Then be released unless I loved it,which I believe that I would. I consider myself submissive this man would convert me in to being his completely.

  4. Jackie

    Lve reading those and writting them. Im new here. I write erotica of all types of play times .. all my writtin all my work is my work, i dont have a editor but id love some support and followers as i support follow back

  5. Larry Archer

    I’ve seen that a lot of women have rape fantasies from the way they react during sex. For example, if you pin the woman’s arms down, you can often feel the instant reaction as they slip into a rape fantasy. As an author of erotica and a man, this is a topic I tread very lightly with. While women never want to be actually raped or assaulted, I agree that it’s a common fantasy.

    We are also swingers, which often gives me the ability to observe people in situations which a lot of people probably never get to witness.

  6. D

    When I saw this, it made me feel compelled to say something, because I have such mixed emotions on this.
    I don’t think it’s something that many women would like to admit to, because they don’t want to sound crazy or dirty. People say there is supposed to be a big difference with actually being raped and fantasizing about aggressive play. It really can be such a grey area, depending on many things. For example, when I tried to break up with my boyfriend once and he became very aggressive, kidnapped me for one week and forced me repeatedly. I was not allowed to leave until I agreed not to leave him. Many will say that this can be classified as “Rape” yet, while it happened I experienced very strong mixed feelings. It was a mixed combination of anger, frustration and strangely heightened arousal. I came very quickly and powerfully (which was extremely odd under those circumstances of it feeling like a constant battle) I can’t explain it. I have always thought it was a bit weird. I just don’t know how I really feel about it. When I back on it even now, I feel the same exact mixed feelings. Maybe it has to do with whom the person is that is doing it to you? Or perhaps the circumstances that it happens? Or maybe I am just one damaged sick perverted woman…I don’t know.

  7. DL Quinn

    Wouldn’t the question demand a look at the overall characteristics of the person, or people, engaging in the rape fantasy? There are probably people that shouldn’t engage with a fantasy as powerful as a rape fantasy. Then there are those who know how to turn that switch on and off, and how to be I’m the fantasy as it is happening. I think if there is a healthy awareness of the elements of fantasy, like respect for the person you are engaging in the fantasy with and yourself, then the fantasy should be able to unfold as the participants choose. That’s my perspective.

    • Desire'

      This is one of the best comments on the subject that I have read.

  8. Annaisnaughty

    I am a woman and I love to write rape fantasy stories. And the feminazis who will literally scream in your face that you’re promoting rape culture are driving me insane. It is fantasy, fiction, not real! What is to gain by taking away the masterbation material for those with these kinks? Nothing. And what has now happened is they are pulling all porn under this category off of sites like motherless for example. Yet what’s left now are frickin’ snuff films! So now in order to find a rape fantasy, you have to find a snuff film. Which is now desensitizing some individuals to it and even drawing them to it. Not all of course but the increase of interest in that category is scary. These people who cry out that the are offended claim they are solving a huge issue trying to rid the internet of “rape culture” but all they are doing is creating a worse issue. When what they need to do is mind their own business and quit telling people what they can and cannot be turned on by. If they re not harming anyone leave them alone to fap to what they want.


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