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Erotic Lactation: Your thoughts?

erotic lactationLast week I started this adventure and would appreciate some feedback, encouragement, suggestions. My husband had always been a ‘breast man’ and after some rather intense sex eight days ago, I (yes, I) suggested that I start pumping my breast to stimulate milk production. Needless to say, he is all for it and a supportive participant. I don’t know…there is something about erotic lactation that really excites the both of us.

A part of me does not care what other people think about this, but that small voice inside craves support and acceptance. Is there anyone out there who finds erotic lactation interesting? Anyone thought of doing the same? A red faced, but not quitting… —Dawn


  1. Comment Import

    From Sad refused man
    Well, I’ve been denied by my wife when I asked her for nursing me. And I regret that I have asked her. I feel like a silly fool who doesn’t want to be adult. I cannot look into her eyes anymore without feeling guilty. And I cannot love her tits the way I loved before her pregnancy. When I will love them, she might always think I want to drink her milk or want to be her baby. I guess I have crossed a forbidden border and I have ruined her trust.

    • Vinayak

      Don’t feel sorry . Nothing wrong in asking for breast milk from wife .Wife has her way of thinking . Unfortunately her thinking does not match with yours. Never ever feel guilty .

  2. Comment Import

    From Jean
    I married my boyfriend, we knew each other for barely 3 months and this I would regret later in life. It was a sexual relationship and I cannot forget the wedding night when my husband literally suckled my tits like a baby. He couldn’t get enough and kept coming for more after, only after he got tired of sucking did he fall asleep in my arms. I couldn’t get much of the sleep that night with stinging nipples and painful genitals, the next day there was more to come. After a couple days he became normal and began paying less attention to my breasts. When we had a baby, he wanted me to breast feed him as well and this got on my nerves and I went to stay to my mom with my baby. After 8 years of marriage we got divorced.

  3. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Wow I am glad I found this site. I was always insecure about certain aspects of my sex life. I thought it was a bit weird what my husband does but then I can’t help it and to be honest I love it too. I always had long, thick sensitive nipples maybe an inch long and I was never pregnant. It ran in my family as my mom also had them. Ever since my boyfriend, now husband found out about them he kinda is obsessed about them. He never lets go of any opportunity to suckle, lick and play with them. I love it but though feel a bit insecure. Sometimes it gets too much and I have to push him away.

    I don’t know if it’s normal for men to behave like babies and be so obsessed about tits. I am sure he would love me to breast feed him later. Now that I know I am not alone and couples around the world enjoy it, I can enjoy it too hopefully.

  4. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Well, I remember years ago when my husband watched me nurse our three months young son. He seemed unsure if he should look at me or look away. I was smiling about his insecurity. It was arousing me. After feeding our son, I helped him making up his mind.

    I reached out for his hands that were trembling with excitement, took them and placed them on my tits. I guided them across my chest massaging the undersides, the sides, the globes, massage my nipples and areolas. He was becoming aroused while I continued guiding his hands across my boobs. Finally I grasped his neck and lowered his head down to my left breast and begged him to nurse from me. He needed no second request. He took my nipple and areola deep into his mouth and started sucking. He continued until that tit was drained. Then he changed sides and sucked the other tit. We forgot time and space during our wonderful play.

    Soon I got wet between my legs. But I was afraid to get pregnant again too soon. I didn’t take the pill because of turning into my milk for the baby. So we had no sex. But I took my husband’s fingers and lead them to my clit. I released his cock from his pants and gave him a strong massage. We reached climax so my milk squirted from both nipples across the room hitting a mirror at the opposite wall. It was our first sexual play since birth that I have never regretted. From this day on we have been repeating it several times.

  5. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    My husband falls asleep with my nipples in his mouth. Strangely he is not a breast-man and would not pay any attention to them even during foreplay. I love it though and even offered to breast-feed him but it turned him off. I guess suckling my nipples induces sleep. The only problem is they get chaffed and he releases only when he falls asleep. My friend told me to get plastic nipples for him but I prefer him suckling on my nipples for it is the only time they get any attention.

  6. Comment Import

    From Jen
    I have always been interested in a womans breasts and lactation. It has been a secret fantasy of mine to nurse a pretty younger woman. I am married to a great guy but this is a strong urge.

    • Jonell

      I can fully understand your interest in womens breasts because I have the same. I have done that with a close friend. We are both bi and were lovers at one time. We both are married but we have had sex many times. After her last child I nursed her and we both loved it. It is my most cherished memory and was so beautiful, I get aroused just thinking about it !!

  7. Comment Import

    From Rebecca
    I am 37 years old and recently have fallen into a relationship with a man who has a tit fetish and we both love it. We both work so get time only when we are in bed and that involves a lot of tit sucking. I never had any kids so never lactated and it’ s all dry sucking and if naturally I start lactating then it would be wonderful though he never said about being breastfed. It’s very relaxing and relieves stress and great in bonding so I would recommend it to females who love or miss breastfeeding. For the time being I am very satisfied to have my baby suck my nipples long and deep till he falls asleep and me enjoying it with eyes closed and arms raised.

  8. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    I never really thought about being with another woman until a friend of mine was sitting next to me and she had just had her baby. Her breasts sat so up beautifully and perky. She then took out one milky breast so gently and smiled at me as the baby sucked. When she finished my pussy was so wet I wished I was that baby.

    My friend looked at me and said “Did you enjoy that”? I guess she could tell that I was really staring. I just started to smile. She leaned over and gently took my hand and I assisted her in massaging her big milky breasts. She had the perfect shape, she gently pulled out the other breast and squirted some milk in my mouth. mmmm it was an amazing experience. WOW! Gently I gently sucked the other tit as she moaned and moaned. She said I’m so embarrassed but I am so horny haven’t had sex in months.

    Without a word after she lay the beautiful baby down I gently lifted her dress and she lay on the sofa on her back, I pulled down her panties and my soft, warm, wet tongue flickered up and down her huge clit. I had never seen a clit up and personal. Her’s was so beautiful. I stopped to admire it. I then continued to gently lick her pussy and suck her clit, as she exploded. I made my way back up thirsty for more milk as she nursed me. We both moaned and moaned. It was an amazing experience. My first lesbian experience and who would have thought with my best friend.

  9. Comment Import

    From Fae
    I am so glad I found this site. Last night my boyfriend was just exploring my body and saying how he loves every inch of it, and when he got to my breasts he just stopped in awe. He started off just lightly kissing all over them, then sucking on them in a sexual way, but soon got to sucking on my nipple in a completely nonsexual way. It felt good obviously but there was something so, so intimate and nurturing about it. I had never felt so close to him.

    Then he just stopped and started talking about what it was like for him, and then said that he really wishes something would come out, and that he had this deep set want for me to lactate in his mouth and to just drink the milk. He was really embarrassed about it and I was a bit surprised at first because I had never heard anything about it. But in a matter of seconds I was completely with him and wishing I could lactate and we spent hours with him suckling on my breasts, laying across me with me holding and caressing his head with one hand and stroking the rest of his body with my other.

    There really is something about it that is just amazing. It’s beyond the turn on of having your breasts played with, and crosses into this whole other type of intimacy. Even though I can’t lactate, it was still the most amazing experience and I would highly suggest trying it out! And don’t worry about people being weirded out by it, the experience is 100% worth it!

  10. drz

    I am 37 and he is 43 living together now but had been physical for about 2 months. He loves sucking on my tits and it happens a lot. Just a week back I began lactating. Love breastfeeding him.

    • drz

      Just an update: I am still lactating. Get sucked 6 times a day for 30-45 mins. Nipples are 2 inch long, thick and dark.

  11. Nancy

    My friends and I worked together to create a site about the lactation fetish because finding information about the topic previously required digging through groups on Fetlife and elsewhere, or contacting individuals via chat.

    It has the basics on inducing, how to find a partner, and more. It’s available at

    Please share it by any means you have. Thanks!

  12. Melissa

    My husband likes when I lay on my side for him to suck on my tits till he falls asleep, and he keeps his mouth suckling on them during his sleep. If they come out of his mouth he moves his head around (eyes closed) till he finds them again and I pick the one I want, then put it up to his mouth watch him latch on, it makes me so horny and is so satisfying to watch him latch on and suck some more I love watching his mouth around my nipples and breast while sleeping. I want to feed him but I have no milk, I wish I could produce some for him so I could feed my man feeling him sucking my milk every night to sleep, when he wakes up thirsty in middle of the night I could put his face to me for a drink and I could feed him first thing in the morning. Any suggestions?? I love him sucking on me when we are home, in the car, just anywhere he or I get the need. I have a few times felt the tingly urge for his mouth teeth and tongue to suck my breasts that i’ve called him twice because I was wanting him so bad(when he’s out with his boys) so I could sleep and he was so turned on he came rite home to feed (and after pleasing me as well) It’s so comfortable for us, so intimate and satisfying. I’m his sexy momma and I love hearing him say that daddy wanna suck on momma. Sometimes we do this for hours just relaxing watching tv, sucking and sucking. I sure wish I could feel him sucking milk and swallowing it. I know he would love it too.

  13. dAvo

    My first experience of lactating i can recall was when l was 15 yo and was with a 26 yo woman to whom l will be forever thankful. Every young man SHOULD in my opinion have an older woman teach him how to treat and respect women/girls. I am still at 60 yo a great lover of breast milk and always will be.

  14. Annie

    If you’re interested in erotic lactation, adult breastfeeding relationships or are looking for like-minded individuals near Houston Texas, it makes sense to visit
    That group offers local meetups and events focused on the subject matter as well as a community of supportive people who share this interest.


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