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Cybersex Experiences: Satisfying or Devastating?

real cyberI discovered the joy of sexual freedom through cybersex. I met all kinds of people, from all over the world. It was a way to express all the hidden desires I had suppressed for so long. It can be very exciting, fun, creative, a real learning experience – discovering what really turns you on, what you want, how you feel about things. Sure I want to meet someone in real life; have a husband again – I loved being married. But for now, this is a way to grow, to learn about myself, to rediscover what makes me happy. I’m curious, what are your cybersex experiences?—Cathy


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    From Anonymous
    Yes, you can fall in love, and yes, unfortunately, it does happen to people who are not in the same country. I met someone on an online dating site almost a year ago. By May, I was madly in love. In June, I left my husband. Yes, I said “her” and yes, I said “Husband”. She is 15 years younger than me. And she is Canadian and I am American. I could not possibly have imagined a more difficult situation.

    My divorce is final. I have a ticket to fly to Canada to meet my girl for the first time. I cannot wait to look into her eyes and touch her face. I am testimony. YES…you can fall in love with the most unlikely mate. And there are no ruses here. She is who she says, and I am who I say. I told everyone the truth when I left my husband. Some shirked away, some did not. Most are not as alarmed by my change in gender choice as they are concerned with the age difference.

    She is my soulmate. I have never felt this way about anyone before. I am madly, deeply, devotedly in love with her. So yes, you can fall in love over the internet. Is this “global world” good? I think it increases your opportunity to meet a soulmate.


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