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Big Clits vs. Small Clits

Does clit size determine pleasure?

clit sizeI have not done a thorough survey of every sex partner I’ve ever made love with, but I have noticed that woman with the most intense and frequent orgasms, had a large clitoris. Another, who tells me she has had only two or three orgasms in her life . . . well, damn it, I couldn’t even find her clitoris. What say you Ladies and Gents: true or false, does clit size determine the ease or intensity of orgasm? —Anonymous


  1. Comment Import

    From Gia
    I, like most of the people who have commented, feel that size does not denote ability to orgasm. However, I must tell you people, I love big clits. The girl who took my virginity had a clit the size of my thumb and I have been obsessed with oversized ones ever since! My own is a bit larger than average, but not “huge”. I have another lover who’s clitty is about the size of a peanut M&M, and she complains about it being stimulated all the time. I think its because her hood is too small for her glans.

    My own clitoris is a little bigger than a green pea, and I am not only multi-orgasmic, I am a “squirter” as well. All in all, it comes down to a visual thing for me. It gets me going to see a big one. I have lived most of my adult life as a bi-sexual, and I only came out as a lesbian last year. I always preferred men with large penises, and I will always have a thing for girls with big fatties! What matters most is to enjoy and be good to one another.

    • Nicole Whitley

      I have a visible clitorial and I am androgynous. more tomboyish tho. I have never had a problem, in fact, the woman love when I going on there pussy. I even have a bone that sits up so a woman can ride me all that. I used to be ashamed but hell I deal with sexy ass woman so I am ok with it.

  2. Comment Import

    From Halo
    I am tiny. My ex called me half tac because I am half the size of a tic tac, and I love it.

  3. Comment Import

    From Guy
    I love vulvas, labia, clits of any size! I have only made love with one partner who had an outstandingly larger clit, though not as big as described here. 3″ must be like a small penis, very suckable. I remember, when young , my friend used to sit on the sofa rocking her bottom to and fro. As I stood opposite I couldn’t think what she was doing, if not masturbating. Later she told me how horny she often felt and in fact that is what she involuntarily was doing . When we were lovers, she came and came again every time.

    My present wife is Thai, 5’5″ tall with a perfectly formed slender figure many women would die for; she has a tiny vulva and clitoris, but so pretty and discreet. She is just as orgasmic as the big clit girls describe, but perhaps more vaginally aroused.

  4. derapas

    So interesting and well thought out responses. Yes to everything J. Corvo says and yes to size as well. Yes to external size…more surface area to be stimulated. Yes to location…as in clitoris proximity to the vaginal opening lots research to confirm including recent study in 2014 with MRI backup:

    Yes also to how the internal clitoris is developed and surrounds the vaginal canal…not much learning to date and needs further study.

    So back to external based size…this is amusing. Flip the script. A man with a 4 inch penis and a man with a 8 inch penis. Can they both orgasm…yes Does the man with an 8 inch penis feel a greater range of pleasure sensation by length? Yes. Can a man with an 8 inch penis make love in positions a man with a 4 inch penis can’t? Yes. So then a man with an 8 inch penis can have an orgasms in positions a 4 inch penis cannot. Yes. Exact same thing with a woman.Larger clits closer to the vaginal opening orgasm easier. No size shaming just facts.

    Does this mean a women with a small clit has any less orgasms…or a man with a small penis? No they just need to know and their partners no how to flip their switch. The more partners know about themselves and how they are built and wired…the better the love!

  5. Myra

    My clit is average the size of a battery AA.The head of my clit before was completely covered by the hood,but when i started to masturbate it was very uncomfortable.My clit is growing through last 5 years since I exit the puberty and the hood is too small to keep my clit head hidden.I was feeling tension inside.One day before my masturbating session,I watch lesbian porn.One girl was with big clit exactly like mine,but her clit head was freely uncovered and the clit hood was moving up and dowd showing or hiding her clit head.I immediately started to try to pull my hood back,but no success,My hood was impossible to retract and only the tip of my clit head was able to poke.I applied some of my spit directly under the hood and keep trying to pull the hood back.And after three or four tries-ahhh myy clit head pokes out completely and the hood stayed to the back like clamped with something.The first view of my clit head was confusing because it was covered with smegma.Twenty five years competely covered.From that day my clit is comfortable to be out,completely uncapped.My head is always outie and started to have more intensive orgasms than before.I like to be touched,sucked and when I’m close to orgasm I very like to pull my clit head with middle and index finger.

  6. derapas


    This is really interesting because typically the clitoral glans does not grow beyond the hood in women with big clits. In fact one way to tell is look at female bodybuilders who take testosterone and depending on depth of use they grow way beyond the hood. There are women porn stars who have also done testosterone and you can see before and after from their video history.

  7. Steve

    To all the ladies out there that have a larger than average clit or larger than average labia… It was only later in my life that I realized some women have large clits or large labia or both. And since seeing more women’s genitalia I have decided I definitely prefer women with a prominent clitoris and meaty labia because i LOVE sucking on both. I also very much enjoy watching a woman stroke and masturbate her clit as I find it very erotic and will get my dick rock hard very quickly while watching her. I can easily spend hours watching porn of solo women with large clits and labia masturbate in front of the camera. I can also spend hours making love to a women so endowed and honest about her sex drive and sensuality. I’ve found that women who enjoy masturbating regularly, and are not ashamed to do it on front of their lover, are by far the best lovers. I also just recently had a lover that had a large clit, was not inhibited by watching porn and masturbating, and would squirt almost every time she reached orgasm. And I love having her squirt and come in my mouth as I was going down on her. I never thought I would enjoy tasting a woman’s love juice as much as I do now. Unfortunately, there were other parts of her personality that rendered a continuing relationship with her impractical and in some ways impossible. So, I’m in the hunt again for a woman who possesses those physical and mental characteristics toward great sex. Where are you my love?

  8. KHen

    They’ve done studies on this that actually point to women with larger clits having greater pleasure… think about it, it’d be like having a larger part of the brain… it’s not like having a larger dick because the nerves aren’t as sensitive, but imagine having a really big area of flesh that’s made up of super concentrated nerves. It’s more pleasure, and more feeling.
    There’s more nerves firing, so it’s a more intense pleasure. Idk this part personally cause my body count is only three girls, but I’ve noticed especially with myself the larger the clit the more sensitive, because there’s more surface area, but that can vary with how thick the clitoral hood is. Myself, I’m soooo sensitive, just the lightest touch is so intense, and amazing. And adding more pressure than you’d use to check a pulse can be too much stimulation to the point where it doesn’t even feel good. I can’t really use vibrators, it’s too much feeling. Like having my nerves overloaded with pleasure.


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