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Same-Sex Curiosity: Did you ever? Would you ever?

Same Sex curiosityOkay, so say you’re straight. Have you ever considered having a “gay old time”? Do you have same-sex curiosity? Would you ever? Did you ever? Would you do it again? Was it better than you ever imagined? Was it ho-hum? Did you feel guilty? Call me curious, hell, call me bi-curious! -Wimz

Porn is not for Women, or is it?

porn for womenPeople are weird. Just last night some guy told me, “Porn is not for women!” I was like, “WHAT?” Ugh…I’m a woman and well damn, I love porn! Oh and yes, I have lots of porn on my computer! —Christine

Big Dicks vs. Competent Foreplay

Your preference…be honest!

Greek Satyr with fantastic cock and ballsI would like to hear about how important a man’s phallic length is. Every adult film I’ve seen has the macho studs sporting cocks of equestrian proportions, and it sure LOOKS like the women or men enjoy having every orifice filled by them. In the real world, however, how does a big dick rate compared with your partner being competent in foreplay? Would your personal preference be a horse-hung mate, but you’ll settle for other things in lieu? If so, what rates higher for you in that instance? Your feedback could be most enlightening. —Phlyon Zawahl

Why Do People Cheat?

Is the grass really greener?

“I have been cheated on, time and time again. See, I think they just get bored or something of that sort, because even now mine has been caught trying to do more than window shop.” —Anonymous.

So why do people cheat? Possibly one partner isn’t enough, perhaps people get bored, maybe ‘the grass is greener’ is hard to resist. Tell us about your experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Swing Clubs

What goes on at these places?

SwingingAnyone ever been to a swing club? I’m dreadfully curious—what’s it like? What are the rules, the etiquette? Can you go and just watch or do they find that annoying?

By “swing clubs” I mean the type of establishment where you have a membership and there are scheduled parties and dances, rules and regulations, etc. Off premises or on. It turns out there’s such a club in the city where I live, and I’m told by my gentleman friend that an acquaintance of his (from work no less) can refer us to the proprietors. I’m not the type to want to get naked with strangers, but I certainly am the type who has always wanted to indulge an untried voyeuristic inclination.

So, the more anyone can tell me about what goes on at these parties, the better. I’ll know if I want to try and go to one…or two or three or…

Younger / Older Relationships: It’s complicated… or is it?

Relationships with age disparity are frequently mocked with snickering remarks. Often wealth and physical attractiveness are seen as more relevant then love. Sexually, it’s noted that older people tend to have lower sex drives, and younger people tend to be sexually inexperienced. But, what is the reality? Do you have experience with younger/older relationships, and if so what is the reality—the good, bad, and ugly?

Men reach their sexual peak at eighteen. Women reach theirs at thirty-five. Do you get the feeling that God is playing a practical joke? —Rita Rudner

Losing Your Virginity: Fiction vs. Reality

In so many romance novels, when women lost their virginity the pain only seems to surface for a second before feelings turn into earth shattering pleasure. However, in real life woman usually doesn’t have a whole lotta fun and it takes a couple of tries to get the earth shattering feeling that these romance women get in just a few seconds. Did anyone out there have romance book type experiences where the guy knows what he’s doing when it is her first time? Did the pain quickly turn to pleasure?

How about the guys? Men are almost always portrayed as knowledgeable and experienced. We know that’s hardly the case. Don’t be shy, tell us: Were you nervous, uncomfortable, was your partner helpful, or scornful? —Alyn Rosselini

I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move. —Madonna

Forced Fantasies: Right or Wrong?

Forced FantasiesOne of our featured gallery stories sparked the most heated debate about forced fantasies. The story was an explicit description of a rape fantasy.’some felt that the story fell within the prohibited range of what is deemed acceptable within erotic fiction. Others felt that it was a good portrayal of a masturbatory fantasy. We are interested in what you have to say about forced fantasies. — Lybbe

Male Nipple Play: Men, Are You Into It?

Male Nipple PlayWe all know that most women enjoy having their breasts licked and sucked. Female breast and nipples play a major role in almost any sexual encounter. But what about men? Do men enjoy having their nipples sucked? Why do we so rarely read about this in erotic fiction? Come on guys! Tell us what you think.

Cock Rings: Torture or Pleasure?

cock ringsGuys, What’s the longest you can comfortably wear a cock ring without chafing? Would you mind giving me some examples of your favorite cock rings to use, eg., metal, plastic, etc. and what they do for you to heighten your orgasm? Inquiring minds wanna know. —Sedona

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