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Does erotic classical music send your libido soaring? Well then, don’t be stingy, share with us! Sure, you can share your libido, but for now we’ll be satisfied with your favorite erotic classical music CD. (Be sure to include CD titles, not just the music titles).


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    Stephan says:  Franz Liszt’s Les Preludes incorporates all the stages of foreplay mounting to marvelous orgasm.

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    Stan says:  As accompaniment for a twenty-something-minute sexual act, I found once upon a time that Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite has it all orchestration that is just exotic and lush enough; tempi and weights and rhythms and textures that keep shifting organically; a prolonged climax that builds relentlessly through a series of false endings to a l-o-o-o-n-g pounding release.

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    Mary says: The Overture to Tannhauser by Richard Wagner. Simply breathtaking! The slow, sensual beginning that pierces your heart like an arrow–sends shivers throughout the entire body. The thunderous climax to the piece can only be topped by your own.

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    Paul Down says: Classical is so misunderstood. My most listened to in my collection would be Carmina Burana, Vid Cor Meum, Lux Eaturna (ligeti), the nutcracker suite, the Carmen suite, night on bald mountain, Finlandia and swan lake.

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    Huckleberry says: For sheer, luxurious erotica in musical form, you can’t beat Richard Strauss. There’s so much to choose from but if you want to hear what a truly great composer can suggest with music, try the overture to Der Rosenkavalier, which depicts a couple making love. The opera goes on to feature some of the most divine music ever written for the soprano voice.

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    From Jules: The first part of Trois Gymnopedies, Lent et douleureux, is of course, the famous piano piece that most have heard, and it’s worth getting an entire CD for that. There are another 53 pieces on the CD I own. Soft and gentle and perfect as a poem. Try to reflect some of that gentleness back onto yourself through the use of this music; let your eyes and lips prove it can really be you. That first song was given words sung by, among others, Charlotte Church, and although I dislike the idea of putting lyrics to famous instrumentals, I admit they are beautiful, if you are too tired at the end of a long day to think of any yourself…

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    Teresa says: For some of the most gorgeous music ever You have to listen to the “Lullaby” or “Firebird’s Supplication” from Stravinsky’s Firebird ballet. There is a new recording conducted by Gergiev of the Maryinskiy orchestra – Gergiev is the best interpreter of Stravinsky I’ve ever heard.
    Also, Debussy’s Afternoon of a Faun.

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    Ladyfaye says: My favorite cd of all time is “Closer” by Josh Groban. almost all of his songs on the cd will put you and your lover in the mood anytime.
    My personal favorites are tracks number 2 “Confession,” number 3, “Mi Mancherai (il postino),” number 4 “Si Volvieras A Mi,” number 5 “When You Say You Love Me,” and last but certainly not least number 10 “Remember When It Rained.” These some of these tracks if not all will surly put you in the mood.

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    Claude says:  For those more intellectually stimulated, any selection from J.S. Bach will gain plentiful results. (He had well over 20+ offspring by the way).

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    Anonymous says: The most erotic classical piece for me has always been Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D. The seductive play between the soloist and the orchestra matches the seductive rhythms of sexual play perfectly. Try it some time.

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    Anonymous says:I am amazed that no one has yet mentioned “Carmen” by Bizet. Try dancing to the habanera, and you’ll see what I mean. Sultry sexy Seville at its finest, raunchiest, and mort provocative.

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    Trixie recommends: Josh Groban – Mi Mancherai, When you say you love me, all’improviso amore, Remember when it rained, Hymne a l’amour, You raise me up; Peter Kovacs Classics for Lovers, inspire me to write. The most relaxing Classical album in the World is great for “after” when floating together in the sea of tranquility – played very softly, of course. And when I am alone “Secret Garden” will send me into peaceful sleep for the next 8-9 hours!

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    Trixie says: Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D Yehudi Menuhin is music for making love. The first movement to my mind depicts oral sex for a woman with many orgasms; the second, oral sex for a man, taking him close to the edge but never over; while the third can only be described as a joyous and prolonged coupling! Menuhin’s interpretation of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, Op64 is the perfect follow on, floating on a tranquil sea, passion spent, laying close, touching, dozing.

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    Rebecca says: Both sensual and exotic at the same time, East Village Opera Company for me creates some sexy daydreams. I recommend “Nessun Dorma” because it builds excitement and tension from start to finish like the perfect orgasm. “Flower Duet” normally has a lesbian connotation but when sung as a duet between a man and woman, it becomes a song perhaps about a secret, forbidden love. To put you in the mood, try “O Mio Babbino Caro”. It has a great beat and haunting sensual melody. “Habanera” is an updated version a classic with a upbeat tempo, driving to a climax at the end. Muy Bueno.

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    Tom says: If you can overlook Wagner’s social and political views, the Tannhauser Overture is full of sex, mutual orgasms and continued passion after the sex is done! We find it sensual and erotic. What more could you want?

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    Lionello says: The most erotic and stimulating music that I have ever heard is without a doubt Brahms’ clarinet quintet. Brahms was a very erotic old man!

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    Simon says: Lush, tender, poignant, and erotic, Borodin’s second String Quartet in D does it for me, especially the first and third movements. Less for seduction, more to accompany love-making with your long-time soulmate.


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