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NOTE: All posted calls for submissions are based on information provided by the publishers, and are not vetted or endorsed by ERWA. Authors are encouraged to ask publishers about contracts details and other terms.


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eXtasy Books

We accept submissions in all the sub-genres: romance, sensual romance, YA, BDSM, G/L/B, interracial, African/American, Alternate Lifestyles, Science Fiction, Gay/Lesbian, and any and all combinations thereof. We embrace the unusual and original, and are interested in all heat levels. If it’s outside the box, feel free to send it.

Approximate required word count:

  • Sizzlers 12,000 – words and up
  • Novellas – 20,000 – words and up
  • Full novels/anthologies – 50,000 words and up

We offer 40% of list price for eXtasy releases and 40% of net received from 3rd party sellers. We require worldwide rights and the contract is for 3 years.

We look for solid plots, well-developed settings and characters that are fully three-dimensional. We want originality and professional-level storytelling. History should be well-researched and totally fictional worlds in fantasy and science fiction must be visualized clearly. Get your facts straight.

What we don’t want are erotic stories that are essentially a thin plot stringing sex scenes together or characters whose motivations and personalities are shallow and stereotypical. While the purpose of all erotica is to arouse the reader, eXtasy books provide excellent entertainment for the reader as well. In other words, the sexuality is an asset to the book, not the other way around. Sensuality is vital–we expect your characters to use all five of their senses. There not only has to be a reason for the sex…we want to know how they feel about it as well. And there’s no need to keep a tally in your head; the amount of sex should be appropriate to the story. We don’t require so many scenes per story. We’d rather a lot of tension and one big scene than sex for sex’s sake.
We also aren’t interested in works that are little more than new versions of old stories. A novella in the spirit of The Story of O is one thing; a novella that’s little more than a thinly disguised rewrite is another, and won’t make it past the first read. Creativity is not only desired, but required.

Extensive use of vocabulary is a must, and reliance on standard romance clichés is discouraged. You needn’t use raw Anglo-Saxon to describe the sexual organs but substitutions should evoke a sexual frisson, not a giggle. Graphic descriptions of genitalia should also be avoided. Remember, the most important sexual organ is the brain, so keep the focus on characters’ feelings, thoughts and sensations. Make the language appropriate to the setting. Show, don’t tell.

Keep the sex original and different. Nothing loses a reader’s interest faster than having characters do the same thing over and over with only minor variations. Nor, contrary to popular belief, need all sex scenes end in a climax. Interruptions can lead to anticipation, and in the case of erotica, waiting can be half the fun. Sexual tension is perfectly acceptable.

FAQ and submission details at:

Excessica Publishing

Excessica Publishing has recently opened its doors again to new author submissions. They have been in the business since 2008 and they were the first successful ebook author cooperative. They have collectively grossed nearly a million dollars a year for the past four years and they offer authors 90% of their profits.

In order to allow authors to keep most of their profits, they keep their costs down by working as a cooperative that benefits all Excessica authors. Authors who submit to eXcessica are responsible for their own editing and cover art–but they do have freelance resources on hand for those services. eXcessica takes care of the formatting and uploading to distributors and the distribution of payments on a quarterly basis.

Excessica also has a marketing team who promotes your book(s) on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and shares it with review services. We offer authors the opportunity to see their work published both as an ebook and in print. We distribute to all major distributors (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Google, Kobo) as well as smaller niche distributors like Excitica, All Romance Ebooks, Omnilit, Bookstrand, A-1 Adult Ebooks, and more through aggregators like Smashwords and Draft to Digital. We also offer authors the opportunity to do pre-orders on the major sites that offer it, as well as on our own site.

For authors interested in Amazon’s KDP Select program, which requires exclusivity to Amazon, we offer that as well. We also publish anthologies and boxed sets, which offer our authors a great opportunity for exposure and visibility.

We are looking for:

Excessica accepts all erotica and erotic romance, from the hottest, most taboo fiction to the sweetest fade-to-black romance. (We have a non-erotic imprint). We are known for taking erotica that “other publishers won’t touch” including dubious consent, nonconsent, mind control, extreme BDSM and incest. But we also publish sweet romance and everything in between.


We accept all lengths, from super short 2K stories to super-novels over 250K.
Stories: Under 15K
Novelettes: 15-35K
Novellas: 35-50K
Novels: 50-70K
Super Novels: 70-140K
Super XL Novels: 140-250K
Super XXL Novels: 250K +


Well we had to have some boundaries!

  • Underage sex—a controversial topic to say the least. Since we are based in the U.S. and considering the current political climate, we have to say that underage is defined as someone under the age of 18. So no descriptive sexual situations with underage persons will be allowed—however, allusions and reference to it happening in the past is okay.
  • Rape—this is a soft boundary. We do accept some non-consent work. Submit it and we’ll see!
  • Incest—there are only a few distributors who take this. We publish it via and will publish it at those sites that allow it. Pseudoincest is also accepted, and is allowed at a few more distributors, although there are some who do not take it.
  • Necrophilia and bestiality—no surprise, the dead folks and the earth-animals are still off-limits, folks. Of course, this doesn’t include the UNdead (vampires) or fantastical animals (shapeshifters, werewolves, etc.)


When you submit to Excessica the first time, it’s more like an audition than anything else. You’re going to get one chance to impress us, so make it good! Once you have been accepted to our stable of authors, there are certain guidelines and a level of quality we will expect to be met, but essentially you will be allowed to submit your work without prior approval. Please make sure your first submission is the one you want to make your best first impression!

A NOTE ON EDITING: When it comes to editing, we expect you to be incredibly diligent about your work. It needs to be as error-free as possible before submission. Your manuscript will be read and reviewed for both content and errors. If your manuscript has clearly been sent to us unedited, it will be returned to you.


Deep Desires Press

Deep Desires Press is a new publisher of erotica and high-heat-level erotic romance. We focus on quality rather than quantity – we would much rather have a handful of top-notch stories than a full catalogue of mediocre books. Our main goal is to excite the reader, to take their imagination into the most erotic of scenarios. We expect to launch in the winter of 2016/2017 and are currently seeking submissions in the categories listed below.

Authors will earn 50% royalties (after the vendor takes its cut) and will receive full editing, cover art, and marketing support from Deep Desires Press. Submissions are expected to be well-written, well-edited, and reasonably error-free.

First, a few general details:

Genres: We are seeking all genres and subgenres of erotica and erotic romance. This includes contemporary, paranormal, LGBTQ+, BDSM, historical, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.

Pairings: We are seeking stories featuring any pairing – MF, MM, FF, group/ménage/multiple partner, and we are inclusive of trans*-identified characters.

Wish List: While we are open to any and all submissions that meet the criteria of this Call For Submissions, we are particularly keen on submissions that reflect real life, including, but not limited to, multi-racial casts of characters, accurate depictions of LGBTQ+ relationships and sex, and settings outside of Canada and USA.

Banned Content: We will not accept submissions containing underage characters in sexual situations, bestiality, necrophilia, yellow play, brown play, incest, pseudo-incest, non-con, dub-con, or rel-con.

Social Media and Self-Promotion: Authors are expected to have at least two mediums for self-promotion, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, newsletter, Pinterest, blog, website, Google+, etc. When submitting, please include relevant links in your query letter. In the case of a newsletter, please include the current number of subscribers.

Rights: Deep Desires Press will seek ebook, print, and audio rights from the author. However, at present, we are expecting to publish in ebook-format only. Contracts are for three years from publication, renewed on an annual basis thereafter.

New Content: We are primarily looking for new works only. However, if your work has been previously published and you currently hold full rights, we will consider these works on a case-by-case basis.

What we’re looking for:

Length: Short Stories (5,000 – 10,000 words)
Genre: Erotica
Need: High
Details: We are seeking erotica short stories that feature at least one intense sex scene, as well as an engaging framing story. In particular, we are looking for stories that contain series potential from authors who can maintain a fairly regular output. If your story has series potential and you know where subsequent stories will venture, please include this in your query letter.

Length: Novellas (10,001 – 25,000 words)
Genre: Erotica, Erotic Romance
Need: High
Details: We are seeking novellas that feature multiple sex scenes with an engaging storyline. Erotic romance novellas must have a “happily ever after” or “happy for now” ending. While we would prefer stories with series potential, this is not necessary.

Length: Novels (25,001 words and up)
Genre: Erotica, Erotic Romance
Need: Low
Details: We are primarily focusing on short stories and novellas, but we are always open to a novel-length manuscript that catches our attention. Erotic romance novels must have a “happily ever after” or “happy for now” ending.

How to submit:

Please query via email to, following the guidelines below:

In the body of your email, please include a brief query letter outlining who you are, what your book is about, the length of your book, your plans for sequels (if any), and relevant social media links. For novellas and novels, please also include a synopsis of your work in the body of your email, below your letter.

Please attach your story, novella, or novel to the email as a Word file (doc or docx). Documents should be double-spaced with one-inch margins and in Times New Roman 12-point font.

At present, response time is within one to two weeks.

For more information:

For more information on Deep Desires Press, please visit our website at or email us at

Thank you for your interest.

Silk Words

SilkWords is a new way to read fiction. Our target market is women who love erotic romance and erotica and who will enjoy interacting with a story by making choices that lead to different endings. We offer a variety of subgenres and heat levels and publish new stories every week, so we are able to work with your schedule.


We want stories with rich characters/settings that hook readers (in the first couple of pages) so they become invested early on and are compelled to make choices to reach the ending. We also want readers to enjoy the story so much they come back multiple times to explore different choices.

The majority of choices presented to the reader should be significant (i.e. a choice between two potential partners, two locations, two perspectives, etc.). We are flexible about the number and type of story branches; first and foremost we are looking for very high quality stories the reader becomes invested in.

SilkWords does not require HEA endings, but we do require that all stories have at least one upbeat or hopeful ending. We also require that characters be of appropriate age, and that sexual interaction is consensual.

Completed stories should be a minimum of 10,000 words.

Contract Options

We have two story formats: a reader-vote story, where authors develop stories in collaboration with readers on the SilkWords website, and a completed “pick your path” story (CYOA). For reader-vote stories, we work with authors to develop the story, and for both types of stories we provide developmental editing, copyediting, and cover art. We produce the final story as an e-book, make it available in the various outlets, and promote it via our website and social media. The author receives 50% of e-book sales. We ask for digital rights for 5 years.

All authors receive a bio page on the site, where you can promote your other work to our 2,000+ active members.


Please specify which type of story you are submitting (see above). Send the beginning of your story, up to the first choice point. If you are submitting a CYOA story, please include all of the proposed choice points. If you are submitting a reader-vote story, provide a summary of the story’s general direction (we realize this will be loose, due to the voting aspect). The writing sample should be at least 1,000 words.

If you’ve submitted a CYOA proposal, and we like it, we’ll ask to see the completed story (and may provide feedback to help you fit the story to our needs and format).

Note: The content of your story up to the first choice point should not include sexual material or excessive adult language. Users don’t see an adult content warning until they sign up for a membership.

Submission Format

  • Use standard manuscript format (.doc or .rtf): Double-spaced, paragraph indent, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.
  • Include title, author name, and page number in the header for each page.
  • Include a cover page with name (and pseudonym, if applicable), email address, mailing address, and phone number.

Send your proposal to the submissions editor: Include “SilkWords proposal” and your title in the subject line.

We look forward to reading your submission!

Keri Multerer
Co-Founder SilkWords

Carina Press

Carina Press is Harlequin’s digital-first adult fiction single-title imprint, publishing first in digital, with releases in audio and print as well.

What Carina Press editors are look for:
Kerri Buckley, September 14, 2015

Fall seemed like the perfect time to re-evaluate our Carina Press MSWLs and update this post! A full breakdown of what each individual CP editor is looking for right now is down below, but I also wanted to take a moment to highlight the areas we’re especially interested in as we build our 2016/2017 publishing schedule:

  1. Super Sexy Contemporary: Not-quite erotic but still off-the-charts crazy hot and full of dirty talk, sexual tension, and unique h/h pairings. Think Time Served by Julianna Keyes.
  2. Erotic Romance: BDSM welcome but not required. We are very hungry to build a brand-new erotic series at Carina, in the vein of Lynda Aicher’s Wicked Play books. 70,000 words and up, please!
  3. Male/Male: While we’re always looking for contemporaries, we’d also love to see different genres with a m/m romance at the center. Romantic suspense, sci-fi, and mysteries are all fair game (like Josh Lanyon’sFair Game). New Adult m/m is a particular area of interest for us. Please see A.M Arthur’s Belonging series and j. leigh bailey’s Reckless Hope.
  4. Romantic Suspense: Real danger, high stakes, and/or total alphas, please. Lisa Marie Rice’s Midnight Fire is character-driven RomSusp at its very best; Library Journal compared Edie Harris’s Blamed to “a James Bond movie.”
  5. Paranormal Romance: We’re on the hunt for a paranormal series that features alpha heroes, perhaps a band of brotherhood type warrior society or great clan/shifter politics. The series should be sexy, with great worldbuilding, and larger than life characters. Shifters, dragons, demons, vampires are all okay. What we are not looking for at this time is ghosts, psychics, angels, mythology, or ancient-setting paranormal. For examples, think Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound or D.B. Reynolds’s Vampires in America.

As always, just because something is not listed above does not mean we aren’t acquiring it. If we publish it, we’re looking for it—and if you’ve written something that fits within our submission guidelines, we want to see it!

Angela James, Editorial Director:

This fall and winter, I’m looking for submissions to push my limits, give me an incredible romance to fall into, deliver a good alpha hero with lots of possessive qualities, and a heroine who isn’t timid, a pushover or afraid to go after what she wants. And I’m looking for it all from authors who want to write more than one book for me, will deliver on deadline and want to work with an editor who will take them to the next level (that’s me 😉 or any of the other amazing and awesome Carina editors, of course!)

Submission guidelines at:

Juicy Pink Box

Thank you for reading the submission guidelines for Juicy Pink Box and allowing us to consider your work. Without your creativity, we wouldn’t have an erotica publishing division. To submit your short-story erotica, please follow the guidelines below.

We understand you want to receive speedy news of acceptance. So we will do our best to reply quickly and personally to each inquiry. We are writers and editors ourselves, and as such, we are conscientious about responding to manuscripts promptly. But with a high volume of submissions, it may take some time to reply. Moreover, we apologize for any delay.

Guidelines at a Glance

  • Series Title: Falling for Her
  • Series Description: Stories about “straight” women falling in love with other women and what exactly it is like. Tone is light, romantic, sensual, sweet, “making love” themes.
  • Demographic Target: 18-25 year old females
  • Market: Fiction, Nonfiction
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Length: 3,000 – ­5,000 words
  • Reading time: Year-round, seasonal submissions accepted
  • Unsolicited submissions: Yes
  • Query first: N/A
  • Simultaneous Submissions: Accepted. Please indicate in your email.
  • Multiple Submissions: Accepted. Please indicate in your email.
  • Previously Published: No.
  • Book Excerpts: No.
  • Submission Type: Email Only
  • Media: eBook

Following the guidelines below, submit materials to:

Category Guidelines:


We seek erotica flash fiction/non-fiction and short stories. We want your well-crafted, polished manuscript that has been revised, edited, reconsidered and read by your writing group or other colleagues. We will not accept first drafts/rough/unpolished work. Your work should be a final draft.


Two (2) short-story Juicy Pink Box-branded e-book manuscripts per month

General Guidelines for All Submissions:


As a sex-positive company, we would like to see stories with the following characteristics:

  • Storylines involving women of color, but NOT as a maid/housekeeper. Women characters should have good jobs and interesting lives.
  • Stories set in an exotic location.
  • Luxury lifestyle themes
  • Storylines about straight women struggling with sexuality.
  • Happy ending required, no “suicidal” themes.
  • Soft and sensual
  • Really clear descriptions of sex
  • Strong character and plot development
  • An air of mystery
  • Surprise endings
  • Great love story, i.e romantic, tear jerker, etc.


If your manuscript includes any of the following themes, it will be automatically rejected:

  • Rape (unless consensual, i.e. in a Sub/Dom Relationship)
  • Violence/Domestic Violence (unless consensual, i.e. in a Sub/Dom Relationship)
  • Incest, even if implied (i.e. stepmother)
  • Bestiality
  • Scat/Golden Shower/Menstrual Blood
  • Underage sex (except in situation where it’s a “true story” and then 15-16 cutoff, depending on the content)
  • Extreme power imbalances (i.e high school student with teacher, or a much older woman and younger woman)
  • Trickery in seduction (no one should be fooled or forced into sex or a relationship through fraud or coercion)


Send your queries and submissions via email, according to the guidelines below. We accept unsolicited submissions via email only. We do not accept submissions via U.S. mail. Please wait at least thirty (30) days to hear from us, but please feel free so submit simultaneous submissions. We do not accept excerpts of material from other work. We also do not accept previously published work.


Please paste your entire story into the body of your email. Please do not send text attachments. We will not open your MS Word or PDF file, as we are wary of viruses.


Your text submission should be formatted with basic black type and one font—Cambria 12 pt or Calibri 11pt work best for our site format—without strange, cute or other funky formatting. If your submission must contain strange formatting or you are otherwise unable to fit your submission into these basic formatting guidelines without losing some of its meaning, contact us with a query email for special instructions.


Strange formatting may occur when you cut and paste a document into the body of an email—especially if you have non-standard punctuation or multiple fonts used in a piece. Some of MS Word’s auto-formatting features—for example, smart quotes and em dashes—change in appearance when pasted as text into an email. When we receive this type of email, the text may appear as unreadable “Unicode.” Please edit your submission in the body of the email to ensure there are no smart quotes, curly apostrophes, or other problematic formatting issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask first.


Please include your name and contact information in your submission. Please share a brief biography per the guidelines for your submission category. We’d like your name, phone number and email address at the beginning of your email, along with the type of submission you are making and the number of words it contains. We will not share your contact information.

Here is a sample of how it should look:

  • Title or Headline Explanation of Submission
  • Series for Submission
  • Number of Words
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email


You can help us read your email submission faster by following our conventions for your subject line. Please use your last name and a shortened version of your title. For instance, “ABC Title Erotica by J. Doe.” There is no need to use something cute or strange in the subject line as this will likely cause your email to be deleted.


By submitting your work, you are confirming that you own the copyright to the material and are granting usage of the work to Juicy Pink Box. We will purchase a two (2) year exclusive license with the first right of refusal to purchase all rights or renew a license at the end of the term. Author will be paid in full once final manuscript has been accepted.


It is appropriate to provide a brief biography with your submission. If your submission is accepted, we will contact you if we need additional information to include in your bio. For example, we may ask you to provide a photograph, links to your website, etc.


If your work is accepted for publication, you will receive a one-time payment of $50 upon publication. Payment will occur within thirty (30) days of publication.


Our goal is to respond to submissions within a month. There should be no need to resend your submission—in our experience, as email is profoundly efficient. Occasionally, online technical glitches and spam filters may somehow thwart our communication process. If you have not heard back from us within two months, please send a follow-up email to the appropriate submissions category.

Thank you for your interest in Juicy Pink Box. We look forward to connecting with you and sharing your work.

Hot Chilli Erotica

Looking to gain massive exposure for your writing to a fresh and rapidly growing audience of thousands?

Hot Chilli Erotica is constantly calling for submissions to provide unique, stimulating and high quality material to cover all of its features and sections.

We want a diverse range of styles and subjects so long as everything received can be regarded as sex positive.

What we are specifically looking for:

  • Erotic fiction and non-fiction, any length up to around 3 – 4000 words. Stories can be varied in genre and style but must be sex positive and unique in storyline with an emphasis on an engaging story, atmosphere and character development, setting or plot (not just the sex – we’re about more than just describing sex). Payment is available for Featured Erotic Fiction of above 1500 words (at this stage this is the only format we are offering payment for), although we like to feature Flash Fiction pieces as well of shorter word length (these are not paid for, but exposure and promotion can be included).
  • Erotic Poetry or Prose. Romantic and/or Erotic in nature, ranging in explicit levels. Varying styles and lengths acceptable.

Submission details at:

Blushing Books Publications

Thank you for your interest in publishing with Blushing Books. You may be interested to learn that Blushing (formerly ABCD Graphics and Design) is the oldest erotic eBook publisher on the web. We have been publishing erotic fiction on the web since 1998 and publishing eBooks since 2003.

We pay our authors some of the highest rates in the industry, and unlike some publishers who scale rates based on copies sold, we pay our full rate from the first copy out the door.

Our authors receive 50% of revenue on eBook titles. Any author that places more than ten titles with us receives 60% on any new titles. (Revenues on titles for the Blushing Books in-house store are calculated after a 10% credit card processing fee is deducted.)

We pride ourselves on our quick response times to writers. Your submission will be acknowledged (and assigned to a reader) by the next business day, and you will receive a response within 1-2 weeks. In general we publish within 1-2 months of acceptance. If you send us a workable manuscript, it is reasonable for you to expect publication within 2-3 months of the time we first receive an email from you.

We are not a subsidy or vanity publisher. Our authors pay no fees for editing or cover art, or any document preparation.

We’re ALWAYS looking for new authors and new titles.

What do we accept?

We are primarily a publisher of spanking novels, and that genre is a broad one. Blushing Books publishes many books with a good deal of erotic content, but we also publish non-sexual stories containing discipline spanking scenes.

We publish all sorts of material: everything from Christian/Inspirational spanking stories, to advice books, and all the way to hot and spicy BDSM stories containing elements of ageplay, bondage, master/slave, and bottom-play and enemas.

The content of our stories could be rated ‘PG’ all the way to books that are so hot they wouldn’t HAVE a rating, but they are ALL geared for adult readers (18+) only.

Detailed guideline and submission information at:


Open Call For Submission

Elite Digital Media, LLC (EDM) is launching an online magazine ( in March 2016 that focuses exclusively on celebrating women’s sexuality in many facets, with a heavy emphasis on erotica. One of our goals is to assemble and provide our readers with access to the finest collection of erotica available anywhere. At this time, we are inviting all authors to submit their erotica short stories, and flash erotica to be considered for publication. All genres and sub-genres will be considered. All submissions must be the entirely original and entirely the author’s own work. No fan fic or other derivative works will be considered. We are looking for stories with a wide range heat levels from racy romance to XXX Hardcore, however, anything containing sexual activity involving minors (18+ only), rape, incest, bestiality or any other illegal activity will be rejected. Authors may submit as many stories as they wish. For additional information and to submit your stories, please visit our submissions page at

Avon Impulse

What is Avon Impulse? It’s the digital-first publishing imprint of Avon Books. Each month our goal is to build an exciting list of fresh, exciting voices, which means we’re always looking for new talent!

At Avon, we’re known for our personalized approach to publishing. We promise, you’ll know our names, phone numbers, email addresses and twitter handles. You’ll be hearing from us often. You’ll receive major house effort with boutique TLC, making Avon Impulse a fantastic place to launch your romance writing career.

What we’re looking for right now: (You might be surprised!)

  • New Adult romance
  • Super sexy contemporaries
  • Trilogies — and beyond. (If you have a series, we want to see it.)
  • Serialized novels

Need a story idea? Look below at our helpful hints and guidelines! But if you’re writing something different than these, we want to see that, too!

Helpful Hints and Guidelines
Toss away your ideas of what Avon is all about, and read here for how to write for Avon Romance and Avon Impulse! We publish new authors in both print and digital-first.

What might get you noticed:

  • Fabulously sexy heroes who let nothing get in the way of getting what they want – the heroine of course – and giving her everything she needs.
  • Heroines unafraid to take chances in life… and in love. She’s smart and she’s never afraid to stand up for herself.
  • You choose the setting, just make sure it’s utterly romantic! We want to be able to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world that you’ve created.
  • “Series Wanted!” Readers always cry out for more when you’ve given them characters to believe in… so give us more, too, and you’ll get our attention.
  • Dark and dramatic? Bring it on! We all love to laugh, but we’re also interested in stories that explore the many twists and turns of true love.

A few necessary facts:

  • Avon Impulse (digital first): We are seeking full length novels of approximately 50-60,000 words.
  • Formatting choices are up to you. If we can read it, you can submit it.
  • No need to submit to a specific editor. If a specific editor has requested your manuscript, please let us know and we’ll get it to her.
  • No need to submit to specific imprint, either; you’ll work with the same editorial team.
  • You should receive an answer either way in about three months.
  • You don’t need an agent.

Be Creative! Be innovative! And don’t hesitate to submit to Avon today through

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