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NOTE: All posted calls for submissions are based on information provided by the publishers, and are not vetted or endorsed by ERWA. Authors are encouraged to ask publishers about contracts details and other terms.

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Need short stories, novels, novellas, poetry, etc.? Click the button below, fill in the form, and we’ll list your call for submissions.

Short Erotica Zodiac Signs Descriptions: Writers Wanted!

Are you really good at writing erotica? We’re looking for HIGHLY CREATIVE erotica writers that can write detailed and engaging erotic descriptions of zodiac signs of under 300 words. Must be able to start right away or as early as next week.

Stories will be tasteful, not vulgar, and geared towards a female audience., and you should be able to write several stories per week. To apply, please send samples of previous erotica writing and any past experience you have writing erotic fiction. Applications without will not be considered.


Liquid Silver Publishing: Erotica short fiction – all genres

Seeking erotica stories in all genres that will hook the reader in with a fresh approach.

We’re currently looking for strong stories in the following genres:

  • Sci-Fi/Futuristic,
  • Urban Fantasy,
  • Paranormal,
  • BDSM,
  • Action Adventure,
  • Bisexual,
  • M/M,
  • Vampires,
  • Werewolves,
  • Shapeshifters,
  • Contemporary,
  • Mystery.

Our books have always been targeted to women so your story must resonate with a female readership.

We are looking for over the top hot, but the story must be plot driven, the relationships believable.  Ideally we ask for a HEA (Happy Ever After), but will consider a HFN (Happy For Now), if the story is a part of a series.

read more…

Multifarious Press

Diverse books, stories, authors. Buzzwords in the writing community on Twitter and everywhere else these days. Agents, publishers, writers. So many people are talking about diversity.

But when you walk into a bookstore, or scan through Amazon or Smashwords, how many diverse books are you actually seeing put out by big presses? A few. Hopefully, more are coming.

Multifarious Press is an idea born from the desire to put diverse titles into the hands of people who want them.

MFP is committed to all forms of diversity. We want to build a list of titles in all sub-genres of diverse representation, especially own voices stories. We want the real voices, the ones who are going to resonate with others like you.

We want the stories that you had to write because you couldn’t find enough of them to read.

There are so many diverse authors, stories and readers out there, just waiting. Fantastic books that are getting shelved or worse, deleted; and diverse authors who are giving up their dreams because traditional publishing is incredibly slow on the uptake of diversity. Indie self-publishing is an incredibly successful business model for some diverse creators, but it isn’t for everyone. That’s why we’re here.

Publishing IS moving in the right direction, but one of the benefits an indie small-press has over larger ones is that we can get the books out faster and often, with better quality.

Take a look around the site, please make time to read the open letter, and if we can help get your story to the hands of readers who need it, follow our submissions process.

Thank you.
-Kaelan, Founder of Multifarious Press

Xcite Romance

Xcite Publishing is looking for novels and novellas for their Xcite Romance imprint.

Xcite is a royalty paying publisher, offering competitive rates to authors — we have very high standards, but welcome work from all authors, new or published.

Standard royalties are 25% on ebook and 20% on audio, and all rights must be available or we aren’t able to take the book on. Xcite Books takes five years exclusive rights world wide.

All works must fit into the Xcite Romance range, which is designed to offer a powerful, provocative and passionate reading experience. The writing must be of the highest calibre with well-developed plotlines and three dimensional characters. We need strong Alpha male heroes and feisty but lovable females who come together in a happy ever after ending. The setting and timeline are completely flexible — either contemporary or historic but no time-travel or sci-fi please. Above all, we require originality in the storyline — the erotic romance genre is overloaded with heroes who are bounty hunters, navy SEALS and billionaires (or a combination of the three…), so give us everyday Joes and Josephines who are looking for lasting love, as well as high-flyers and characters in impossibly glamorous professions. There needs to be strong erotic tension and sensual scenes throughout the story and a climatic, explicit erotic ending. The eroticism needs to come from the quality of writing and build of tension rather than graphic, hard core action.

As with all of our titles the story needs to be female friendly and all intimacy must be consensual. Due to the emphasis on romance and the target markets the following should not be included:

  • Strong BDSM — some play bondage or gentle spanking is acceptable
  • Male on male action
  • Golden showers
  • Threesomes/orgies

Word length:
Novellas 20-25,000 words
Novels: 60,000 – 80,000 words
Target Reader: Female

What to submit: For novellas, please send the full novella along with a brief synopsis. For novels, send the first three chapters, along with a detailed synopsis. If you are submitting a proposal for a three-book series, we need the first three chapters of the first novel in the series and a full synopsis, along with full outlines for books two and three.

Manuscripts can be submitted via the form at

Wordwooze Publishing

Wordwooze Publishing seeks talented erotica authors who write stories that are out of the ordinary and feature strong plots, smooth writing, three-dimensional characters, and interesting backgrounds. If that sounds like you, we invite you to send us a copy of your manuscript. Submissions in any category of erotica will be considered. Unless there is some compelling reason to do otherwise, all books that we accept will be published in both ebook and audiobook formats.

We are actively seeking submissions of erotic novellas, novels and anthologies of any length. Please read and follow our submissions guidelines before sending us your manuscript.

You are welcome to visit to learn more about us or send an email to with any questions you may have.

Pride Publishing

Pride Publishing is a Totally Bound Publishing.imprint

Pride Publishing is actively acquiring empowering, enchanting and endearing storylines that are sure to capture readers’ imaginations from start to finish. We’re looking for contemporary stories with lead characters who identify as GLBTQI. 10-100k words. Series and serials will be also be considered. Please send your full manuscripts to with the header Pride Publishing Submission along with a synopsis in the first instance. We look forward to hearing from you.

What we look for in submitted manuscripts

GLBTQI fiction in all genres.

  • We look for creative storytelling and original style.
  • We want you to weave inspiring, exciting, dramatic, exploratory and loving tales with strong, dynamic and intelligent characters that your readers will remember.
  • Identifying as part of the gay community may be part of the growth process of the character/s in the story.
  • Any sexual content should be appropriate for the characters and the storyline.
  • Plot driven stories that illustrate the relationship between key characters.
  • We want writers who have a unique and new approach and a writing style that sets them apart from the rest.

What we ask for in submitted manuscripts

We only accept electronic communication. So, it’s essential that you send your script to us via e-mail attachment, as either a .doc, .docx or .rtf file.We will only accept the following:

  • Detailed synopsis of your book
  • The full and complete manuscript
  • Send in standard 12 pt font. Book Antiqua preferred.
  • Manuscripts from 10,000 to 100,000 words
  • Books will be published only if author owns all rights
  • Include your name, pen-name and contact e-mail in the Query Letter and Synopsis
  • Send the submissions package to with the header Pride Publishing Submission along with a synopsis in the first instance.

Nobilis Erotica Podcast

Nobilis Erotica is the longest running and most prolific erotica podcast on the internet! It’s hard to be that awesome (and sexy) without a bit of help. Even Nobilis can only produce so much wonderful smut.

Which is where you come in. Nobilis is looking for your best, most delectable and utterly sexy speculative fiction erotica stories. We’re looking for robots that turn you on, dragons that might want to do things with the princess other than devour her, and what happens when the lights go out in every sense of the word (possibly with a tentacle or three). Take off the corsets and uniforms and have some fun. We welcome LGBTQ+ stories.

We’re looking for stories that are both good speculative fiction and good erotica — are you up for the challenge? If not sure, listen to the podcast to find out what we like — free of charge.

Listen to the podcast on Libsyn or iTunes.


There is now a special extra payment specifically for science fiction stories with bizarre transformations. For those, we are paying $50 instead of $25.

The stories can include:

  • Body part expansion (breast expansion, penis expansion, etc.)
  • Body part duplication (multiple arms and hands, breasts, etc.)
  • Body part alteration (fur, tentacles, etc.)

The boring stuff:

  • Length: 1k to 5k words.
  • Payment: $25 flat rate for audio rights only.
  • Reprints? We’re most interested in stories that have already appeared in text (print or online) — please check your contract and make sure the audio rights are clear. Original stories are fine. Please do not send us stories that have already been podcasted.
  • Multiple submissions: Yes, up to three at a time, send your best.
  • Simultaneous submissions: Yes.
  • Format: Please submit the story in standard manuscript in .rtf or .odt format. (Word will easily save as .rtf). Include name and email address in the beginning of the file.

Instructions on using Nobilis Erotica website at:

MoFo Pubs

Mofo Pubs is an independent publisher of literary erotica. We are looking for well-written, compelling, original stories by writers with strong voices and the potential to publish multiple works. Stories that appeal to niche markets will be given preference over traditional romance tropes and clichés, although if you can tell a classic story with a unique twist we want to see it.



Need short stories, novels, novellas, poetry, etc.? Click the button below, fill in the form, and we’ll list your call for submissions.

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